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Good Morning. Oki, it was definitely challenging, but worth it. It's raining and so nice outside. smile.gif
So far today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-journaled notes.gif
-rinsed the dishes
-put out the trash
-read reading.gif and rested
-had lunch and did cleanup
-got DD a red shirt for her choir performance
-went to the bookstore smile.gif
-went Christmas shopping
-folded mounds of clean laundry with everyone and put away thumb.gif
-washed one load of towels

I hope to:
-clean my nook yikes.gif
-watch the Survivor finale
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bejeweled, Im glad you enjoyed it smile.gif The weather here has been really nice but its snowing where we will be driving to on Friday.. Im going to freeze my bottom off cold.gif


To Dos Today:

DD2's knot blanket

blessing gown

spaceship (almost done, need stuffing and closing)

work on the blessing sweater

clean up around the house

work on the laundry

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Hello. Today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-got DD off to school
-cleaned up my reading nook
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-cleaned the litter box
-put out the trash
-went to an appointment
-got DD a knitting loom and yarn for Christmas smile.gif
-wrapped 2 gifts and mailed packages
-picked up lunch
-went to an Ob/gyn appointment
-cleaned the bathroom

I hope to:
-rest reading.gif and relax
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Hello everyone

today i'm face with rather a lot of laundry

(concentrated on baking cookies to give away on Sunday and was out most of the day on Monday

so the flat looks a mess & am not too motivated for the morning ......)


this morning i need to re-learn the dance routine

lunch time is dance class

this pm DD2 is singing in the kindergarten choir (i love her head teacher, she's really making something happen in that school !)


so i suppose i'll be doing most of the cleaning/tidying in the evening tonight ...

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Hello. I taught Kindergarten yesterday. Too cute. smile.gif
Today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-got DD off to school
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-totally vegged most of the morning smile.gif
-put out the trash
-wiped down the bathroom
-ran an errand
-went to the bookstore

I hope to:
-clean up after this cat yikes.gif
-wrap a gift
-relax and reading.gif read
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i like that age too ...

last week, around the dinner table, DD2 "discovered" that her siblings have the same family name that she has

(she's so keen to write the initial of her family name aslo when she signs her name on her drawings)

it was so "fresh" and innocent etc ....


don't think i did much cleaning since i last posted ... i seem to be jumping at any chance i have to go and attend meetings or do stuff outisde home these days ....

except laundry that is up to date 

+ a cleared up and shined sink last thing at nigth


now, the toilet needs a good scrubbing ....

what am i doing at the computer AGAIN ?

- need to call the hospital to inquire about details of procedure tomorrow

- need to lookk for the receipts of all the medical expenses i had since last September


haven't even had lunch, but at least went swimming this AM & attended a Taï Chi class (i missed so many October and November ... it's a bit hard to follow now)

and second load is in the washing machine !

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Hi Isafrench, swimming and Tai Chi sound wonderful. I loooove to swim. smile.gif
So far today I:
-made breakfast
-went to DD's choir and dance Holiday performance heartbeat.gif So wonderful.
-picked up nice coffee
-went to an appointment
-came back to a crazy place
-took out the trash
-put away lots of stuff, cleared surfaces
-went out to lunch with DH
-took a nap
-did 4 loads of wash.gif and sheets
-made dinner and did cleanup

I hope to:
-color my hair
-walk jog.gif
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Hi .... if i can post as achievement a walk ...


- then i walked 25 minutes to hospital this morning for my procedure (40 minutes in operating theatre, but only actually 20 minutes on the operating table)

was not allowed to walk back, would have liked to but instead had to be driven back home in a medical car

now, that also means no swimming allowed for the next 10 days ...

- started a load of laundry

- toured the market for fresh coriander and non sprayed pears (the seller won't be back until after Christmas)

then off to the baker for a freshly out of the oven baguette & to pick up next door to it 2 mail-order shirts for DH

(might wrap those for Christmas, am not so much in the mood to scratch my brain and shop endlessly for more or less useless stuff ...)

- had a much needed pre-lunch nap (energy levels go up and down during the day)


- cooked a rather elaborate lunch for DH and I

- put up laundry to dry on balcony, started a towel load at 60 ° (cannot remember which day i last washed towels = not good !)

- am about to have another nap (dinner will be defrosted shephered pie + left over mixed salad for lunch = not much to do !)

- wondering what to do with my computer, i pressed i don't know what key on Monday evening & the sound had gone "off" for my dance routine that i reviewed on Tuesday morning .... i have recorded DD2 singing at school on Tuesday afternoon, and don't dare yet to transfer the films onto the computer until i have sorted out the mess i created with the sound ....


off for a nap

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Hi Isafrench, I hope you feel better soon. flowersforyou.gif
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Good Morning.
Today so far I:
-made breakfast and caffix.gif
-got DD on the school bus
-put out the trash
-wiped down the counters
-went to an appointment
-got a manicure/pedicure smile.gif
-went to DD's school Christmas party
-went to the drugstore
-paid DD's piano bill
-colored my hair

I hope to:
-read and reading.gif relax a long while
-continue the wash.gif
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Good morning!  This morning winter has arrived in full force here.  We had a two hour delay this morning for school.  So I was able to:


wash.gif  1 load

Make the bed

Make breakfast for DS

Walk the dog2.gif

Get DS to pick up his clothes and straighten his room (under duress, of course)  wink1.gif


Today is the last day of school for the year!carrot.gif  We are SO ready for Christmas break!  Now I have to finish the Christmas shopping and get the rest of the presents wrapped!   ACK!

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i 'm not ready for Christmas break LOL; the children won't do anything else apart watching TV if it's not under duress ....

am not looking forward to being "the bad guy" ....yet there's so much catching up with tidying up and cleaning, i cannot do it alone ...


no load started yet, haven't even folded yesterday's

just cleared up the sink & shined it

and sanitized the toilet

also answered e-mails and made a date with a friend via FB to see a film tomorrow


also made french bread for breakfast (around 11:00 am)

cooked a vegertarian dish with germinated chickpeas ... that probably nobody will want to try

made them all get dressed and get away from the TV and put on shoes

& am about to  march them up to a store (under duress) so that they help me pick up food stuff for menus for the next 3 days

lunch won't happen before 2:00 pm at this rate ....


hoping to having a load done this pm

+ start on making a list of all the chores i'd like to tackle during the school holidays ....

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Ok, time to do 10 minutes... spent 10 minutes decluttering the kitchen counter. It's not done, but it's better.

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have not started my list, hoping to make it today

had a 30 minutes spur of action though when DH and kids went out yesterday morning and re-organised books a bit

cooked and freezed stuff too so will just be re-heating food for the next few days


today, no load done yet but tackled the rest of the wahing up, shined the sink

sanitized the toilet

exchanged a few messages with friends over the internet, wishing each other Merry Christmas and stuff


we are about to go out and do a little bit of shopping at a large sport store which we'll reach by coach from the coach station ...

(grabbing a sandwich there for lunch = less work for me !)

mind you all 3 kids are still glued to the TV screen so i'd bette get off the computer NOW !!!!!

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Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! smile.gif


I have so much to catch up on round the house over this summer holiday. 


We have guests at the end of January, so I need to come back here and get my act together!


Today I will try to:


vacuum a few rooms

put on some washing

towels into dryer

empty dishwasher

maybe do some tidying in guest room

fix dinner

clean up kitchen

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how productive you've been !!!

have done very little today, just the washing up from last night & shined the sink & fet the kids breakfast & make them dress ....


yesterday spent 4  minutes vaccuming under the dining room table

lately, it's been the bare minimum =

- sanitize toilet

- re-heat food, wash up, shine sink

- clean inside of washbasin and bath tub

- about one load a day


am hoping to get round to cleaning the vertical surfaces of the kitchen today & mop the floor ...

we'll see ....

not quite sure what i'll get going for meals either ...


need to leave the computer & get washed and dressed if i want to have a chance of getting fresh coriander BEFORE the market finishes at 12 noon !!!!!

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Merry Christmas everyone! We are just back from my parent's home. We had the best time. love.gif DD said "It was the best Christmas ever!"

So far I:
-unpacked toiletries
-cleaned up after the cat.gif
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hello ! today  i did the usual

- scrubed the toilet

- finished the washing up and shined the sink

- cleaned inside of bath & sink

- one load of laundry


i find it hard going during the school holidays & also since i haven't yet played with all of the board game the children received for Christmas, they have to "take turns"  .... managed two new games today

aslo :

- changed one set of sheets on a bed (in the machine right now)

- walked round the market with a friend who had dropped by for a chat and a cup of tea

- prepared cooked two decent meals

- escorted DS to some classmates flat for part play- part work on a school presentation & then stayed in the park for 30 minutes despite the cold wind so that DD1 and DD2 could draw with chalk & stopped by the library on the way back


am afraid my evening meal might be burning, need to leave the computer NOW !

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I'm playing Scrabble and this place is a serious mess around us. Oh well.

I did:
-go to the grocery store
-have DD make the beds
-put out the trash
-crochet awhile smile.gif I just learned.
-take down the big Christmas tree (left up the little one and all the lights)
-vacuumed. It's so nice to have that clear/clean space coolshine.gif
-cooked dinner

I hope to:
-start unpacking yikes.gif
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... what are you making in crochet ?

i used to crochet quite a lot ....

am trying to use some skeins i baught more than 6 months ago, it's variegated & i couldn't find the "right" crochet stitch to make the colors stand out so i ended up kniting instead, which i'm not so good at, am working at the same time on both front sides of a future top, that may or may not have short sleeves ... i could only get 4 skeins in that color, so no idea yet what the end garment will look like - i may have to knit the back in a solid color instead ....


a few weeks back i used up some rather thick acrylic wool (i can't wear wook, i scratch all the time ....) to crochet some simple hats & gave one to the friend who came to visit today !

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