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I know what you mean. But I still love being alone at times.
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Hello again ... am on my lunch break ....

(wanted to post on the 2013 in 2013 thread, ... but then cannot resist coming in & having a look here too !!!!)


this morning was rather productive since i wanted to avoid tackling my 3x 18 gallons boxes from our time in the US (it doesn't seem to be so common over here ..... am sure it's made in China so sooner or later, they will also end up being sold over here .....)

so ... i managed to


- strip one double bed, wash bedding in two successive loads, one is up drying, the other one is looking at me & waiting .... at least the sun has just broke through the clouds, so although it's still nearly freezing, it will have a good airing outside on the balcony before finishing drying in the lounge overnight ...ready for me to fold tomorrow morning !)

- a third load is in the machine

- tackled the toilet seat with a brush, and rinsed it well in the bathtub, it's back on now

- wiped the wall behind the cistern, (only thought of doing the side walls on Saturday ...); i really wish both males of our household would sit to pee .... they are not cooperating on that one, which irritates me a lot ....

-shined the sink, sanitized and scrubbed the dish drainer

- went through two boxes of medicines and tossed 30+ expired ones (i need to drop them at the pharmacist, they are supposed to take them to a special recycling place, some of them do, some don't ...) & i also have 30+ cardboard boxes for recylcling = all of that is sitting in my shopping trolley, should get round to that early afternoon ...

- i also picked up stuff to put back in place ...

=> i don't understand, i think i did 3 hours solid of "housework" this morning .... and i don't seem to have much to write !!!!!

- also wrote and addressed two enveloppes which will be sent today

- looked up for my prescription for Vit D (the reason i sorted out the medicine boxes in fact )


ok, better do washing up and tackle those boxes, have only got about 1.5 hours left by now !!!!

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... of course, i managed NOT to open any of my 3 rubbermaid 18 gallon boxes ... but i did some sewing, tackled some overdue paperwork, paid a bill, went shopping, put away the subsequent delivery .etc ...

tomorrow is another day !

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I'm in the worst mood ever! irked.gif Oh well, maybe tomorrow will be better. Today started off well. I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-put out the trash
-made the bed
-went to an appointment
-took DD to the painting studio love.gif
-picked up lunch
-picked up bread, milk, eggs, shampoo
-made dinner and rinsed the dishes
-cleaned the disgusting litter box
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Time to get the house clean.. again.. Need to do:

-clean living room

-clean my room

-clean girls room

-1 more load of dishes

-lots of laundry, its taken over my kitchen again

- take the children's rocking chair back out to the porch

-work on birthday gifts, two birthdays coming up in less than 2 weeks.


Thats about it I think..

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bejeweled .... i felt terrible mood-wise as the morning was progressing

+ frustrated by the sunshine ... that highlighted all the dust bunnies and various areas where i "should" have cleaned ....


today managed

- kitchen sink/toilet

- 3 loads of laundry up to dry outside, 3 down folded (waiting on my bed for putting away, usually a good time for me is when the children are taking their turn to wash before evening meal ...)

- managed to escape dealing with my 3 boxes again this morning ....cannot remember now what it did in fact ... only a very little decluttering (i try rememberering "one step at a time" .... but still, am frustrated ...)

- went for my dance class but was not too much in the mood, thinking in the middle of it that i should just quit ....

- made some oatmeal-date-figs cookies ... they are "so healthy" that no one wants any SO am freezing them flat & will have one for breakfast every day


basically i should now clean the kitchen floor and the bath tub & hoping for an early night and more energy tomorrow !

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IsaFrench, it will get better. I took a nap today and have a bit more energy. For me, I have to learn to accept my low energy/bad mood days, knowing that they will pass. Sometimes it seems as though all days will be the same.

Today I:
-rescheduled my job and stayed home
-scheduled 3 jobs for later this week
-made breakfast and coffee
-got DD off to school
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-washed 2 loads of sheets
-wiped down the bathrooms
-straightened up, made 2 beds
-straightened the craft area
-put out the trash
-took a nap sleeping.gif
-went to the grocery store

I hope to:
-crochetsmilie.gif and enjoy the evening
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Good Morning.
Today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-got DD on the school bus
-made a big pot of chicken/vegetable soup smile.gif
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-put out the trash

I hope to:
-woh 1/2 day
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I never seem to get the Me time that I crave...mainly because my DH works from home, and although there are some advantages to this, I never have the house to myself.


B I hope you are feeling better today.  Isn't it strange how we can go to bed in a good mood, and wake up in an awful one?


Today so far:


Made coffee

entered daily comps

opened mail


I have a LOT To do:


vacuum kitchen upstairs

mop kitchen upstairs

clean kitchen sink

maybe also...

vacuum kitchen downstairs

mop kitchen downstairs

(having 2 kitchens sure creates a lot of work!)

clean toilet 1

vauum and mop floor in toilet

clean toilet 2

clean toilet 3

hang sheets on line

wash towels

collect up clothes to wash

put entries in envelopes

have lunch

hang towels on line


check mail

cook dinner

clean up

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Thanks CW. smile.gif I am feeling better. My DH works from home too, so I'm hardly ever alone. Seems like a lot of us are dealing with this. With men, it takes forever for them to commit, then once you're married they don't want to leave your side. eyesroll.gif

So far today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-got DD off to school
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-put out the trash
-made the bed
-woh 1/2 day
-went to the drugstore
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Jumping back in...

Today I

- made bed
- pumped 2x!
- made breakfast and packed lunch for DD and I
- switched out laundry
- tidied kitchen & wiped counters
- assorted baby care & reading

Need to

Make simple dinner
Make grocery list
Get stuff ready for tomorrow & leave by door
Make portable baby b'fast for tomorrow
Fold 15 min
Wash pump parts
Get baby bathed & to sleep
Shower (usually do in morning, trying something different)
Sleep at 10p
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hi !

yesterday i only managed my 4 water points, a little vaccuming & one load of laundry

BUT i enlisted the chilren's help after dinner to scrub the disgusting sofa with rags dipped in hot vinegar water , yeah !


...answered a phone call and tried brainstorming with a school mom about complicated issues concerning her children/school/her ex => burnt a pan which i had forgotten on the cooker !!!!!


oh, and i forgot my main achievement of the day = tackled one and half 18 gallons box !!!!!!


today, hope to

- tackle the other one and a half sitting in the dining room

- empty all the mess piled up in one side of my bedroom & sort it out

- bake mini banana muffins for our neighbors (they are moving away soon, have been meaning to for more than 10 days, there's always something in the way !)

- drop by the market place for local non sprayed apples, and organic spinash leaves (tonight will be soft boiled eggs with bread and butter sticks for dipping)

- hope to make time for 30 minutes of reading too ...

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hello again ...

- only managed to shine the sink/wash up & two loads of laundry

- but also tackled two more boxes


am going to wash the wooden frames of some windows before dinner & the children will be enlisted to do the window panes ...


and no reading happened but managed the market trip - baking for the neighbor - dropping by a place that wouldn't answer the phone in order to make an appointment for DD2  (who's been bugging me to go to the eye doctor since she's the only one in the family not to have glasses .... that appointment is free, with a state employed pediatrist, there's a double page in her health book for that age where they can record all sorts of statistics ... that will do hopefully to reassure her that she's all right without glasses ....)

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Hello. Oh my, it is a gorgeous sunshiney day! coolshine.gif
So far I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-made the bed
-washed DD's hair
-took DD to piano lesson
-had the best lunch out w/DH and DD love.gif
-took out the trash
-am about to relax crochetsmilie.gif
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hello .... today i managed to

- go to the first hour of roller blading class

- come back home "early" so as to sort out stuff (old school stuff from last year, of DS)

- lunch just for DS and i & we baked a dozen grated apple mini muffins

- washing up, one load of laundry, my four water points


- went to a free show at community center with DS

- walked to horse-riding center to fetch back DD1 (the last quarter mile is NOT lit with no side walk) - luckily a dad who comes to fetch his daugher & lives 100 meters from us, usually gives us a ride back - except last week since he needed to buy a new battery for their car ...)


- felt compeled to soak some shredded coconut before going to the stables to and make another load of 12 mini muffins before dinner

(our neighbor who are in the process of moving are very religious ... now i think it's "God" who pushed me to bake tonight .... yesterday i gave them 12 mini banana muffins which they liked, & today i was able to give them 7 coconut ones (my family "had" to taste ... nothing like telling them "i'm baking for the neighbors, you cannot have any" for them to be desperate to try one anyway ...)


need to go to bed, have taken a sleeping pill, it's started to work ...

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hello, today i ... ended up doing some deep cleaning in the kitchen (probably 2 hours ++)

including wooden frame of windows, curtains, top of cabinets and top of fridge, chairs, bin, door .....

(still need to wipe washing machine and cooker + fridge + tiles andun-hang the caddy for sink stuff ....)


+ two loads of laundry & the usual 4 water points

also took a stroll with the children on theirs scooters (as far as the skate park)

went to the market this morning

and took much pleasure cooking today (it had been a long time)

... no so much pleasure chasing DS to review his math lesson !


didn't manage any decluttering (was hoping for one hour this morning but it didn't happen ...)

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Hi IsaFrench, you had a really productive day.
Today I:
-made a big breakfast and coffee
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-put out the trash
-had DD make the beds
-had DD clean her craft area thumb.gif
-flat ironed DD's hair
-put away clean clothes
-swept the balcony. It's so nice now. smile.gif
-watered the plants
-made lunch and did cleanup
-played Barbies and Uno love.gif
-made dinner and did cleanup
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yes i did..... it seemed like i hadn't done that for nearly 18 months !

(= since my diagnosis and the big first two parts of my treatment !!!)


hope i''ll get the courage/chance/time today to

- remove and clean hang up caddy over the sink

- wipe the tiles

- wipe all of the cooker (don't know when i'll get round to doing the oven though

baking soda + vinegar ... is that enough for caked up 18 months old crusted stuff ????)

- wipe the washing machine and fridge


i think i'll start by going to the place with the warm pool (am not going to pay up after MArch

better make the most of if now ......)

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Happy Monday. I'm looking forward to a good week (better than last). It's gorgeous weather. coolshine.gif
So far I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-got DD on the school bus
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-put out the trash
-went to an appointment
-picked up DD's ceramic painting from last week
-went to the craft store smile.gif and picked up new yarn and crochet hooks
-went to the grocery store
-went out to lunch with DH
-rested crochetsmilie.gif
-made dinner
-walked jog.gif
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hi again .... didn't get round to doing any more of what's on my list for the kitchen today


the water at the pool was colder than usual & the shower COLD (didn't notice until AFTER i had put on shampoo)....so it was hard during the shower

but felt rather nice afterwards


missed a bus back so took another one to go to a large departement store ...

after that a succession of small jobs at home,

small jobs that really needed doing ... but don't make me feel i've achieved much ...


vaccumed a bit (when it's sunny at about 5:00 pm, the dust shows much more !!!!)

mopped the kitchen floor

got round to my 4 water points

hand washed a Liberty zippered pouch (baught in London, 18 years ago) .... that still had make up i baught just before my wedding, way back in 1994 ...

threw away 35+ items ....

am trying to send a scanned picture drawn by DD1 to accompany a story she's writing in installment for our local expat newsletter ... but something's the matter & it's not going through ...

need to go and cook the meat for tonight (turkey, normally with a sauce that's cream + tomatoe sauce, called "sauce aurore" ... but then DS has been calling it "sauce horreur" has in horrible because he doesn't like it so not sure how i'm going to serve the meat now ....)

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