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ok ... so the cleaning lady should come for the second time this afternoon

that means that i have an immaculate kitchen & bathroom & toilet

because i would like her to concentrate on the dining room & lounge & entry

since her last visit i emptied and re-arranged the stuff on top of the secretary desk in the entry

within the next 3 hours i still have 5 "hot-spots" to clear SO THAT she can work on wet dusting


this morning so far i

- put one load in, took one load down & folded it, put the new load up to dry

- cleared up washing up rack & sanitised the sink & cleaned 2 other spots in the kitchen

- cleaned the toilet (including the walls, i' m sure they dribble on the walls too since i had sanitised everything and it was still smelling a bit .....)

- vaccumed the 2 bedrooms and the corridor

- checked e-mails and MDC

- wrote a shopping list

- had breakfast

- am going to walk to the shop so as to clock in my daily exercise/walk

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am so glad it worked out

the lounge-dining room is awsome now, not a speck of dust in sight !!!

(the drawback is that i have piles of stuff to sort out on my bed now ....LOL)

all the doors have been wet wiped too

i cleaned the oven while the cleaning lady did her job

+ made meatballs to feed the freezer (some for Sunday)


am going to make another batch of meatballs for later on next week via the freezer(good offer on meat with best buy before date as today ...)

will aslo have to sort out and declutter my bed before getting to bed tonight !!!!


also got the food shopping delivered and put away during the afternoon

now i need to rush so as not to be late to pick up DD2 from school !

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hello everyone,

didn't get round to declutter the bedroom on Friday .... it's still there waiting for me (whilst i go and do this, that ... and everything - on the other hand managed some very overdue shopping on Saturday !!!)


had an ok week end, only managed one load of laundry on Saturday evening so am late on that

we were out for about 9 hours yesterday (with those frozen meatballs to shove in some slit baguette pieces and pass of as "sandwiches", that's all i have, eat it or starve ! .... i did pay for a pancake though afterwards .... & they got themselves some french fries too !)


this morning i went out for a pilate class for the first time + 30 minutes of swimming

have only

- washed up & shined the sink

- sanitised the toilet (which i didn't clean either Sat or Sunday)

- baked a batch of cinnamon cookies & already gave them to kindergaten for tomorrow carnival happening

- have now spent too much time at the computer answering e-mails and "relaxing" with MDC

.... need to make a list ("plan the work" ) and then .... get going ("work the plan" !!!!)

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ok i spent 15 minutes doing chores

- pre-treated soiled clothing & started a load of laundry

- made a healthy salad, put half away in the fridge for tonight, ate the other half

- dried and put away what was in the dish rack

- did the rest of the washing up

- come up with a meal plan to use our left overs tonight (have been wanting to defrost the fridge-freezer for a week at least)

- trying to work out something to use some more left overs for tomorrow night when we are out and about & i'd like to have some finger foods that DD2 and DS will eat -even though it's not hallal & we are doing an activity with muslim friends ...but this time i want to use what is in my fridge (last time i baked something hallal, but they didn't want any, anyway ....)

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I've been getting better about setting a timer and cleaning non stop for 15-20 minutes. Then I'm not distracted by things I find along the way - magazines, checking fb... :P much more productive!!
Today I:
Washed 2 loads laundry- folding later
Dishes--- never ending!!
Cleaned living room
Work meeting/competencies/yearly review
In process of baking bread
Watered dumb plants again
Washed baby's carseat bundleme (its gotta go back on... Stillllll winter weather!)
Soaking dates for energy bites tomorrow

Now waiting for DH to get home with my Craigslist freebie dresser (yay!!) so I can clean it and put DD1 clothes in it.
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Hello, my in-laws just left after a week's visit. It was very nice, but I'm enjoying my quiet home right now. smile.gif
So far today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-got DD off to school
-went to the park
-went to the grocery store and got little gifts
-put out the trash
-cleaned the bathroom
-changed the rugs
-changed the towels
-made the bed
-fixed the blinds
-straightened the living room

I am now vegging big time. sleeping.gif
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Good Morning.
So far today I:
-made breakfast and great coffee
-got DD on the school bus
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters with peppermint soap
-soaked the big pots w/baking soda. It's gonna take awhile to get those clean
-put out the trash
-scrubbed the inside of the washing machine thumb.gif
-started wash.gif load #4
-went to the bank and picked up lunch
-vegged all day napping, watching tv, and reading the paper smile.gif

I hope to:
-do major laundry. It's piled up big time.

Hope you're having a good day.
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Good morning, *bejeweled*! 


So far I have: folded a load of laundry, put away dishes and fed the children breakfast.


I need to: 


Make the bed

Fold and put away diaper laundry

Clean and Declutter the top of the fridge

Wash a load of regular laundry

Locate important paperwork

Pick up the bedroom

Start Chili for Supper

Work on my treasure map

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hello everyone !

today i

- did one load & put one load away

- sanitised the toilet

- started defrosting the freezer


am about to go to town for two errands


am hoping to address some decluttering needs of mine for a few hours this afternoon (hopefully i won't get side tracked - my own deadline is approaching, guests are coming on Sunday evening and i want to feel good about my flat !!!!! => the lounge is ok by now, thoroughly cleaned last week, all the piles of stuff are now waiting in my bedroom that i address them .....)

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Hello Isafrench and Poetry. smile.gif
I plan to woh this afternoon. So far I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-got DD off to school
-soaked the dishes
-put out the trash
-made the bed
-woh 1/2 day
-picked up a few groceries
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Good morning IsaFrench and *bejeweled*! coolshine.gif IsaFrench, I'm trying to prepare my home for my MIL's visit in 2 weeks. There's no motivation like having company! LOL


So far I have completed (2) 15 minute sessions.


1st: folded a load of diaper laundry, transferred a load of laundry to the dryer & started a load of laundry


2nd: Washed supper and breakfast dishes

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DD's friend's Mom called and told us her DD has lice. yikes.gif So we checked our DD and she doesn't have any. Thank Goodness. So I've been washing linens and pillowcases like crazy. They spend a lot of time playing board games and dolls on DD's bed.
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lice ... i read lately that they have the ability to somehow change color depending on the hair color of their host, so as to be even less noticeable !!!!!

was just talking on the subject one hour ago at the school gate, DD2 has been scratching lately but i check most mornings with these special combs that come with the hair products.... she hasn't had any for at least 6 weeks (although she's been scratching for at least a couple of weeks) ... this school year it's a frequent occurence for us (it hasn' t been for the previous 2 years of her schooling though ...)

what i don't understand is why is it that her siblings don't catch any from her ??????


so .... for the rest of my morning, i managed all of my errands in town & was able to hop on a bus for the return trip within one hour (so it was considered "a connexion" & i didn't have to repay yeah !)

i finished defrosting and cleaning the fridge-freezer, mopped up and plugged the fridge back


... then decided that it would do me good overall to rush and try get to the pool (the nearest pool is only open from 12 noon till 1:45 pm for general public, i don't think it's much/enough !!!) which is another way for me to procrastinate

am glad i went, was just in the nick of time to swim (500 meters with flippers, 500 meters just breaststroke)

then i cleaned one of the freezer's drawers & put back in what had been waiting in cool bags

.... and went for a nap !!!! sorely needed, i didn't even hear the alarm clock !!!

DD1 rang the bell apparently and waited about 10 minutes at the door LOL


some neighbor's children (am not sure which neighbor ...) were also sitting in the stairs, stranded, so we gave them an afternoon snack and drink, DD2 and I, upon returning from school (my impulse was "teaching by exemple" for sharing food ....)


the workmen have finally finished on the balcony

have just mopped it & started to put back the bench and the various things we usually keep there

+ it's so much better for us when we can put the clothes rack on the balcony too !


i need to clear up some mess in the kitchen now

(= get away from the computer LOL)

change some sheets, go for two errands in the vicinity (should take about 15 minutes max)

start baths and dinner (some defrosted minced meat which i got on short sell by date last Friday => spaghetti bolognaise  tonight, not sure yet which veggies i'm going to serve with it )

IF i get to go to bed early tonight, hopefully i'll be rested and in the right state of mind tomorrow morning (= not overly stressed out) for my deluttering mission !!!!!

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I spent an hour washing 3 huge bunches of kale, spinning them dry and making kale chips, thanks to the help of 2 eager toddlers who love to spin greens but whose presence makes it take SOOO much longer. 


I made lunch, washed lunch dishes, have supper in the crockpot & helped DS1 reshelve his books.


*Bejeweled*, it's great that your daughter didn't catch lice from her friend. I would be proactive cleaning, too, though.


IsaFrench, that's interesting about changing color. I hope they're gone as quickly and painlessly as possible. 

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Last session: I folded and put away a load of laundry, transferred a load to the dryer and started a load of towels.

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Me too. I just made dinner, did cleanup, made my lunch for tomorrow, and showered. Have a good night. sleepytime.gif
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hello every one !

with the time difference, i've been up for a bit  more than 6 hours by now

i tried to talk myself into STARTING with the piled up plastic bag to sort through ... but it didn't work

not that i wasn't busy ...

i spent maybe 2 or 3 x 20 minutes sessions at the computer this morning (too much i realise now !!!! although i also planned for activities in the next two weeks)

but also

- sanitised the toilet, washed up, shined the sink, washed and spinned the spinash, did two loads that are up drying on the balcony, started another load, cleaned the wooden part of the window behind the TV cabinet and the window, put back most of the plants on the front balcony, watered the plants, planted kale seeds - which i got sent by a friend from the US - after reading too many positive comments about kale on MDC, i just had to try .... fresh spinash season is getting to a close over here, i plan to harverst young kale shoots to use in salads .....

- took my vitamins, made a huge list of "to do" and crossed a lot of items from it, ironed a bit, took the ladder out (am going to clean top of fridge and kitchen cabinets tonight), picked up all the loose buttons i spilled in my sewing box and scooped them back in their jam jar, emptied sewing box, cleaned the inside

am now off for a (hopefully only 15 min session ... so that i can attend to my nightmarish white plastic bags pile in the bedroom !!!) re-organising of the sewing box content ....

am glad i resisted the urge to go out and buy stuff (another procrastination method of mine)

although i need to find the time/place to get the ink cartridges re-filled in the very near future !!!

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I did a few sessions this afternoon: I swept and mopped, cleaned the bathroom and cleaned the toy room. :-)

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Hello. Today I woh all day.
-made breakfast and coffee
-got DD to school
-made the bed
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-put out the trash
-rested awhile
-went to the video store
-picked up pizza for dinner
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Today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-made the bed
-wiped down the bathroom
-took out the trash
-took DD to piano lesson
-got the oil changed on the jeep
-went to the toy store
-made lunch and did cleanup
-rested awhile
-baked cookies w/DD and her friend
-visited with our neighbor
-made dinner
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