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nod.gif I'm always "on my way" to get my eyebrows threaded. It never happens because there's always something else I'd rather do. lol.gif

Originally Posted by IsaFrench View Post

yeah ... am in two minds about the hair removal issue, on the one hand, i tend to think that's how i am, and so what ? ..... on the other hand, i suppose it's some sort of societal pressure which ends up weighing more than i think it should ....
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Hello, today i have "free time" by myself again and am trying not to "fritter away" such an opportunity

i did a little cleaning (4 shelves in the fridge)

made a healthy salad (with enough for tonight as well) and took medicine

washed up and cleaned the sink

sent two e-mails


need to

- leave "playing" on the internet and start reviewing my dance routine for Tuesday ...

- clean the toilet

- clean the bathroom

- finish a little hand sewing i need for Tuesday (already preped some other sewing that will need doing at another time ....re-purposing my kitchen apron to make a bread-baguette bag with the bottom part ... i already have one with left over fabric from the said kitchen apron .... but i feel like being extravagant and will be happy to be a household with two bread bags LOL - not so necessary, but it will make me happy ...)

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Good Morning.
Today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-am supervising DD's cleaning of her room thumb.gif
-put out the trash
-made the bed
-made lunch
-did a big grocery shopping trip
-vegged awhile
-made green smoothies for all of us thumb.gif
-worked on my blanket crochetsmilie.gif

I hope to:
-get new passport photos taken
-w a l k
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Good morning;

today, i

- stayed in bed a little longer (delegated to DH the getting the two eldest children up) ... that was a sort of private celebration of school starting and avalability of a little bit more "me time"

(i really seem to have some sort or ADD that gets far worse when i'm in company ...)

- took DD2 to school

- went for my mammogram & ductal sonogram = all is well, for which i'm thankful and overjoyed

it was a new doctor (not so many do the "ductal" thing) but really nice, explained well, answered all my questions etc ...

- went to the store to pick up stuff & it's just been delivered & i've put it away

- sent an e-mail, wrote a post

- have started a load of laundry, still need to put it up to dry

- need to stop browsing the internet and seriously review my dance routine for tomorrow lunchtime !!!!!

- prepare whatever i need to take with me (i sew during a group talk there is in my neighborhood this afternoon, i need the stuff for tomorrow lunchtime & my sewing machine is presently at the repair shop )


... i suppose i'll do my chores of the day after 5:00  pm !!!

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Hello. IsaFrench, I'm glad your doctor's appointment went well. smile.gif
Today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-got DD off to school
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-put out the trash
-went to an appointment
-picked up a cool rolling backpack, so I don't have to lug so much around on my back
-piclked up some frozen mango, peaches and cherries for green smoothies w/spinach
-vegged awhile and journaled notes.gif
-finished my first blanket w/DD crochetsmilie.giflove.gif

I hope you're having a nice day.
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Good Morning.
It's a low enery morning. I just had eggs and a banana, so I'm hoping that helps...

So far today I:
-made breakfast and hot teapot2.GIF
-got DD off to school
-rinsed the dishes
-fed and watered the cat
-made the bed
-went to an appointment
-picked up geriatric cat food and litter
-found a new braid salon smile.gif
-went out to lunch w/DH
-took out the trash
-made green smoothies
-washed one load of clothes

I hope to:
-wash a few loads of towels
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Ahh.... Feels good to be back!  I did more today than I have in the past month it feels like!


Did 2 loads of dishes

cleaned kitchen

 swept and mopped kitchen floor 

washed kitchen rugs

cleaned all the cat dishes (bowls, self-feeder, etc)

went to the bank

dropped off some books at the used bookstore - that box has been sitting in my dining room for over a month!  Today I had the car so I made sure to get it done!

dropped off a box of stuff at goodwill-  ditto above ^^^^^


Late last night swept and vacuumed the living room and dining room (after husband rearranged our living room)


SO much more left to do, but it will have to wait until tomorrow!  Hope I can keep my momentum going!

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Hello, is everybody off work today or is it just in Europe ? (May first)

DH kept an eye on the children so that i could go to a Yoga workshop (to learn about "doing it by yourself at home" = am starting tomorrow the minute i come back from dropping the youngest one to Kindergarten !!!!)

- i walked back via a market so baught some salad and melons and whitebait (i forgot to serve the melon for lunch but managed to cook the whitebait allright for once !)

- did the huge sinkfull of washing up

- started a load of laundry

- am about to start making cinnamon cookies (one hour including washing up)

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Hey Isafrench, what is whitebait?
I worked today. Most everyone worked. It's not a holiday here.
I plan to do nothing more than put out the trash. And relax the rest of the evening.
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Phone calls and sunshine ruined my momentum a bit from yesterday!  It was a challenge to get anything done...


Today I :


Did a load of dishes

wiped down kitchen

swept kitchen floor

went for a run (a new priority of mine!)

Took care of a major errand that I had been dreading!

Finished chicken stock

Threw dinner in the oven (roast was made last night)

Went to Goodwill and found a skirt for my daughter for our May Day celebration on Friday

Cleaned laundry off dining room table (and moved it to my boys' room... not put away but it got moved from point A to B at least thumbsup.gif

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whitebait is very small fish (one to two inches maximum) that you fry whole (tail & head, non gutted) ... i think it's delicious .... it was a bit heavy to digest though since i had covered the pan with oil (i don't have anything for deepfrying) & am not sure how i'm going to fare on Monday (am on a weight loss thread ....)

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Interesting, Isafrench.
Today so far I:
-made tuna sandwiches and coffee. Yummy.
-got DD on the school bus
-stacked more dirty dishes on the pile bag.gif Later...
-cleaned cat vomit from various places yikes.gif
-took out the trash
-washed 3 loads of sheets
-wiped down the bathroom
-made dinner and did cleanup

I hope to:
-get our new passports
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Today I :


Cleaned the bathroom

 Decluttered, reorganized and wiped out bathroom drawers

Cleaned the cat box

Made white chicken chilli for dinner 

Washed a load of dishes

Swept kitchen floor

Did 2 loads of laundry 

Family trip to library!  

Have boys in the bathtub-  Getting them all sparkly clean for our May Day celebration tomorrow!


Man I'm tired.  Time to veg with husband with some hot tea and netflix!

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Bejeweled, i might use this recipe next time


since it should be less greasy and easier to digest ...

the local catch seem a tad different from that nz photo

this photo


looks more like what i ate

& it says "inch long young Herrings or Sprats"

i had no idea, just saw my parents order some at restaurants and learned about that dish that way ...

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Oh wow, whitefish are tiny! How interesting. That sounds like a nice, simple recipe (just my kind).
I'm so happy. I'm staying home today. I am so tired from a long week. We spent all day yesterday getting our new passports in order, so I haven't had a proper day of rest.

I plan to:
-make breakfast and coffee
-get DD off to school
-reeeelax a nice long while teapot2.GIF
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Busy, busy Saturday!  Temp was in the 8os and I got to enjoy it home with my fam.  It was lovely, and productive:


3 loads of dishes

2 loads of laundry

Worked in the garden nearly all day getting ready for planting tomorrow!

Made homemade strawberry shortcake

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Mostly I basked in the sunshine and watched my boys play, but I also:


Washed 2 loads of dishes (and still the counter is full, it never ends I swear)

2 loads of laundry

Harvested, washed, and hung up some peppermint from the garden-  going to make some tea for a friend and perhaps a salt scrub too!

Planted my pumpkin seeds

Watered the garden-  It's finally been warm enough to need my help!

Made dinner-  pork and bok choy stir fry over brown rice

Did a lot of research on some projects I want to get started

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Hello. Today has been a good day. Yesterday was great.
Yesterday DD was home and we:
-made breakfast and coffee
-got her a new goldfish.gif
-went to the 99 cent store and scored some awesome pots for planting! Yes. smile.gif
-picked up a new ball and craft supplies
-went out to lunch
-put out the trash
-made the bed
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-straightened the living room
-watered the plants
-watched the Amazing Race finale

Today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-signed DD up for horse riding lessons again joy.gif
-took care of a bunch of paperwork
-made lunch and did cleanup
-cleaned the litter box
-put out the trash
-made dinner and did cleanup
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So, so tired.  I think I over-extended myself this weekend in the garden and in the kitchen, but it was so good to be busy and tend my plants and my family by cooking yummy nourishing meals!  But I'm feeling it today... ugh.


2 loads of dishes

2 loads of laundry

Made dinner

Watered the garden

Did some light baking-  Oatmeal raisin scones for the kiddies and their friends!

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Fortune, take it easy. You'll get better soon.

Today I:
-am about to get ready to WOH.

Have a good day.
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