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could you share your recipe for oatmeal raisin scones please ?

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Today I:
-had breakfast
-made the bed
-got DD off to school
-WOH 1/2 day
-got new braids
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters w/peppermint soap
-put out the trash

I hope to:
-figure out dinner
-watch Survivor smile.gif

I hope you had a nice day.
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hello, today was day 2 of a 5 days long week end (no school for 3 week days this week)


yesterday afternoon, agreed to meet up with friends at the swimming pool, it was nice for my kids to be able to meet up with other kids & play together (except the sand in the hair at the volley ball pitch ...)

=> ended up walking home with 2 extra kids, renting a film on the way back & they left at past 8:00 pm so it was a little too intense and too long for me ...

only managed the washing up and one load of laundry


today, i tried  a "NO TV day"

- to get eldest two children to complete homework, & a class mate dropped by for help in several subjects

- still managed 2 loads of laundry done and up

- a little shopping in the early morning

- sanitising the toilet & washing up after lunch

- a decent lunch

- i had a nap whilst DH minded the kids outside

- send the kids and DH to a fast food place for diner with a 20% off coupon

- the eldest two kids did a bit of crochet & our visitor tried his hand at it too but he has learning difficulties so not sure he'll be able to pick it up ...

- visit an ex-neighbor to help her with basic computing tasks (i don't know much ... but she knows less than i do, so i can actually teach her a few things !!!)

- am trying to complete a few hand sewing tasks

- ex-neighbor has the same brand of sewing machine that i have so i might be able to borrow her cable & pedal on Saturday evening (if the repair shop has not found mine in the mean time !)

- am vegging at the computer since the children don't seem able to go to sleep and i'm craving alone time ...

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Hello everyone. smile.gif




Today I need to:

vacuum and mop bathroom

hang out washing

shops...fruit, supermarket, wine


pick up DS

clean downstairs

read a little

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My plans for today:
Morning - Breakfast. Morning Yoga, Laundry, Tidy Kitchen, Dining room, Laundry center and then Homeschooling boys until afternoon.

Afternoon - Lunch, assign boys independent reading assignments, Work on De-cluttering hallway closet (have my art and crafts supplies there for homeschool as well as our linens). De-clutter my desk area and contact weekend clients about design consults (Outdoor Living Design).

Evening - Prep Dinner with DH while boys finish their chores before dinner. Strength Training with Weights this evening. Wash dishes and inventory grocery list for weekend, Reading a book and getting kids to bed then bedtime for me. smile.gif

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love.gif Happy Mother's Day. I hope you had a great day.
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Coming off my work week and the house is a disaster of course.  This morning was utter chaos as I was trying to get boys dressed (their clean clothes were never folded from last week's laundry, and I couldn't find a single pair of shoes, or coats, or sweaters), as I was trying to pack lunches (no clean containers, couldn't find their cloth sandwich bags, no water bottles, etc).  Therefore today I decided to do a little decluttering and organizing!  (especially after a whole tin tub of can lids nearly fell on my head as I was trying to find a lid to a jar...  Still have a long way to go, but today I:


Organized all my canning lids and jar lids-  Canning lids went into a cleaned out drawer, and then I went through all the jar lids and took out the ones that didn't fit anything and threw them away.  


Organized saved container lids-  I had 20x more plastic container lids than I did plastic containers.  I threw out 3/4 of them!  That emptied a lot of space!


Folded the boys' laundry

Did a load of dishes

Did 2 loads of laundry

Took out 3 bags of garbage/ recycling

Cut and salvaged what healthy peppermint I had left from the garden-  hung them to dry while I cut out and threw away the diseased ones.  Didn't get it all, but enough to make me feel better for today!  Will do the rest this weekend.

Started my kefir grains

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Originally Posted by IsaFrench View Post

could you share your recipe for oatmeal raisin scones please ?

Hi IsaFrench!


  I bought the mix from Bob's Red Mill-  all you do is add water (or was it milk-  I don't remember!) and mix, knead, and roll out.  You are in France, right?  I'm guessing they don't have Bob's Red Mill products there.  Sorry I don't have a real recipe to post for you!  They weren't very good anyway greensad.gif

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well ... if they aren't very good then ... never mind !

we have two local shops that sell a verysmall selection of UK-US-Australian products ....

but you are right, i was after a "from scratch" recipe ....


this is the 3rd day the children are back at school (not the youngest one though and Wedn is only half day for school) & i haven't recovered from their 5 day week-end yet !

yesterday i managed two loads of laundry, sanitising the toilet, learning a 40 seconds dance routine, going to dance class, vegging a bit at the library with DD1 & attending a parenting discussion group in the evening ....


today i went for a blood test early morning, have taken my first round of medicine, have prepared a packed lunch for DD1, am trying to get DD2 ready so we can walk to the library (so that i can chat my mommy friends ...)


Mother's day is not for another few weeks in France ... not sure i'll get something this year, the head of kindergarten has decided that getting the kids to make something is not part of the official curriculum (some parents stormed out of some school meeting last year over the issue ... we felt she hadn't communicated about itbeforehand & she maintained she had done the same thing the previous year .... all parents did NOT recollect the same ...) and DS and DD1) are no longer in grade school (where all teachers make sure the kids "do something" even if it's just a 3 line poem to bring back home on a colored piece of paper .... DH has been ill all winter so i doubt that mothering Sunday is on his mind (he's already ignored his own mother who is in the UK ..... & usually mentions that i'm not his mom ..... am desappointed that he doesn't get beyond that statement to see that i'm the mom of his children ....)


i need to go and scrub the sink and the inside of the bath this morning ....

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My house is a mess too. I'm off after a few days of WOH, so I'll see what gets done. It'll be hard though, because I just got beautiful new green lounging chairs on my balcony and beautiful new flowers. I've been spending a lot of time reading and repotting plants. smile.gifflower.gif

I really need to:
- do laundry. bag.gif
-get DD new riding boots. She goes to the barn this evening.

I did:
-make breakfast and coffee
-get DD off to school
-rinse the dishes and cleaned the counters
-put out the trash
-wipe down the bathroom
-veg a very long time
-clear the hallway and clean my bedroom
-wash one load of sheets
-take DD to her lesson
-pick up dinner on the way home
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Enjoy your balcony and flowers bejeweled!  That sounds lovely!


Today was an errand day:


Took daughter's cello to get repaired

Bought some fabric for my son's birthday banner

Got some groceries


Oh yeah, and paid bills.  I always dread that task!!

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today i spent a little too much time at the computer (for a change !!!)

still managed to go swimming (but bang in the middle of the busiest time, got "hit" a few times by bulky guy plowing along mindlessly ...)

dropped the lunch money checks at school (the enveloppe came back home with the children, they either didn't have time at recess or "forgot" to drop it at the right office .... they had already "forgotten" the form for a few days at the bottom of their backpacks .... so today was the deadline)

went to a second hand shop but it was closed ... had a peak into some opened bin bags that had been left in  the street... and ended up taking a small parcel that had been left there, i won't be able to wear most of it but it has the one item i was looking for to cut into to form half or my costume for the dance show + a skirt i should be able to cut into and re-arrange the belt area so that it fits me ... planning to offer the items that are too small for me to the slim girls at my dance class ..

went food shopping & had it delivered

- washed up, shined the sink (didn't clean the toilet)

- washed inside of washbasin and bath

- did one load & put it up to dry

- took down and folded two loads & the kids put their respective piles away

- turned the sofa upside down, swept and mopped under it (what a collection under there !!!)

need to go to bed early !

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IsaFrench, I don't think I've ever turned a sofa upside down to clean under it. Good for you.

Today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-got DD on the school bus
-went to my doctor's appointment
-WOH 1/2 day
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-put out the trash

I hope to:
-wash 2 loads of sheets and do nothing more
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Today I :


Baked muffins (from scratch)

Washed 3 loads of dishes

2 loads of laundry

Cleaned the bathroom

Started my kombucha

Wiped out the silverware tray-  It looks brand new!

Went to a meeting


Didn't come close to cleaning everything I needed to today.  I'll be up very early to finish up- need to sweep and vacuum living room, dining room, and clean the kitchen all before 10am when my friend shows up for a crafty get-together!!!!

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Nice busy day at home!


Cleaned kitchen

Swept/ mopped kitchen floor

Swept/ vacuumed dining room and living room

Dusted furniture

Did 2 loads of laundry

Washed 1 load of dishes

Cut out fabric for some projects


Been up since 6am doing these things so I treated myself to a latte :)

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Hello. Happy Saturday. coolshine.gif I plan on staying home all day long. It's been a busy week.
So far I:
-have been nursing DD's cough. Lots of green smoothies and tea w/honey
-made eggs and cereal for breakfast
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-put out the trash
-read lots and relaxed outside reading.gif
-swept and vacuumed the balcony coolshine.gif
-made lunch and did cleanup
-cleaned the litter box
-went out to dinner w/DH and DD

Tomorrow I hope to:
-wash lots of laundry
-catch up on phone calls
-maybe clean out the regrigerator yikes.gif
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hello, i come back to read but usually have little time to post (too easily distracted by my children ....)

reading your post, i might clean a few shelves of my refrigerator .....

i NEED to find one load of paper work which i put away "somewhere logical" about a month ago ... but where ????

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Hello. Today is major wash.gif day.
So far I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-washed 2 loads of towels and 5 additional loads of clothes thumb.gif
-made the bed
-supervised DD's cleaning of her closet
-made green smoothie
-cooked 2 meals
-went to the garden center w/DD
-gardened with DD smile.gif
-drank iced coffee too late in the day, so now I'm up in the middle of the night irked.gif
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Originally Posted by *bejeweled* View Post

-drank iced coffee too late in the day, so now I'm up in the middle of the night irked.gif


Oh but those lattes at the end of a busy day are such a good treat!  Hope you weren't up too late bejeweled!  


Just popping in for some inspiration today.  Goodness knows there is so much that needs done today but I'm having trouble focusing or deciding where to start.  


Possibilities of the day:


Clean/ organize laundry room

De-clutter the paperwork on top of the microwave (my dumpling place for 'important' papers, kids drawings, etc)

De-clutter the kitchen windowsill


Clean the bedrooms

Make some important phone calls

Re-season our cast iron pots


Oh this list could go on and on and on, but at least I have a better idea of where I want to start!  Hope I will have a nice productive post here at the end of the day!  Happy housework everyone!

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