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Today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-got DD off to school
-put out the trash
-wiped down the bathroom
-walked jog.gif
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hi, today i woke up late & detangled a bad knot in DD1's hair (good thing she asked because it had gone out of my mind to packed her lunch .... which i had half prepared last night, luckily it was just assembling a few items so she wasn't that late ....)

got up, had coffee and medicines, had breakfast, got DD2 dressed

found bus timetable for Sunday picnic & sent the link to 3 other families

read e-mail & commented on one FB picture

started a load of laundry, prepared my bag for today (complex special timetable for the kids usual out of school activities ...)

need to/want to drop by the market and get produce before heading off to the library to meet up with a friend and her children ...

need to get away from the computer, get washed & dressed (the weather has just been very poor these last 3 weeks so am not sure what i want to wear nowadays ....)

am glad i managed the washing up last night !!!!

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Good Morning. I'm home today.
So far I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-got DD off to school
-took care of the plants
-started laundry load #3 thumb.gif
-read lots reading.gif
-took DD to horse riding smile.gif
-made dinner and did cleanup

I'm about to bathe and relax. Have a good evening.
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thanks for the reminder ... i NEED to take care of some plants tomorrow morning !!!!

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put on load of laudry

washed dishes....dishwasher broke


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Hello, this is Saturday... and i still haven't taken care of these plants !

yesterday i ran 3 loads and changed our double bed's sheet though

last night i left the kitchen "as is" and went to bed direct (slept for 10 hours, no sleeping pills)

the kitchen fairies must have been at work during the night ... woke up to a spotless sink !!

am sipping tea at the computer, hoping that various pains and aches will dissipate as i re-hydrate ...

hoping to be able to attend to these plants this afternoon !

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Hey Isafrench, I slept well last night too. There's nothing like a good night's sleep!
Today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-straightened up lots
-made the bed
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-put out the trash
-took DD to piano lesson
-went out to lunch with DH and DD
-went to the drugstore
-put a new alarm chime on the front door
-got the car inspected
-shopped for a few groceries
-made dinner and did cleanup
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Hello. Today I:
-made breakfast and great coffee
-read the paper smile.gif
-washed 2 loads of clothes
-took out the trash
-wiped down the bathroom
-made lunch and green smoothies and did cleanup
-rested awhile
-went swimming with DD smile.gif
-made dinner and did cleanup

I hope you have a good night. sleepytime.gif
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well ... it got to be a weird night!

we came back from an expat group picnic and ... i had a nap between 6:00 pm and 8:00pm

i was still tired so went back to bed at around 9:00pm

....but then couldn't get to sleep so ended up taking a sleeping pill at around 11:00 pm (whilst still up, although i should know better, i really don't like the way they make me stagger as i make my way to bed .... BUT, if i go to bed before they start to have an effect, i toss and turn aimlessly ...)


so yesterday's parade of achievement was rather minimalist

- got breakfast, cleaned up the sink, packed a mixed salad in a cool box and some jars of tiny asparagus + some clown face cookies i had fun with, using a piping bag for the first time the night before !!!!!

- sent DD1 for bread and DD2 to drop recycling

- sanitized toilet

- left on time to catch the one bus that would get us there (only 4 for the whole day !), socialised with another expat family at the bus stop

- had a relaxing time at the BBQ (being dependant on the bus, we "couldn't " help with the set up nor the cleaning up ...)

- loitered at the computer a bit before having a nap ....



- i nearly forgot but i have a 50% off one hour long massage planned in the morning

- need to/would like to track photos and films i would like to drop at middle school for a teacher this lunchtime

- plan to take DS to the swimming pool to get one of the life guards to give him his "can swim 25 meters" certificate

(which i need to register him for a summer day camp - i messed up the registration process last month & have been given another slot later on in June to bring back ALL paperwork for ALL 3 children - files that are un-complete are denied ...)

need to go and address the sink now, first things first ....

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Hi there! I'm new here. This is my first post. We are in the early stages of packing up an apartment to move to our new house with a ten-month-old and a two year old. I'll be looing for a LOT of ideas here.

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I just packed up a 4 bedroom house in the last four weeks. I started right away and packed daily all the little things we didn't use regularly. The house got easier and easier to take care of.

I got rid of hundreds of things as I packed and stopped counting at about 900.

I am looking forward to unpacking and clearing out more.

Good luck with your move!
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Hello. You may want to check some of the moving threads here on MDC. I've seen a bunch with good ideas.

So far today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-WOH 1/2 day
-made lunch and did cleanup
-took out the trash
-wiped down the bathroom
-read and napped outside smile.gif
-made DD's after school snack
-made a delicious big pot of chicken soup eat.gif I am happy.

Have a good evening.
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Thank you!!

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hello, have woken up and am having coffee, thinking of Bejeweled as i browse the internet ...

pondering what i'll managed for housechores today

i know that i'll be taking DS to the eye doctor & probably bring some portable lunch with us (and have to sign him out of school at lunchtime)

and am hoping i'll get to a meeting at school tonight

other than that, a blanck canevas, potential to achieve much, ... except i've had a rotten night and feel not so good (+ tummy troubles lately)

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- done last night dishes & shined the sink

- sanitized the toilet

- went to check about my massage = it should happen tomorrow rather than today & i then emptied the answerphone from old messages clogging it !

- about to nip to the shop to get a few things for a packed lunch for DS (we might have long wait at the eye doctor, since it's an end of morning appointment ... and classes resume before 2:00 pm ...)

- trying to pin the border of a shawl i cut in two, it's not as easy as i thought it would be ....

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Hello Isafrench, that just made my morning. coolshine.gif
Today is DD's last day of school. I can't believe how quickly the year has gone by. It's also my last day of work 'til school starts. smile.gifsmile.gif I'm looking forward to a great summer.

Today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-got DD on the school bus
-made the bed
-straightened up lots
-cleaned up both bathrooms
-made lunch and soaked the dishes
-swept and mopped the kitchen floor
-vacuumed everywhere
-windexed both sliding glass doors
-read and relaxed reading.gif
-took DD to the library
-made dinner and did cleanup

Everything looks and feels so much better. smile.gif

Isafrench, I hope your tummy gets better and you have a good day.
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thanks, i 've just had a massage, including tummy area ... don't understand how/why i got so stressed out lately (the masseuse at the beauty parlor said that all of her clients over last months were stressed out and not so well, she attributes it to the poor weather we had in May ...)


so today, i managed to clean my 4 water points before taking DD2 to school

& nipped to the market to get some black fringe from the habedasher, one of my tops for the dance class gala is no good, i have to do it-customise it differently


ideally, i'll deep clean the bathroom and the kitchen today

(trying to "regain" my momentum with my self appointed weekly tasks as inspired by the flylady system .....)

definitely need to sweep and mop the kitchen floor (the microwave could do with some attention too ...)

i might be able to enlist DS's help with vaccuming ...

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work in progress !

- kitchen floor swept and mopped

- bathroom elements and wall tiles wiped, floor mopped

- sent two e-mails with photos, read a few e-mails, now, on to the kitchen !

DS is NOT vaccuming, he's catching up on grammar (in the kitchen so i can keep an eye on him ...)

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Today I was making Play dough with the kiddos and got food coloring mixed with glue and cornstarch on my shirt and hands. I figured the shirt would just have to be thrown away :( but I actually got it out!  http://healthycraftymommys.blogspot.com/ I posted about it on my blog with pictures. This cleaner is all organic and is amazing on stains. I wanted to share it with you guys because this product has really made life easier for me. My husband is always coming to me with things to get out of his clothes :) and you can also put it in the laundry as a booster! 

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