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joining in today! i have a house full of kids (8 to be exact..only half are mine dizzy.gif) but anyways..im getting stuff done!



15 minutes - cleaned out and washed fridge..

10 - emptied jars ect..and washed..put into recycling/away in cupboard

5- mopped kitchen floor

10-washed breakfast dishes




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Today we have so much to do. DH and I have both been away for several days, he on a business trip and I was visiting out of state family. I'm going to make a list today so that I can stay focused and not wander around aimlessly.




Dry, stuff and put away our new pocket diaper stash

Dry, fold and put away the load of laundry sitting on top of the dryer

Wash, dry, fold and put away about 3 additional loads of laundry

Fold and put away any laundry on top of the dryer

Fold and put away any laundry on the couch and in the co-sleeper

Refold and put away unworn clothes from our trip




Make a big pot of chili

Put away everything else from our trip

General Pickup

Plan Meals & Make Grocery List

Put away dishes

Wash dishes

Sweep the floor

Organize the desk

Make lunch

Make seitan


Living Room:


General Pickup

Vacuum Carpet

Clear off Entertainment Center

Clear off Bookshelf




General Pickup

Make Bed

Vacuum Carpet

Organize Changing Table

Clear tops of both dressers

Declutter DH's socks and T-shirts




Sweep the floor

Clean the sink

Scoop the litter box





DH completed some important ppw

Locate and wrap book for friend's son


Prepare package to mail to sister

Address Letter to New Zealand Pen Pal and fill out a Thank You card to include




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Good Morning. coolshine.gif

So far today I:
*made breakfast and coffee
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*totally decluttered the front closet banana.gif (2 bags to donate already in the car)
*bathed and got dressed and braided my hair
*bookmarked some new recipes to print out
*went to the movies tonight w/DH and DD love.gif

Have a good night.
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My last few days have been CRAZY. 


Friday, I finished the HUGE sewing project I had due, and took it to the client at 8 AM that morning. 

I went home and had a coffee date with an old friend, who brought over a bunch of food and spoiled my girls. 

I tried to take a nap between that coffee date and the playdate with a friend and her daughter; but I put my girls down for nap and then got 'waylaid' by my bf/partner.   :)

Then had a FANTASTIC playdate/mommy date, and I am hoping it turns into a regular event, because the little girl was JUST the kind of imaginative and playful that my more serious oldest DD needs. I finally cut that off and took them gleefully (on both sides!) to daddy's, then went thrift shopping. 


Yesterday I napped, took pictures with my roommate, and did some needed shopping and a sushi date with boyfriend. Then an early bedtime while he stayed up until 3:30 AM!!!! playing video games (which he NEVER does). 


I am just gushing over the past few days; my house is clean, my girls are at Daddy's, and today I will...

~take pictures in the rain with bf and roommate

~put new pictures in empty frames, I got my print order days ago and haven't had a moment to put them up

~clean the girls' room from the playdate, it was TRASHED

~watch a movie with bf/partner

~eventually get my girls back

~do three fifteen minute timers of chores/cleaning, rain has floors a bit sad. :)



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Cleaned for 5 hours today and I still ain't done. Siiigh...

Swept & mopped
sprayed areas of the floor where food had fallen & got stuck on, scrubbed with bakind soda, mopped again to get all the baking soda up
Did dishes
Wiped down countertops
Put dishes away, washed another load
Cleared up stuff in the living room to give myself a break from the kitchen -- gathered up laundry, started a load, switched it over, vacuumed put all shoes into the shoe basket, all winter clothes into the basket (I keep a basket by the door with a jacket, sweater, and vest for Jude, a sling, reusable grocery bags, and a winter coat for me, so if we have to get ready in a hurry, most of what we need is already right there, ready to go)
Cleaned bathroom (toilet, sink, & mirror) then attempted to paint a storage bin that we have that's pretty ugly. It's off-white metal and I found it for $10. Not the prettiest thing but it is perfect for bathroom storage... or bulk food storage in the kitchen. Anywho, acryllic paint with a black sponge brush doesn't work very well on metal so it's all streaky. Oops!
Got dinner started
Cleaned up from dinner
Swept again
Did even more dishes
Gathered trash
Put dishes away and did even MORE (wtf?!)
Wiped the counters down again
Cleaned out sink, shined it up afterward with borax
Claned out refrigerator
Decluttered a couple cabinets -- turns out we had about twice as many lids as we have food containers, and several containers with no lids that fit. Tossed those into the to-donate pile and it made a lot of space in the cabinet, so now I don't have to rearrange everything every time I open that cabinet!
Organized some drawers. The boxes of freezer bags exploded so I got them all tamed, tossed out any junk, and made it easier to find stuff in there.
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I'm actually feeling better today so I think I might actually get things done. I slept most of Friday and Saturday then yesterday we had church and a birthday party for my oldest (her birthday is not till next week but we wanted to have a party with family before we moved) so nothing got done.. We ended up canceling the pictures since I don't think I'm going to be up to it and I don't want our first nice family pictures looking like I should be in bed but I still want to get the dresses done so we aren't moving half done projects.


Hubby's to do list for today:

Finish packing

Finish cleaning up the living room and vacuum

keep kids entertained so I can work on sewing those dresses


My To do list:

Go through my yarn and decide whats being packed

go through my fabric and decide whats being packed

Finish the two cloth books for DS (1/2 done, just needs ironing and topstitching)

Finish my shrug (1/2 done, need to sew front to back and do the seams)

Sew my dress and alter pattern to make it nursing accessible

find fabric for the lining of the scripture tote Im making my oldest for her birthday


Possible (if I have enough time and don't take a nap redface.gif) to dos

Finish the girls picture dresses (need zippers and hemming)

Finish DD1's birthday dress (needs zipper and hem)

Work on DS's birthday shirt (cut out, needs to be sewn and buttons added.. I hate buttons)

Finish Christmas dresses redface.gif No Im not doing things in advance, these are almost a month LATE oops (need zippers or buttons)

Cast on Vest.. must find needles, the baby crawled away with them..


Maybe I should avoid patterns that need zippers or buttons.. They seem to take a while to get the final touches done lol.gif

Of course, I might just take a nap instead.. Decisions.. I'm a BAD influence,  bad bad me winky.gif

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I can't believe how much I have to do... I spent weekend away and man- I should have been here cleaning( kids were at their dads)

so I am going to try to do a little at a time.

So to start

DISHES( all of them!)

1 load laundry

go to work

pick up living room

pick up kitchen.

make bed.


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Lets get moving ladies!! 


So far today:


  • dishes loaded up from last night are washing
  • diapers are washing
  • 10 min timer in living area


Oh -- and yesterday DH put up my spice rack and I chose the most popular spices to go in it.  My kitchen counter looks fab!  I'll try to post a pic.  Best $15 I ever spent!  LOL!

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This place is in pretty good shape. Thank goodness. Decluttering the front closet made a huge difference. Now I can put more things away. smile.gif I love clear spaces.

So far I:
*made breakfast
*got DD off to school
*took out the trash
*made the bed
*cleared the hallway
*went to an appointment
*returned library books
*picked up DD's pottery
*exchanged DD's jeans and got her some leggings
*took a phone call re: a job
*am about to relax awhile sleeping.gif
*wiped down the bathroom
*read reading.gif
*made dinner
*soaked the dishes and cleaned the counters

Have a nice night.
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[quote name="Baby_Cakes" url=Oh -- and yesterday DH put up my spice rack and I chose the most popular spices to go in it.  My kitchen counter looks fab!  I'll try to post a pic.  Best $15 I ever spent!  LOL!

thumb.gif Cool beans Baby Cakes.
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Rearranged my bedroom and vaccumed while doing so, so it's nice and clean. smile.gif
Put away a load of laundry
Washed 2 more loads (one drying right now, the other is washing) -- will put them both away later
Washed all dishes
Shined sink
Cleaned & sanitized counter tops
I went to the store this morning and bought a bunch of stuff for organizing my kitchen. I got a shelf for the freezer so now instead of just a pile of frozen stuff, it is all nicely organized. Heck, I even sprayed it down and scrubbed it clean before I put everything back in. I think I'll reward myself with the last of that chocolate ice cream that C brought home the other day... wink1.gif


I also got a cute little red soap dispenser to put my dish soap in, to make the area look prettier. An old friend of mine used to use an olive oil dispenser for her dish soap. I was going to get one of those, but this one's more toddler-proof.

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BabyCakes - Work it, girl!

jimblejamble - soap dispenser is brilliant; I love that it's red!

OkiMom - best of luck tackling your list; I'm sure it will feel wonderful to move and get to start fresh!



Grr. This morning I made breakfast, cleaned up breakfast, and barely escaped with my sanity. My youngest was SUPER whiny and tired, but then she put herself to sleep!!! (I did manage to make my bed, actually!) So, this afternoon I have to...


~drop off paperwork

~ Schedule and organize sewing classes (I am teaching Wednesday night!)

~Fabric store for my next two projects

~Prep for product photoshoot tomorrow

~take kids to library or art studio

~figure out dinner

~do a 'me' project that makes me feel accomplished


Gonna go caffeinate now!!



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Hello all. It's our last week of the summer vacation here...sadly, so I need to do all the back to school things this week.


jimblejamble good idea re the freezer; luckily ours came with a shelf, but the freezer is still a mess lol.


I am rather looking forward to starting the on million kilo challenge this week, just ate a cookie that DD made this morning and realised that I probably wasn't hungry but ate it just because it smelled and looked good. blush.gif


Done so far today:


made beds

cleaned entrance way

cleaned toilet

swept kitchen floor

posted parcels

took DD to her appt

took DS to hairdresser


To do:


pick up DS from hairdresser

pick up DD..she sprained her ankle so I am playing taxi today as a result!  eyesroll.gif

get groceries

clean bathroom mirrors

clean bathtub

check if DS's school shoes fit they don't...sigh

collect up rubbish

put outside

put recycling out

clothes washing in machine

hang out to dry

wash towels

dry towels

fold towels

prepare dinner





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Hi CW, that is quite the list! Enjoy the last few days of Summer break. I'm right there with you as far as watching what we eat. I stayed on Plan today and ate really well (for the most part). thumb.gif Let me know your progress once you start. smile.gif
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cw- I thought "its not summer" until I remember your from Australia.. Have a good last week! Remember to have some fun among all the work..


Yesterday was a bust.. I spent most of the day being "turned into" random animals by my oldest and her "magic wand".. She has definitely retained more of the schoolish stuff I taught her than I thought. She came up with animals yesterday that had my husband giving me the "where did she learn that" look. Good thing in one way, it will quiet him about home school for a bit winky.gif Now that Im back to being human, or what passes for human in my house, and there are no children awake Im going to work on a few things I was suppose to do yesterday..


Today I want to:

- work on some crafting stuff that needs to get done (ideas: my dress, my shrug, animal dress x2, dino outfit, pirate outfit, cast on shawl (or scarf), finish strap of dollhouse purse, cast on sides of purse)

- clean up the kitchen and pack dishes

- clean up the living room and pack

- print out knitting patterns Ill be using for the rest of Jan and Feb so I can pack the printer

- order birthday presents for both DS and DD..

- reserve hotel room for Friday night

- Remember to take my meds, still have 5 days worth and Im horrible about remembering those things.



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Jimblejamble, that is such a nice little touch with the dishwashing dispenser bottle. I wish I could trust myself with such pretty little things, though I've learnt I'm horrible at cleaning them and at refilling them...it is so hard to resist them, though, when I see others with them even though I know it really will just become clutter in my kitchen which I really try to keep to a minimum.


First 15 minute session of the day, in my study/bedroom:

- All the headphone sets, chargers etc. for different things bundled up and neatified (I need to sew a basket for them one day).

- My weekend bag emptied and put away.

- My dirty laundry put in the hamper. Clean laundry awaiting folding and putting away on my bed.

- Bed made.

- Floor decluttered of paper piles, various chargers etc. so that it is ready to vaccum.

- Empty, old bottles collected so they can be recycled.

- Library books all gathered, ready to be taken back to the library tomorrow.

- My yoga things put away.

- Books returned to the bookshelves.

- Clutter not belonging in the bookshelves removed, and put on bed awaiting to be put away.


And that's it for my first 15 minutes of today. I am aiming of at least doing one 15 minute decluttering session a day to keep on top of things. Wish me luck. :)

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Wow Lovesong. You accomplished so much in 15 minutes! carrot.gif
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Good Morning.
Oki, have a great time at the farm. That sounds like fun!

So far today I:
*made breakfast and tea
*got DD off to school
*picked up a few groceries
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*took out the trash & opened the windows
*made a list
*sorted laundry
*washed one load of laundry
*made lunch and did cleanup
*had dear friends over for a visit smile.gifsmile.gif
*took DD to horse riding treehugger.gif

I hope to:
*make a job folder ***
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We didn't make it to the farm today greensad.gif because the kids slept in until almost 9am joy.gif.. We are going to try for tomorrow since horse back riding is only between 8-9am (not sure why, probably because it can get really HOT during midday even in the winter) and that is the main reason my oldest wants to go. Shes a bit horse crazy, I was too at that age.


So now Im going back over my to-do list and altering since our plans have changed.. Darn kids for sleeping in winky.gif

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Originally Posted by *bejeweled* View Post

Wow Lovesong. You accomplished so much in 15 minutes! carrot.gif

Thanks!: :D That is just because I finally have understood the most important principle of organising: everything has to have a designated space close to where it is being used. Once I got that one down...picking up becomes a breeze. 


Originally Posted by OkiMom View Post

We didn't make it to the farm today greensad.gif because the kids slept in until almost 9am joy.gif.. We are going to try for tomorrow since horse back riding is only between 8-9am (not sure why, probably because it can get really HOT during midday even in the winter) and that is the main reason my oldest wants to go. Shes a bit horse crazy, I was too at that age.


So now Im going back over my to-do list and altering since our plans have changed.. Darn kids for sleeping in winky.gif

Well, at least your kids have something to look forward to tomorrow. :)

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