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I know the feeling. It feels good to accomplish something, even if it's just a little. I'm just shaking off a cold too! I was pretty miserable for a few days, but felt better this weekend and even went out for dinner to a nice Malaysian restaurant.

Today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-got DD on the school bus
-went to 2 appointments
-picked up lunch
-napped a little
-went to the grocery store
-cleaned the litter box
-wiped down the bathroom
-gathered the trash

My bed is filled with folded, clean clothes. I guess I should put them away. I'm going to take it easy tomorrow. We had a friend visit yesterday, so I didn't get my proper day of rest and relaxation. I plan to do that tomorrow and cook some for the week.

How is your eye feeling?
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my eye is starting to feel better, i have far many less drops to put in now too

the gaz bubble is getting smaller and smaller = i can see better

(= it was less of a struggle to put thread in a needle on Sunday than it had been last week, DD1 needed new jeans, but none of them were the right lenght so i did a few hems for her)

i still don't know if i'm going to have another operation to remove stuff from the first operation ....

seeing the regular eye doctor next Monday again


this morning i wrote a letter that was in my mind for the last few days & posted it

one load put up, more laundry folded

a little shopping

aired the bedroom

answered e-mails

cleared up the sink (from last night !)

had a healthy lunch (mixed salad + cut up lamb roast)

tried to nap but didn't last more than 15 minutes

made a pile of t-shirts and skirts, ideally should be putting them in the under-bed storage ..BUT am not allowed to deal with dust much so it might have to wait for a bit .....

accompanied a friend to a dance class (it was her first time ) but i couldn't stay so walked back home running an errand


need to try napping again ... before DS returns early from school

need also to prepare a bag for attending a meeting tonight with DD2 in tow ....(= something to draw, drinks, food, etc ..)

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Good Morning.
So far today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-got DD off to school
-washed 2 loads of towels
-wiped down the bathroom
-took out the trash
-put away clean laundry
-cleaned a messy corner of my bedroom. What a difference! coolshine.gif
-watered the garden smile.gif So much new growth on the agave and jalapeno plants
-took DD to band practice
-made dinner and did cleanup
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good morning !

for the first time in weeks i slept well (thanks to a sleeping pill), & at least 8 hours

what a difference it makes !

so far

- have had coffee with my medicine & healthy breakfast

- one 15 min load (DS sports attire)

- cleared the sink from last night & wiped the table

- one regular load in

- one bedroom aired

- two other bedrooms airing

- completed a form i'm going to leave with a mom at the school gate shortly


still to do

- checke DD2 for lice and nit, braid her hair, walk her to school

- come back and spend a few hours decluttering (goal = 3 or 4 bin bags out of the flat by 2:00  pm)

- sanitise the toilet


yesterday i enrolled DS to vaccum the under bed storage boxes and the under bed too so i was able to put away short sleeved t-shirts and skirts

also ordered on line some long sleeves tops for DD1

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Oh, goodness, I've been gone! We've been SO BUSY! In the last three months, we bought a house, got married, and found out we're expecting! Ah! I've been so busy tearing down wallpaper and organizing that I haven't had time to post. I'm coming back, though! I promise :nod

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congratulations on getting married !

was better after a cold .... then relapsed & not sure i passed on my bugs to DS or if i braugh "fresh germs" home from middle school .....

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I have been checking in on this thread occasionally and would love to join you if I can! I am a recently single Mom of 2 little ones. I streamlined the house when I moved but it still gets out of control too often.
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Congratulations ShyingViolet. How exciting! Welcome Springshowers. What a nice name. coolshine.gif
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I've been WOH full time lately, so I've been doing the bare minimum:
Today I:
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-cleaned the litter box and took out the trash
-wiped down the bathrooms
-made dinner, packed tomorrow's lunch, set up the coffee maker
-signed DD's school papers

I'll do more later in the week.
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Feel better IsaFrench. flower.gif
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thanks for your good wishes

at least the eye doctor visit went well & things are progressing well, i still have some red cells floating around but it's healing nicely & i am allowed to sleep in other positions now & only another 2 weeks and then i hope i can resume sports !!!!


have had 3 school meetings in 6 days

- the grade 1 school meeting was supposed to last 5:00 pm till 6:00 pm but ended at 7:15 pm

- the grade 9 school meeting did not stop at 7:00 pm but dragged on and on until 7:45pm

= all this is draining

only did one load yesterday and didn't even clean the toilets .....


today i'm going to a discussion group hosted by a psychologist

"talking about death with your children"


then taking a kind of cheese cake i made yesterday to a knitting group

at least "relaxation" !

.... but i'll be taking needle work to the discussion group (they let me do some ....)

have a good day !

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I got so much done today! Not enough cleaning, but good things.


I baked pumpkin muffins, made homemade nut toffee, and made a big pot of tortellini soup. 


I had a reasonably good day with the daycare kids. I wanted to nap, but didn't get to :( 


I harvested all of our basil and started to make pesto (I ran out of oil after the first batch, though)


I did the dishes and wiped down the counters. 


3 loads of laundry including diapers.

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Good Morning. Good cooking ShyingViolet.
I'm so happy to be home. love.gif
So far I:
-made breakfast and yummy coffee
-got DD off to school
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-took out all the trash
-went on a walk jog.gif
-watered the plants
-went to an appointment
-picked up a new outdoor rug for the garden and some new plants smile.gif
-picked up a pretty new doormat and a pillow
-got sushi for dinner and watched Survivor with the fam

I hope to:
-relax and read a long while reading.gif

Hope you're having a good day.
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Thanks, bejeweled! You just reminded me that my plants desperately need watering. I usually do it on Mondays, but totally spaced this week.


Today I: 


Made breakfast for DD, me, and daycare kids.

Tidied like crazy (house was a mess)

Swept floor and vacuumed

2 loads laundry done 

Did several sinkfulls of dishes (where do they come from??) 

Helped DD clean her room

Decorated more for fall

Did some lesson planning/menus for daycare


I still hope to:


Figure out what we're having for dinner

Fold one last load of laundry

Continue wiping daycare kids' super snotty noses and pray nobody in this house gets sick :irked

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Good Morning.
Today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-got DD off to school
-picked up eggs & coffee on the way home
-took out the trash
-started laundry load #2 of sheets and towels
-decluttered and cleaned my reading nook coolshine.gif
-wiped down the garden chairs

I hope to:
-color my hair
-pick up my new badge
-make a quick trip to the store
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Hello, today i (too !!)

- made breakfast (my kids want either a fried egg or a one egg cheese omelette these days)

- had coffee

- got DD2 to school & picked up fresh coriander from the market on the way back


now, i'm dithering a bit because i'm putting off some chores i find difficult to get round to do ....

- am actually having my "mixed salad with left over meat balls from yesterday " for breakfast instead of lunch (might have just a few apples for lunch if i'm out and about ....)

... so that buys me a little more "free time" at the computer !!!


- am waiting for a delivery

- washed up, shined the sink, aired the bedrooms, started my daily load

- wrote up a shopping list (for a faraway shopping center i may or may not manage to go to today .....)

- am about to make a kind of cheesecake (have invited a long time-no see friend who moved away a year ago for breakfast tomorrow)

- need to get round to doing the decluttering that i had planned for 8 days ago !

- need to finish wrapping up a birthday present for tomorrow

= need to stop at the computer now !!!!!

have a nice day !

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I ended up in the hospital yesterday :( I bled a little bit, so I called my midwife to come over with the doppler. When she came, she couldn't find the heartbeat. I went to the ER, and the ultrasound showed a perfect little living baby, so everything turned out alright. However, that means I got diddly squat done yesterday! I did get a big batch of pesto made, though. 

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glad for you that things turned out fine in the end .... it IS scary in the beginning ...

for my first pregnancy, i was surprised how tired i was in the first trimester ... when it didn't show at all !!!

Not easy to rest enough when having another child to care for ..... plus all you mentionned you have been doing lately !!!!


as for my day

- i made the cake

- i went shopping & started a load with some stuff i baught (+ one item soaking, being hand washed)

- had a nap, read a newsletter

- insisted that DS starts his homework whilst no other children are back yet

.... and managed NOT to get round to doing my decluttering (AGAIN !!!)


need to go now to fetch DD2 from school

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Hello everyone! Long time no post....really need to get things in order and I have been missing you guys and the decluttering forum.


Today I :


did a few loads of washing

brought sheets in off the line

stacked dishwashers

grocery shopped with daughter

did a spot of vacuuming

unpacked a suitcase


Planning to do some clothes decluttering tomorrow.


Off to do some reading on my kindle. read.gif 

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Hi CW! It's great to see you. smile.gif

My parents came to visit yesterday for DD's piano and voice performance. Let me tell you---this place is clean! lol.gif Hilarious. I mean, I decluttered so many nooks and crannies and even windexed the sliding door windows. Nothing like visitors to get you moving.

Today we are going to the pound to see about adopting a little dog for DD. Wish us luck.
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