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Originally Posted by PoetryLover View Post

Good luck Katie8681! Some days I feel overwhelmed, too, but this thread helps.

Thanks :) At least putting down what I have done made me feel like not as much of a slug... There's still a mountain but dammit, I put a dent in it!

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Got InnOut for lunch because BF/partner is fantastic!


I took the girls to storytime and did some minimal tasks this morning, tonight I have to...


~take girls to studio and karate

~clean kitchen and make fish and chips

~Traditional Irish Bog dress drawing for client

~Wedding dress drawing for client tomorrow

~clean sewing studio for my appts tomorrow


~sew a project for myself and doodle in my artbook (without a purpose or goal, just brainstorming and purging and therapeutic)


Weeee!!!! I have been having an AMAZING week or so, despite an unhappy customer (gained weight after ordering a custom garment  :(   ) and feeling a bit stuck. I have been reading and GSD so I can move past the stuck, instead of wallowing. I've also been eating better and trying to conquer some of my ED issues and extra weight/lack of fitness. Hula Hooping FTW!!!

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Cultivating, do you have an Etsy shop?

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Katie - I do but it has nothing in it, now. I found Etsy to be too much of a hassle, so I only do custom work and locally. Although I'm starting to branch out and it is SO AWESOME!!!!  Why do you ask?

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Originally Posted by Katie8681 View Post

I am feeling a little overwhelmed today. All of a sudden the mail has piled up, the recycling is full, the bathroom sink looks gross, and ds and dh's dirty laundry is all over the place. 


Today I have:

made breakfast

done a flylady 2 minute "hot spot"

done a flylady 5 minute "room rescue"

changed the sheet in the cosleeper

started a load of ds's laundry

unloaded the dishwasher

took ds on a walk to the pharmacy to pick up an rx and get coffee


I need to:

do 15 min of decluttering

clean the catbox

take out the trash- did not get this done before it started pouring rain, but the trash is bagged and by the door, ready to go when the rain stops!

put away baby boy's clean laundry

sort mail

vacuum kitchen floor (not sure if I can make this happen)

plan/cook dinner

another 2 minute hot spot


Maybe putting it on this thread will get my butt in gear!


Just remember to do it one bit at a time, and that it doesn't really matter if you don't get everything under control today as long as you have made a headstart.


Yesterday, I spent the day reading about filofax systems, and generally about keeping track of things. Came away with a lot of inspiration and good tips that I am implementing from today forward. For one thing, I'm going to start a picture/short sentence journal inspired by http://www.austinkleon.com. Really a lot of good and thoughtful reading on his blog. The journal is a tool to help sort thoughts, things that needs doing etc. Sort of like the flylady journal in one way, but more suited to my style of thinking and functioning. The flylady journal just doesn't work for me.

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Good Morning. It's so warm here today. 74 degree high!

So far I:
*made breakfast and tea
*cleaned the counters and rinsed the dishes
*got DD off to school
*took out the trash
*made the bed
*talked to a dear friend for 2 hours yikes.gif
*made lunch and did cleanup
*set up a new professional email account
*wrote an email to send out for job seeking
*took DD to Bible study/Praise dance
*went to the bank
*went to the grocery store & got pretty flowers
*made dinner
*stayed up late and finished a book reading.gifsmile.gif

I hope to:
*put away clean laundry
*make a job notebook
*start calling/emailing prospective places to work
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so far i overslept... kids are late to school- i have to drive to pick up a friend from the airport and waiting for the tub to drain since I did not drain it last night so kids can take a bath. UGH!

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Starting 15 minutes now, with plans to give the bathroom a quick clean & declutter the dining table.  See you on the other side!

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We ended up staying a couple extra days in Florida so we could spend some more time as a family before moving.. Today we move so on the agenda is a 12+breaks hour drive! Sounds like fun.

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Best of luck Oki. What state are you moving to?
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Good Morning.

So far today I:
*made breakfast and teapot2.GIF
*got DD off to school
*took out the trash
*made black eyed peas
*made my job notebook carrot.gif
*put away the clean laundry
*made dinner
*played Barbies w/DD love.gif

I hope to:
*start calling/emailing prospective places to work
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so far today


Made coffee

Called in both kids to school- one who threw up one who has severe ear pain that kept us up half the night.

WIll try to be productive today... will try to be productive today.





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Happy Groundhog Day, mommas! smile.gif


So far:

...got the boys to school

...dropped off a forgotten library book

...straightened up just enough that I can sit here and not feel like I need to get up and clean!

...put some ice lanterns in the freezer to be ready for tonights dinner

...lit some incense and got some tea


Going to put Groundhog Day on and get to work! It's a computer/paperwork kind of day for me.
Today, I'd like to:

...finish my website

...maybe start taxes

...bake Groundhog Day cupcakes

...make dinner


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sleepytime.gifI got about 2 hours sleep last night and everyone in my house is sick, sick, sick. gloomy.gif


i think its going to be a laying around watching a movie kind of day here...

maybe i will fold some laundry if my nose stops running like a faucet!

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Hi everyone! MamaFern and Mom31, I'm sorry to hear about the sick kiddos. My toddler has been nursing a cold and has not been feeling well.


So far I:


Made breakfast & coffee

Read & Snuggled with the little guys


Yes, that's all.


1st Session:


Made bed

Made Lunch

Put away dishes

Started load of laundry


2nd session:


More reading to boys

Made supper

Folded a load of laundry

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Groundhog cupcakes sound like so much fun; I'm totally imagining frosting shadows and little groundhogs in their holes!


I sewed until LATE last night, woke up late but in time to make breakfast for my bf on his break from school, and then went to get my girls from Dad. We spent an hour at the kids art studio, (we made hearts to hang on our walls!) dealt with a HUGE tantrum from my youngest, and then made everyone lunch. Girls are now both down from their naps with NO issues, and this afternoon we go right back to the art studio for DD's dance class and just mucking around. 


Tonight I have to file my Fafsa and do some paperwork, tomorrow morning I have a meeting for going back to school finally. 


I also have a custom dyed and painted corset to finish by next weekend, and I am terrified of starting the dyeing process. It's so FINAL!!!


We can do it!

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I actually got some done!! WOO HOO.  I got

kitchen floor swept

pile of magazines and school papers gone thru- friend coming to get magazines

dinner made- curry chicken and rice

Living room vacuumed- sort of - still working at it- keeps kicking out stuff.

hmmm.. oh and some laundry

oh and played with kids went outside- since it is 60 here in Illiniois lol

oh and .... smoked to many cigerettes- but alas I digress...

This is about cleaning right?  LOL

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Good Morning. Today a good friend told me I'm losing weight. joy.gif What a way to start the day.

So far I:
*made breakfast and tea
*got DD off to school
*took out the trash
*made the bed
*cleaned the litter box
*started wash.gif load #2, washed and hung to dry
*went to the drugstore, library & rented a movie
*made lunch and did cleanup
*walked to the park w/DD
*wtached a movie

I hope to:
*color my hair
*start emailing prospective jobs
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Today I have:

Scrubbed out a dish soaking from last night's dinner

made breakfast/coffee

dosed ds with tylenol for teething pain/wrangled him through his teething pain :( poor little dude

washed the sheets, which I just did 2 days ago but ds's diaper leaked last night

set a onesie out to (hopefully) bleach in the sun

set up a time to meet with my soon-to-be employers


I need to:

put the sheets back on the bed

write and send a check for SEVENTEEN DOLLARS to get a stupid magazine account out of collections, grr dh

get a pair of hiking shoes- fun!

do some studying in preparation to go back to work

5 minute room rescue 

15 minute declutter

2 min hotspot

pick up some more tylenol

plan/make dinner (stirfry?)


Gotta get going!


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Today, I:

...did the dishes

...cleaned up the kitchen

...swept the floors

...straightened up the living room

...made lunch AND dinner

...finished my website! finally! jumpers.gif


Tomorrow is laundry, laundry, laundry. And cleaning bedrooms. Ugh.

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