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I went to the GYM today. OMG. Bf bought us a gym membership!


I also start school in March, officially. Figured out classes and CLEP tests and everything!    :)


Girls gone for the weekend, so I am prepping for our Sunday Superbowl party. 

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Got to North Carolina at like 2 am this morning and spent the day running around in circles and getting nothing accomplished. Went to look at the mobile home we were going to rent and found out it was not going to work (the pictures that they sent where NOT what they showed us, Im glad we didn't sign the lease without seeing it first!), went to get base decals for the car to find out I need a print out of my whole insurance policy, tried to pick up jackets since we couldn't find any in Florida and it was a wash, tried to find a cake for my son's birthday tomorrow and couldn't find one that would work. Finally gave up around 1830 and came back to the hotel and found out the kitty has been sick. He threw up all over the hotel room, it was a mess. Then I spent a good few hours keeping the kids from destroying the room and finally got them to bed around 2200. Im BEAT. Hopefully tomorrow goes better.


Tomorrow is my son's first birthday! I need to:

unearth the presents from the bottom of the boxes in the car

wrap the presents that need to be wrapped

bring up the rest of the luggage and hang up things

pick up around the hotel room

find a cake a giraffes for the top of it

decorate the room for T's birthday

view a couple of houses

call a few places that are renting

give the kitty a bath and if he doesn't seem better and isn't able to keep food down I have to find a vet

figure out where the trash is around here so I can dump the bags that accumlated in the car


Other things I need to work on:

work on the beanie I'm knitting

figure out what needs to get done this month

sew buttons on my son's birthday shirt.

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Good Morning Everyone.
Oki, good luck finding the right place. Cultivatingmyroots, cool that you went to the gym. Good to see you MP. smile.gif

So far today I:
*am enjoying the beautiful rain...
*made breakfast and tea
*gathered all the trash and took it out
*bathed and got dressed
*made the bed
*took DD to piano and horseriding
*read smile.gifreading.gif
*washed one load of laundry
*cleaned the litter box
*made dinner and did cleanup

I hope to:
*color my hair
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@ Okimom - That sounds so miserable.   :(   I am sure the perfect place is just waiting for you!


@bejeweled - We need rain here in Norcal, I envy you your showers! I also just colored my hair, I henna mine red. What are you doing with yours?


Today has been a prep for our Superbowl party, Bf is running cables and teching stuff to stream the video from online, since we have no desire to get cable. He also bought us a new and better wireless router and the face plates to make it a pro install. I am SO very happy to know he does things right (and knows how; I would be SO LOST!!!). I am making a junk food trophy queso bowl, and prepping our snack food. Hoping to also hit the gym and West Coast Swing classes tonight!


(Plus fit in sewing eventually.....)



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Today I:


did a 2 min hot spot thingie

unloaded the dishwasher

did some professional reading

vacuumed kitchen and living room

went hiking in this gorgeous sunny weather, with dh and ds! woohoo


I will:

fold my laundry that's in the dryer

go to the downtown first saturday arts celebration and eat out for dinner!


I'm trying to start making the bed every morning but on the weekends me and dh tend to get up at different times, so one of us can sleep in while the other hangs out with ds (who does not understand this "sleeping in" thing). Today I got up first. I hope I get my turn to sleep in tomorrow! Even if it's just half an hour extra in bed by myself, it feels soooooooo good...

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Hey Cultivatingmyroots, your hair color is pretty. loveeyes.gif I'm coloring mine black. I love black hair on me. Hopefully I can get to it today.

So far today I:
*made breakfast and tea
*did my weigh in. I lost 2.5 pounds this week! joy.gif
*took a nap
*made the bed
*gathered the trash
*made lunch
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*painted rocks with DD love.gif
*picked up dinner

Have a nice day. smile.gif
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Hi everyone....things have been hectic over the last week so I haven't checked in much but back to it now!


Oki I hope things look up for you soon. Happy 1st birthday to your son...I find it hard to believe it's a year since he was born, seems only a few months ago!  smile.gif


Well done B with your weight loss!! smile.gif


The One Million Kilo Challenge I am doing to lose weight is Week 1 down and I have lost 1.6kg...(think that's about 3.5 pounds) Doesn't sound a huge amount but I think it would have been more if we hadn't gone away for the weekend and gone out to dinner two nights in a row! Back to the grindstone now so hopefully better results next week.


 P.S...don't know why that is showing in bold! But I can't seem to change it....


Done so far today:


made 3 beds

sheets off another bed

cleaned computer desk area

cleaned coffee table in the lounge room

hung out delicates

washed two loads

hung out clothes

got DS off to school

printed out meal plans

wrote shopping list


to do:


shower and get ready to go out

go to gym

mail letters

shop for food

put groceries away

wash sheets

dry sheets

make bed

ring my mother

try to list some things for sale

clean downstairs shower and toilet

sweep downstairs

prepare dinner

clean up

do some scrapbooking







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Congrats on the weight loss CW! partytime.gif Good to see you.
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Congrats on the weight loss bejeweled and clutter! Awesome job both of you.


I'm feeling more optimistic about finding a new house.. We have a line on a person who specializes in finding houses for people with pets (our major problem right now, most people want either you to buy or no pets!) so we are calling first thing tomorrow. Ive already looked over her website and wrote down all the addresses for houses she has for rent that 1) takes pets, 2) is close to base and 3) is within our price range. Theres one Im particularly fond of thats a more old fashion house and looks great from the pictures. Its HUGE though, 1700 sq ft plus garage and detached storage unit, so I don't know if I want something that big but its been on the market for a renter for a while so they just dropped the rent price.. We shall see tomorrow.


House hunting tomorrow which means a lot of driving around and waiting for people.. Im bring along:

An Angel x-stitch ornament kit

prayer shawl Ive been working on

a cozy I'm working on for a swap

the hat I'm test knitting

a shirt that needs buttons and button holes seam ripped

the barn purse I need to cast on walls for

A monster I'm knitting

a grenade I'm knitting for my husband


I figure among those I should find something that I can get myself to work on orngbiggrin.gif I have been having some major troubles concentrating on anything so lets hope I can concentrate on something.


Going to go finish the laundry so I get at least a couple of hours of sleep before my alarm goes off.

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Today- I sent kids to school and washed a load of clothes- I have to go clean another house today so I won't be cleaning much here.

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Good Morning Ladies.

Today I:
*made breakfast and teapot2.GIF
*got DD off to school
*took out the trash
*went to an appointment
*made a quick grocery run
*read reading.gif
*cooked dinner

I hope to:
*fold some laundry
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Good morning, mommas.


bejeweled and clutter, good for you on the weight loss! Feels good to see those numbers come down. :)


Oki, I hope you have a very productive day. I will be sending "happy new home" thoughts your way through out the day. Good luck finding the perfect place to settle!


So far this morning, I:

...packed lunches and snacks

...made breakfast for the boys

...got them to school

...did some catching up on emails


I would like to:

...pick up, wipe down the table, sweep/vacuum

...clean up the kitchen - dishes, counters, sweep and mop

...take a shower and get out the door by 10:45

...visit with some momma friends and their cute babies

...come home and clean my room (ie, sort through mountains of laundry!)

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Ok Im no longer optimistic.. Everyone wants you to buy a house.. There is over 3000 houses in Jacksonville alone up for sale because military members buy property thinking that they could sell it in a couple of years when they get new orders. But it doesn't work then they are stuck with a house they can't sell and don't want to rent. So, all the "rental agents" are pushing you to buy because they make huge bonuses from selling these houses that have been vacant for a while. I don't want to buy.. Seriously its not happening and i don't believe the lies. So far we have heard we can't rent because: we have kids, we have a german shepard mix (according to the person its against the law to rent to someone who has a german shepard, the person HAS TO buy), we are a military family, we have less than 3 years on our order.. etc etc etc.. Seriously, give me a break. I just want a house/apartment without the hassle.


Ok, off to pout a little, drink a soda and contemplate how much I hate moving. THEN Ill go back on the search.


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YUCK. You should not buy a house you are not going to live in for more than 3 years.  That is not smart I don't think- for the reasons you stated above.  Hope you find what you are looking for!

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"So, all the "rental agents" are pushing you to buy because they make huge bonuses from selling these houses that have been vacant for a while. I don't want to buy.. Seriously its not happening and i don't believe the lies."


Stick to your guns!! Our FORMER real estate agent who we asked to help us find a rental first with the expectation of looking for a house to buy within a year or so (we moved here from across the country) was absolutely useless. He kept showing us houses for sale and telling us the rental market was nonexistent, especially since we have 2 cats. In the end we just had to craigslist-crawl ourselves, and we did end up with the perfect rental situation. It's totally not in the agents' interests to get you into a rental.

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OkiMom, I'm sorry you're going through this. I hope you find the perfect rental. Stay strong. hug2.gif


I'm digging in! 1st session:



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I would not do a rental thru a real estate agent- I would go to craigs list, newspaper etc. Lots of places are listed for rent around here now due to taxes being done and people getting the money to move. Some landlords wait till around now to list vacancies here because they get more people interested and can pick thru them.

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Unfortunately the rental properties are almost all through rental agents since 99% of them are from military families who buy a house then have to PCS so they hire agents to get someone to rent or buy the property. The only one being rented by an individual the family is in Africa and want to mail us the keys AFTER we send them the money and deposit. NO THANKS, I don't send money to anyone sight unseen and I don't rent from someone who isn't in the country and doesn't have anyone taking care of the property in the country (if the property even exists which is questionable with as many scams are around military areas like this one).


Tomorrow is another day :) I know the house for us is out there, just need to keep positive and keep looking..


Tomorrow I'm going to:

go to two appointments: 1 at noon to look at several rentals and one at 2 to look at another rental

scourer craigs list for more properties.

do several loads of laundry

try to finish the beanie Im knitting and start the vest- they are baby gifts for a friend due THIS MONTH who lives in another state

work on the mug cozy Im knitting for a swap

clean up around the hotel room and get new linens for the bed, the baby just threw up all over the place and the front desk is closed for the night.

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Good Morning.
It is a low energy morning. I'm going to take it easy.

So far I:
*made breakfast and teapot2.GIF
*got DD off to school
*took out the trash
*cracked the window to get some fresh air in
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*sorted wash.gif and started load #4 for the day
*am soaking a marker stain on DD's school shirt
*cleaned up cat mess yikes.gif
*made the bed
*went and got the cat some food
*am about to veg and watch a tv show. smile.gif
*folded a few clothes
*took a nap sleeping.gif
*emailed a prospective job
*took DD to horse riding

I hope to:
*color my hair
*research job search stuff
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OkiMom, my husband and I ran into a scam like the one you're talking about. When we inquired about the property, they sent us a long email saying they are missionaries in Africa and would send us the keys after they get the money. When we googled the address of the house, we saw that it had been foreclosed on last year. We ran into another scam asking to run our credit report before showing the property. Identity theft. Luckily we didn't fall for it. I hope you find a nice home soon. We're hoping to move by April 1st.


My goal this morning is to have coffee and write. notes2.gif caffix.gif

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