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Good morning!


bejeweled, a low key day sounds perfect right now...enjoy!


I had a birth last night, and didn't get much sleep before I woke up to get kids to school. I'd like to just go back to bed, but have a friend supposed to visit. So I will just apologize for my state when she gets here and plug through the day!


So far, I:

...got the boys to school

...stopped at a clients house to finish up some paperwork

...cleared up the front entryway a bit


Before my friend comes, I would like to:

...make a doctors appointment for myself

...start calling dentists for the kids to have appointments

...call to get the kids into a lottery for a charter school next year

...do dishes

...sweep and mop the kitchen

...wipe down the bathroom

...make chicken soup for dinner (it was so good!)


Have an efficient, productive day, everyone! smile.gif


Oki, I am hoping today is the day you find something...

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It is so sad our military families have to go thru this.

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Well, I come and go from here all the time, but I do still set my timer through out the day for 15 minutes to see how much I can get done.


My baby is 2 1/2 wks and I feel like my house is a mess and I can't keep up.


Today I:

Dropped my oldest off at school

Got the oil on my van changed

Talked to the bank about the fraud on my card


Now I need to:

Go to the Chiro in a half hour

Fold and put away laundry

Make my bed

Figure out what's for supper

Wash the dishes

Dust the top of my bookshelves

Pick up my oldest from school

Postpartum visit with the doula

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Poetry, I just pray some young family doesn't fall for it. A lot of military members are very very trusting and I can see one of them falling for it. It just struck me as weird that they had "suddenly" gone on a mission. Ive known quite a few missionaries from quite a few faiths and not one of them "suddenly" decided to go and all but 1 sold their house before leaving. The only one who didn't their adult son and his family lived there until they got back and took care of their business for them.


So, DH is looking at houses today and I'm taking care of a sick baby. Hes throwing up almost everything he takes in. Luckily hes still nursing, milk is the only thing hes keeping down. There is a nasty virus going around so the health department and base is asking if your child is throwing up not to take them out in public so I'm confined to the hotel with him. If he isn't able to keep more down by tonight though we will have to take him to the ER since we don't have primary physicians right now.


Ok, while Im sitting around Im going to try to finish the beanie Im knitting and work on a vest for a friend whos due this month.

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I can't seem to make myself do anything today.  I hate it when i get like this... so much to do and I just can't get started.  Both kids are home sick and I am just frozen on the couch.

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Oki, I hope your baby feels better soon.


I feel like I've been busy all morning, but I haven't accomplished much. Neither boy is feeling well and they both seem to constantly need me at the same time.


So far:


I made coffee and breakfast

Washed and hung a load of diapers

Ironed some clothes

Made lunch

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I'm jumping in. I've been doing 10-15 minute sessions for years but need motivation and support. It's 3 a.m. and I just got done crying, thinking about our disaster of an apartment and how hard it is for me to get things done. dizzy.gif My mental and physical health get in the way but I also know I can do more than I am. If we had to move out of our apartment in a hurry for some reason right now our whole deposit would go to the cleaning. I'm embarrassed to have over even folks who know our place is messy and dirty. It's not as messy and dirty as some places but it's totally overwhelming me lately. So I'm joining in and setting my subscription to send new posts to my email immediately. Also joining the 2012 in 2012 challenge.

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Hugs- I am right where you are and have mental and physical issues as well.

I am glad you are joining- it really helps me sometimes... my house is still bad but at least I am doing something rather than nothing.

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Hope everyone's babies are feeling better soon. DS is still throwing up if he eats anything other than breastmilk. Im so blessed he still nurses so at least hes staying hydrated and getting some nutrition.


Arain- I get mentally and physically exhausted when it comes to housekeeping, it seems like it NEVER get done. Hopefully this group helps you some..


Today Im staying at the hotel with the sick baby while DH drops off an application to the place we are trying to rent a house from. After he gets back we need to look at more houses on the computer just in case they say no about this one (you never know, even though there is NO reason for them to its always a possibility).

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So far today- I waited for the tub to drain for an hour- yes an hour- ugh

which put us behind on everything.

I made coffee,

got kids to school- late

did a load of laundry- which is covered in something from the washer- I fear it is poop from ds's underwear- he has encopresis....

picked up stuff on living room floor

called and cried to my mom- she is coming sunday to help out. Thank goodness.



Going to-

take a shower-

do the dishes

continue to do laundry

pick up my friend to help me work here and at the house I am cleaning.

try not to have a nervous break down.

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hug.gif Arianwen and Mom31 hug.gif
I feel that way too sometimes. It helps to do the very minimum sometimes. For me, the minimum is to take out the trash daily and keep the dishes rinsed (not washed). Then from that point I'll add 10-15 minute increments if possible. If it's not, that's fine too. There is always tomorrow.
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Today I:
*made breakfast
*took DD to school and the book fair
*took out the trash and opened the window
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*made the bed
*hung all the jackets
*made lunch and rinsed the dishes
*started laundry load #2
*went to the bank and to took DD to Bible study/Praise dance
*did some job search stuff
*had a friend over for a visit

I hope to:
*color my hair

Have a nice evening.
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I am going to load the dishwasher and fold one load of laundry... maybe if I type it on here I will actually get my lazy bottom off the computer and do it... well see. I only have ten min or so and that is more than enough time to get these two tasks done.

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ok- 16 minutes- I got

laundry switched

dishwasher unloaded and loaded

pile of clothes in my room folded and put away

blanket put over couch

laundry from around the house put in laundry room

stuff picked up off hallway floor

Seriously- I fret about this stuff all all all day long and look what I did in 16 minutes!!!!

I have to go get kids then I will do another 15 min.... I bet my house will shine in no time.

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So far Ive taken care of the baby and slept all day.. Im so tired! DH dropped off the application to the rental place and is now taking care of the kids so I can go back to sleep. Darn I forget how tiring things can get. sleepytime.gif

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Aw, mommas. :( I know its hard to keep up. Give yourself some grace.

This thread has been helpful to me...seems like if I post something its more likely to actually happen! And if not, I move it onto the next days list. ;-)


Today was not how I envisioned and I have a headache starting. Ugh.

Luckily, my tomorrow opened up and I get to be home with nothing planned! But there's always SO much to do! I'm sure I'll be along with a list in the morning.

But tonight, I'm just relaxing...some tea and the computer, and an early bedtime!


Oki, hope you get the house you applied for!


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Thanks for the welcome, ladies. I couldn't sleep last night and that has really messed things up for today. I did get laundry hung to dry, which was one 15 minute session. Hoping to wash dishes later, just need to push myself to do it.


ETA: Got the dishes washed and stove and counters wiped! I honestly didn't think I'd get that done because I'm in a funk today. So relieved.


Great job on what you've all gotten done today!

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I love.gif this.

[quote name="MonkeyPrincess" url= Give yourself some grace.
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Well dd spilled glitter all over the floor so I am going to clean that up...

do a few loads of laundry and do dishes. that s it for today I have to go clean someone elses house. 

And I am tired and achey.

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Good Morning.
Today I:
*made breakfast and tea
*got DD off to school
*gathered the trash
*soaked some yukky pots
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*ordered contact lenses
*rescheduled an appointment
*started laundry load #3
*am vegging watching a tv show smile.gif
*bought myself some perfume love.gif
*picked up some birthday gifts for a party Saturday
*made a grocery list

I hope to:
*read reading.gif
*pay for some job related stuff
*color my hair
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