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Oki, Nice that it's so close to a park and the library. smile.gif It will be good.

So far today I:
*got our jeep towed to the shop (it's acting up) I pray it's not too expensive.
*made breakfast and tea
*had DD make the beds
*finished a book reading.gifsmile.gif
*wrapped birthday gifts for a party today
*had lunch and did cleanup
*took out the trash
*rested and read
*picked up the car from the shop
*went to the grocery store

I hope to:
*color my hair!
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Arianwen hug.gif I hope today's better. I totally know about days like those.
Originally Posted by Arianwen1174 View Post

I had a wretchedly emotional day (PMSing?) but I did manage to sweep and mop the kitchen floor and clean the bathroom (except the tub/shower). And I made dinner. Glad the day wasn't entirely lost.

Mom31, did you find the money?
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Happy Sunday. smile.gif

Today I:
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*made the bed
*wiped down the bathroom
*put out the trash
*made a nice breakfast and tea
*cleaned the litter box
*colored my hair loveeyes.gif
*cooked dinner
*rested sleeping.gif
*went to the movies with DH and DD smile.gif
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sorry I was on my kindle and it does not let me barely type an answer...

Yes- I found the money on my stove somehow- ugh. In the process I let my boyfriends dog out- and she wound up at a neighbors and luckily has a phone number on her tag so I spent quite a bit of time tracking her down and taking care of her- so happy she is ok...he is not mad at me. what a day.

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Oh goodness, Mom31!! I hope you are doing ok. 


Bejeweled, congrats on finally getting your hair colored. :P   Mine always ends up being a week or so later than I planned, because the henna has to sit for three+ hours. 


This morning bf made CINNAMON BUNS!!! And they were BETTER than Cinnabon. (This from the guy who SWEARS he can't cook.) We also got shelves for our shed from a CL post, and some awesome pots for the yard, spring is coming and gardening is part of homeschool as well as my hobbies.   


Today I am kid free, and I have to....

~File Fafsa (This year and next)

~Some sewing projects (for MYSELF!)

~Clean up the girls room, rotate toys. It is a DISASTER because they just have too much. :(

~Pack a long overdue box to send to my parents (with V-day cards and somesuch)

~Figure out V-day for whole house

~Clean up my TERRIBLY messy sewing room

~Start my next custom commission


I love lazy Sundays. :P

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I got nothing accomplished today

except I cleaned the bathroom- tub toilet and sink... it was a chore but I did it.

I ordered pizza which was a huge silly splurge but I barely can keep my eyes open right now for some reason...

We went to bf for a bit to get out of the house-

tomorrow I must

sign dd up for soccer

go to work

go to eye dr.

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Originally Posted by *bejeweled* View Post

Arianwen hug.gif I hope today's better. I totally know about days like those.

Thanks, bejeweled. This weekend was almost a total wash. My sleep is seriously off-track and that makes it hard to get things done. BUT, I did get a few things done, let me think...

*Hung a load of laundry to dry

*Got laundry put away/gave DH his clothes to put away

*Wiped the kitchen counter a couple times

*Packed med boxes for me & DH (a weekly thing on Sundays)


Since it's 3 in the morning I'm going to put today's goals for later on:

*Wash dishes

*Hang laundry after DH gets it washed

*Make minestrone soup for dinner, maybe muffins if I'm up to it

*Sort through 1 or 2 drawers in the living room


Here's to a great week for all of us! And now I'm off to read for a little bit and hopefully fall asleep okay.

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I am working on getting into a regular sleep pattern. Ideally I want to go to bed at 22.00 and go up at 06.00 since I am much more productive during those early morning hours than I am during the rest of the day. I have some way to go since I did get up first at 9.00 today...


But I've got things done


- Threw out all the garbage in the kitchen (it is amazing how it just sort of fills up).

- Flipped over a mat, that has been curling at one edge, so hopefully it will now lay flat.

- Put on a machine of dark laundry.

- Took a damp rag and did a general surface dusting in my room.

- Fluffed my pillow and turned down my duvet, so the bed looks orderly. I prefer to make it this way in the morning, so that the mattress etc. gets a chance to air. Now one of my cats is curled up on it, sleeping soundly.

- Did finalise an accountant business card design I've been thinking about for two whole weeks, for a graphic assignment I've got. Now just to do the same for the magician. :)

- Had lunch.

- Played with my kitten (important, or he starts running rampage throughout the house).

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Good Morning.
Today I:
*made breakfast and teapot2.GIF
*got DD off to school
*took out the trash
*made the bed
*washed the bathroom rugs
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*went to an appointment
*got a manicure and my eyebrows done loveeyes.gif
*went to the drugstore

I hope to:
*clean up cat mess eyesroll.gif
*put away clean clothes
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I called off work today and overslept...

My house is a disaster... I really am not keeping up/

Today my goal is to- stay off computer and kindle...

Do kitchen and living room

work on getting rid of glitter

go to eye dr.

pay for dd's soccer.


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Today I need to:

Wash 4 to 5 loads of laundry

Sort and organize my file box

Wash the dishes

Go grocery shopping

Bring the garbage can to the road


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I've been a bit absent from the thread, thinking I had a handle on things!  Uh - nope!  Today I'm jumping back in with both feet!!


So far today:


Loaded and ran dishwasher

Wiped surfaces in kitchen

Quick clean up in the living room




Still need to:

Wipe surfaces and floor in bathroom

throw in dark wash

fold and put away 1 load of wash

stuff diapers

vacuum living area

clear off dining room table


We shall see what the day actually brings!

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Hey ladies. I would like join this thread in hopes to get more organized. :)

I am Mama of two boys, DS1 is 9 y/o and DS2 is 6 weeks old. Trying to get back into the groove. :)


This weekend I got rid of over 100 books that I never read, or would never read. Clothes, furniture we never use. It felt so good.


DS1 is out on a trip with DH until tomorrow night, so I have been cleaning the playroom and DS1's bedroom aswell.


Its very challanging to get anything done during the day with the baby etc. But so far this is what I did today:


*Changed diapers

*BF baby

*Ate a muffin with decaf coffee

*Loaded and ran the dishwasher

*Vaccuumed DS1's bedroom

*BF baby

*Ate lunch

*Vaccuumed living room

*Relax while baby is napping


Things I still need to do today is:


*Clean litter box

*Take recycle out

*Finish moving furniture in DS1's room

*Vaccuum playroom

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Welcome EuroMama. wave.gif Cool username.
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Thank you all for sharing with and inspiring me!!


Hello Euromama, welcome!


I just ran around and tidied a couple stray items, now set on housework except for dishes and running trash/recycling out to the alley.


easy day tomorrow:

pick up D

possible lunch at costco?

she must take a nap.

eyebrow appt 2:30

        (thanks for reminding me, bejeweled! I have let them go since December and will have them done at one of the fancier places for once, yay!)

play hard and get to bed early!!

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love.gif Happy Valentine's Day love.gif
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Good Morning. This place is an absolute MESS. Somehow it just exploded.

Today I:
*made breakfast and tea
*got a giddy, happy DD off to school (she's so excited about Valentine's Day) heartbeat.gif
*picked up some milk and eggs
*took out the trash
*made the bed
*straightened up a lot
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*changed the bathroom and kitchen towels
*walked thumb.gif
*went to the grocery store
*took DD to horse riding
*exchanged beautiful Valentines with DH and DD love.gif
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Welcome Euromom!


Happy Valentines Day everyone!! blowkiss.gif


I have so much to do today and Im SO SO sick to my stomach. Im going to try to work while I feel up to it then rest when I feel sick again. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to getting things done. The movers are bringing everything back from Okinawa tomorrow joy.gifso I need to get some stuff done before they get here..


TO Dos Today:

Finish up the knitting project Im working on

clean up the living room and vacuum up the crumbs

line the cupboards in the kitchen

line the drawers in the kitchen

put away the dishes in the dishwasher and do the next load

hang and put away clothes as best as possible

put together drawers that are apart and all over the bedroom floor

try to at least put all the stuff that doesn't have a home yet in one room so the movers can come in easier

clean bathroom and put down rugs

sew 1 project bag

sew 4 living room curtains and hang (needs to be hung before TMO comes tomorrow)

take a shower

shopping list

go out and get yarn for 1 project and some food

have the girls do a few Valentines day projects


Im sure there is more but I doubt Ill get that done. Off to start because if I don't at least start something then I KNOW nothing will get done :)


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Ive decided to alternate 10 minutes of working with 10 minutes of doing something that doesn't require me to be up on my feet. Hopefully then I can get some stuff done.. First 10 minutes Im going to clean up the living room, put the air mattress away and vacuum up the crumbs. When Im done with that Im going to spend 10 minutes knitting.

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