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Thanks willfulmama. I'm feeling much better today too. smile.gif
So far I:
*made breakfast and teapot2.GIF
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*took out the trash
*made the bed
*dropped off 6 bags of papers to shred carrot.gif
*went to the library
*took DD to piano lesson
*finished reading this book finally
*sorted mounds of laundry and started load #2
*supervised little girls running in and out of the house
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Happy Sunday. smile.gif

So far today I:
*made breakfast and teapot2.GIF
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*put out the trash
*made the bed
*made lunch and did cleanup
*wiped down the bathroom
*went biking bikenew.gif
*read and relaxed reading.gif
*made dinner

Have a good night.
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Good morning everyone!! Im actually already awake, showered and dressed so its already been a productive morning winky.gif Im going to actually attempt a to do list today.. Maybe Ill get some of it done orngbiggrin.gif


To Do:

Make Breakfast

Do dishes

wipe down sink/table

lots of laundry (one day Ill get caught up redface.gif)

Clean up the hallway

clean the hall bath (again! the only problem with small bathrooms, they get dirty fast!)

Clean master bathroom, change litter box, put litter box back together properly

wash bathroom rugs and put back down

change out towels

Strip beds and wash linens, remake beds

Make lunch and clean up afters

Find the library book, pack a diaper bag for tomorrow, pull out stroller

Clean up the living room some

vacuum living room

Clean up the girls room and see if I can't find DH's razor (the girls took off with it, luckily its not charged shy.gif)

Put books actually IN the girls bookcase, instead of on the ground around it

Measure windows in living room and pull out fabric for those curtains (my insomia project if I can't sleep again tonight!)

Find girls curtain and alter it for their bedroom

hem the bathroom curtain so it doesn't touch the ground

Make dinner, clean up after

Hang curtains (DH's task for tonight, I won't stand on chairs while pregnant.. I know Im weird orngbiggrin.gif)

Read scriptures and write in journal

Watch Army Wives during DS's nap whistling.gif

Maybe I should fold and put away the clean laundry as well Bolt.gif

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Good Morning Everyone. I'm sore today from biking. I'm going to take it easy. It is such a gorgeous day. coolshine.gif

So far I:
*made breakfast and teapot2.GIF
*got DD off to school
*rinsed the dishes
*made the bed
*put out the trash
*went to an appointment
*got DD pretty tee shirts and leggings
*rested sleeping.gif

I hope to:
*make an optometrist appointment
*figure out dinner
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Ok, Im taking a much deserved break and watching Amazing Race with my oldest (she loves seeing the different countries).. I got a LOT done today! More then I thought I would. Im going to fix the girls curtains when DH gets home, I was going to do it this afternoon but its going to be more complicated than I thought it was so I need to be able to concentrate. Can't do that with three littles on top of me. orngbiggrin.gif

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Good morning everyone! I slept in this morning so its a bit of a late start. We were suppose to go to the library today but its rainy and cold outside so I don't want to risk starting to walk there and getting soaked.


Ive already gotten breakfast out of the way..


To dos for todays:

Try to find the library books- missing two- found 1

Get the kids dressed, teeth brush, vitamins.. Get dressed myself.

Write/type up schedules

Finish picking up the master bedroom

Vacuum master bedroom

Put the books actually INTO the bookcase in the master bedroom bag.gif

Clean off top of dresser/nightstands again

organize drawers in dresser

Yet more laundry, fold and put away laundry- my goal is 6 loads for today, Im on 6 right now.

Put the baby down for a nap and read a bit while hes napping

Make lunch and pick up after

Finish sorting out things in the playroom

Organize playroom bookcases, move 1 small bookcase out to the living room

Put together toy organizer

Organize toys

Hopefully SEE the ground in the playroom today orngbiggrin.gif

If I get the room half way clean, vacuum the room

Work on curtains, hopefully make at least 2-4 curtains for the living room

Find my fabric scissors.. Can't do anything without them. I just had them but they have gone missing.

Sweep pouch and clear off random stuff that has accumulated

Hang pictures in the girls room

Hang pictures in the Master bedroom

Make dinner, clean up after, sweep kitchen

make DH HANG the curtains eyesroll.gif

Girls need baths tonight, yes it deserves its own to do.. They have decided to boycott soap.

Scriptures, journal and sleeping.gif


Maybe the weather tomorrow will be nicer and we can venture out to the library or park.. Im feeling a little house bound right now

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Good Morning Oki. You're an early bird. smile.gif

Today I:
*made breakfast and teapot2.GIF
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*got DD on the school bus
*went to the optometrist and ordered new glasses joy.gif
*went out to lunch with DH
*went to an appointment
*made the bed
*took out the trash
*took DD and her friend to horse riding
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Oki, your list is amazing, lol. I wish I had that kind of energy!


So far today, I've:


-made breakfast

-cleaned the kitchen

-loaded the dishwasher

-put diapers in the dryer

-took care of our neighbor's dog

-fed the dog

-briefly straightened the living room

I'd like to:


-clean the master bathroom floor (really, when will this get done!?)

-fold laundry

-vacuum downstairs

-take care of neighbor's dog after work

-dust living room

-make dinner


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I have totally let the house fall apart here. Back to basics.


Today I have:


Changed a diaper



Today I plan to:


Feed the animals

Fold and put away laundry in dryer

Do at least 2 loads of laundry including one of my clothes!

Strip the bed

Wash the sheets 

Remake bed

Eat 3 meals breakfast lunch dinner

grocery store

Make dinner and

Clean it up

Clean cat box

take out trash



Anything else is gravy.


I need coffee.

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bejeweled, Im a total morning person! I usually get up between 330-430, if I sleep past 5 its pretty much sleeping in. If Im asleep past 6 Im either sick or I was up all night with the kids. I use to volunteer to be early crew at work (starting at 5) before I had kids.. Now, late nights kill me.. I like being in bed at around 8pm orngbiggrin.gif


Willfull- Energy is usually my problem as well but my SIL is suppose to be stopping by sometime this month to "visit".. aka be annoying. Im hoping its not till mid May then Ill just say maybe on your way back since DH won't be home orngbiggrin.gif I really don't want to entertain anyone, specially since no one knows Im pregnant yet.


I have 4 1/2 hours till I have to make dinner. Going to start working on the playroom. Hopefully if I can get some kid cooperation it can get mostly done before dinner time

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Good Morning everyone! Its COLD here (well it dropped to the 30s last night, which is COLD to me) but Im hoping it warms up some later.. Already up and dressed, the kids fed and hubby left for work over an hour and a half ago.. Yesterday while working on the playroom we had a puzzle catastrophy. I picked up a box and the bottom went out of it, of course it was holding all the kids puzzles. Its a bit of a mess so I need to go spent time putting puzzles back together today.


Todays Goals:

Finish unpacking playroom

Finish putting together puzzles

Finish organizing toys

Finish putting away books (found more while unpacking!)

Organize the kids arts and crafts things, make a list of craft items that are needed

Remove anything that doesn't belong in the playroom

Lay the baby down for a nap, watch Dance Moms while hes napping Sheepish.gif

Empty toys out of the girls room and put away neatly in playroom

Straighten books in girls bookcase

Clean out the toys in the hallway

Clear out anything else sitting in the hall (how does a hallway get messy so fast?)

Vacuum girls room, playroom and hall

Hang pictures in the bedrooms and living room

Laundry- yet more laundry!

Find the last missing library book so we can go to the library tomorrow if its warmer

Make lunch and clean up afterwards

Pull out fabric for all the curtains, find sewing scissors so I can start working on curtains

Clean up patio and sweep

Clean off couches, strip and wash couch covers, vacuum inside of couches then put the covers back on

Move couches, clean/vacuum under

Put throws on couches

wash LR rug and put down

Put away clean clothing

Make dinner, clean up afters

sweep kitchen..


Hopefully by the end of the day my house won't make me cringe when I open the front door for any reason orngbiggrin.gif

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Oki, I thought I was an early bird getting up at 5:30am. Maybe I should start waking up even earlier! 


Katie, it looks like you got everything done on your list yesterday. Very nice!!


Today's List:


-call to schedule ultrasound

-pay bills 

-balance checkbook

-wash load of whites

-dry whites

-dry diapers

-take care of neighbor's dog

-vacuum living room (this got moved up on the list b/c there was food everywhere)

-weave in ends of son's blanket


-prep coffee for tomorrow AM
-prep snacks for tomorrow

-make dinner

-make bed

-straighten living room

-clean toilet upstairs

-clean shower upstairs

-clean sink upstairs

-clean the floor upstairs (!!!)

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Thanks willfullmama! lol, That was a first. btw you still count as an earlybird.  OkiMom could be a dairy farmer!


I have my mother's helper/babysitter here this morning!! I am so excited. She's bathing ds as I type. I need to get some businessy stuff done today.


Today I have:


Eaten breakfast

Fed the animals


I plan to:


Do another 2 loads of laundry

Unload the dishwasher

Print out some documents for my soonish-to-be job

Go to a coffee shop and

Finish that paperwork

Drop packet off at office

Grocery store AGAIN- of course I forgot something yesterday

Set up 2 bill payments online

One 2min hotspot

Eat three meals breakfast lunch dinner

Cook dinner

Clean it up


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Willful- My family hates that I wake up this early.. Especially my husband, who is a night owl.. I think I was meant to live on a farm or something orngbiggrin.gif My kids all wake between 5-6am and have since they were really little. I guess Im lucky I don't have a night owl for a child, it would be hard to mesh the two schedules.


Yesterday was a total wash for the most part. The kids acted up the whole day and I spent most of my time dealing with that. Last night they didn't go to bed until around 9pm (their bedtime is 730) and were up between 30-40 times between 9pm and 5am when they climbed into my bed. That doesn't make me to optimistic about today..


I need to finish yesterdays to dos and add in:

change ob and make an appoint

pull the rest of the clothing buckets out of the storage room so I can do a laundry marathon (yet more laundry. Im seriously thinking it replicates itself)

do the dinner dishes from last night

empty the last boxes in the Master Bedroom

organize the closet in the Master bedroom

put DVDs up where the kids can't get to them



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Good Morning. Yesterday I started my new P/T job. smile.gifsmile.gif I am so happy and so blessed to be able to be a P/T homemaker, P/T worker. I am so grateful.

Today I:
*made breakfast and teapot2.GIF
*got DD on the school bus
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*took out the trash
*got some new blouses and a calendar
*went grocery shopping
*made lunch and did cleanup
*washed 3 loads of laundry
*made dinner and did cleanup
*straightened up and gathered things for tomorrow

I hope to:
*relax a long while

Have a good night.
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Good morning! Bejeweled, congratulations on the new job!


DS and I have a playdate soon. Will be nice for him to hang with another kid and me to hang out with another grown-up!


I have:

Eaten breakfast

Fed the animals


Today I need to:

Exchange something at Target/pick up some milk

Put away laundry from yesterday


Pick up living room x 15min

Respond to 2 emails

Eat 3 meals breakfast lunch dinner


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Thank you Katie. I went to Target today too. Went in to get a calendar and came out with $121 of groceries (and forgot the milk). They had some good deals, especially on frozen veggies.
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Bejeweled- Congrats on the new job! I tend to stay out of Walmart/Target since I spend more than I plan a lot of times (not on useless stuff either but usually food on sale and all)..


I got nothing done again, it was a LONG day. The kids were wound up.. Its midnight, DH woke me up and now I can't go back to sleep so Im researching OBs. I have to transfer to a different office tomorrow (got bad vibes from the last one) so I can finally get into a prenatal appointment. Im almost 17 weeks so long due for one orngbiggrin.gif

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I've missed a lot.


Congrats on your job, bejeweled! How many hours a week will you be working?


Katie, how did your playdate go? I'm trying to find some for my son. Since I WFH and care for him all day, we don't always get out so much.


Oki, I hope your kids behave better today and that your appointments goes better for you than the last one.


So far today, I've:


-made bread

-folded two loads of laundry

-run the dishwasher

-paid bills

-caught up a little on filing bills

-made coffee

-dried diapers



I still need to:


-do yoga

-take care of our neighbor's dog

-dust the master bedroom

-make dinner

-play outside with DS

-sweep the kitchen

-mop the kitchen

-straighten living room

-try to get spaghetti stains out of carpet. 

-vacuum living room

-make coffee for tomorrow AM

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[quote name="willfulmama" url= Congrats on your job, bejeweled! How many hours a week will you be working?

Thanks. I'll be working 24 hours. Two days will be in the office and one day will be from home. carrot.gif That is the best part.

So far today I:
*made breakfast and coffee
*rinsed the dishes
*made the bed
*put the trash out
*went to the drugstore
*took DD to piano lesson
*went to the library
*picked up lunch and went to an appointment

I plan to:
*veg and watch tv.
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