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trying to learn my dance routines from short films i took during the lesson ... it's hard with all the twisting and turning this way and that way etc ...


- went shopping this morning

- prepared swim bags for DD1 and DS

- made lunch for us remaining 3 only

- prepared my bag for tonight's double class (with a snack in between both classes)

- baked some mini banana muffins (to take away some place tomorrow morning)

- did one load of laundry and put it up to dry

- spent 10  minutes looking for my larger size pants to cover leotard (were on the other drying line, didn't  THINK of it )

(whilst searching, re-organised part of DS clothes closet ....)


- tried to resist but couldn't and searched for DH's cousin on FB, to message her and suggest a possible meetup so that both sets of children can meet up for one hour or so on our way to our holiday .... not sure i'll get an answer, it looks like MIL, although not a muslim extremist as far as i know, might have issued a kind of fatwa against me/having any contact with me ... after I opened my big mouth to set some much needed limits (between her and us, nothing to do with said cousin ....) 6 months ago ... + last time we tried to meet up with that cousin, that famous ash cloud descended upon us and we could neither travel nor recover our plane tickets money ....

DH doesn't want to ask for a meetup because he's both worried about being refused one and/or about family members getting grief from MIL afterwards for braving her dicktat .... i just want to know, one way or the other ...


need to go back to these videos and practice some more .... so many distractions with MDC being so tempting ...

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Soooo tired today.. I got bite up from mosquitoes yesterday so I took a benedryl (so I didn't look like the marshmellow man today..) and Im STILL groogy from it.


So far today I have:

finished washing the couch cushions

sorted and organized knitting things joy.gifI can knit without searching for things again :)

Started organizing fabric/notions for sewing


I hope to:

finish organizing and putting away sewing items

finish cleaning up hall

vacuum hall

clean hall bath

put towels/washcloths under sink in bathroom

clean up my room

vacuum my room

clean under my bed

clean up my bathroom

change litter box

work on sewing curtains

clean up playroom

vacuum playroom, lay down the rug I just found/washed

vacuum girls room

work on scarf Im knitting

take a short nap when DS naps, putting on a movie for the girls Bolt.gif

Work on catching up with the laundry

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So yesterday I got a whole bunch of stuff done I hadn't planned on getting done and very little that I had planned on. I did go through the girls puzzles and threw out the ones missing pieces. I organized all my sewing and knitting supplies. We ended up with an unexpected house guest (not a person, a mutt.. found he starving and shivering in our back yard greensad.gif) so I had to spend some time taking care of that. Now either to find his owner or figure out what to do with him. I hadn't planned on taking in a dog since I told my husband we wouldn't have another one until we stopped moving around so much, it hurt to have to rehome our last (no one would rent to us with his breed, we went to over 30 rental agencies, more apartments than I want to think about etc and nada unless we wanted to buy which would have been a bad choice). This mutt is way to thin and infested with fleas so it should be just so much "fun" to deal with it.


Ok, so today Im going to start from scratch what needs to get done because, honestly, my brain is fried. Im going on like 4 hours of sleep and I have a migraine.


Hoping to get done:



make breakfast:biscuits and scrambled eggs..


wipe down sinks

clean microwave

clean out fridge

clean stove top

run self clean on the oven

put chairs back where the belong

sweep/mop floor

wipe down table/chairs

vacuum living room (the kids did an "art project" involved torn up paper, they cleaned most of it up but it needs a once over)

put the light cover back on the light in the kitchen

clean off the top of the fridge

put the carpet cleaner into the storage room

finish picking up and vacuuming the hall

clean hall bath

vacuum girls room

clean up my room

clean under/behind bed

make a list of what we need for the rest of the week and go food shopping

mow front yard if it doesn't start pouring- its pouring, Ill try again tomorrow


That is probably more than will get done but Ill work on that :) Who knows, it might get done!

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Good Morning. That's a lucky mutt to have found you all, Oki. smile.gif

So far I:
*made breakfast and coffee
*got DD on the school bus
*rinsed the dishes
*put out the trash
*made the bed
*washed 2 loads of laundry
*went to an appointment and the drugstore
*read reading.gif
*cooked dinner

I hope to:
*watch the Deadliest Catch smile.gif
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I need to get my ass in gear today.


This morning's to do list:


flylady swish and swipe

make beds

15 minute declutter

vacuum office/entry room

do one load of laundry


For this afternoon:


sweep floor

mop floor

dust sofa 

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Originally Posted by green_momma2007 View Post

I need to get my ass in gear today.
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I got some stuff done, but the house doesn't look any better. Sometimes it gets messier while it gets cleaner, if that makes any sense. I didn't get to mop, but I did get some painting done, so that's a plus. Hopefully I will finish painting in time for my son's highschool gaduation.

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The mutt is making me miss my old dog actually. I didn't want to rehome him in the first place (hes only the second animal Ive ever cried over, the first was a cat I had for 14 years that was hit and killed when I was in boot camp) but between having a place to live and a dog there was only one real choice.. I know the mutt that found us (honestly, animals find me.. I swear they do) had to have been someones pet. He knows some commands (sit and down for example), doesn't potty inside, doesn't mind being brushed etc. I did get him to a vet and hes about 20 lbs under what he should be, has a severe flea issue, worms and needed to be vaccinated. The vet says hes still a pup (probably between 4-8 months) from the look of his teeth (still almost all puppy teeth) and is probably a mix of St Bernard and something else.I told my hubby no matter what we decide Im not rehoming him until hes worm and flea free, fixed and been to obedience classes.. By then Im sure the kids/DH will convince me to keep him. I just really don't WANT another dog, I just couldn't leave him out in the rain starving greensad.gif I did post on a few yardsale type message boards from around town and posted a couple of flyers at the local stores but given the state the dog in and the fact he didn't have a collar on, Im not holding my breath.


So, today has been an "off" day.. You know one of those that you can hardly get yourself to do anything.. I did:

- Do 5 loads laundry

- prep work for 2 Shepards pies for tomorrow (one for us, one to drop off to someone who needs a meal)

- put away the 6-7 loads of laundry that were in the living room

- pull out the rest of the laundry that needs to get washed

- organize some of the storage room

-made 15 bean soup and cheese biscuits for dinner


Between tonight, tomorrow and Friday morning (hubby comes home Friday night) I need to:

- make the two Shepard's pie, freeze one and one for Friday's dinner

- make 4 loaves of bread (1 to drop off, 3 for us)

- make a double batch of choc chip cookies, freeze half

- make a salad

- make peanut butter muffins (hubby's favorite!)

- clean up the kitchen sinks, top of fridge, dryer and washer

- finish catching up on laundry!!!

- clear off/wipe down table

- pick up everything off the floor and sweep/mop

- put the couch back together

- vacuum living room

- clean up hall

- put carpet cleaner into shed (I mean it this time orngbiggrin.gif)

- vacuum hall

- strip girls beds, wash linens, remake beds

- vacuum girls room

- clean up the toys that are laying around the playroom

-vacuum playroom

- clean under/behind my bed

-straighten bookcases in master bedroom

- pick up everything off of floor

- vacuum

-clean master bathroom

-change litter box

- bathe the mutt (should probably think of a better name for him as well, mutt isn't to nice)

- clean his ears, he has ear mites on top of fleas/worms

- sweep/mop master bathroom

-clean hall bath

-sweep/mop hall bath

-finish scarf and beanie Im working on

-finish making curtains

-defrost meat for Saturday and Sundays dinners

-meal plan until the 15th and make shopping lists (I need a few bulk items, like flour, and some stuff from the grocery store)


Think that is about it that I can think of. Its a do-able list if I stick to it and don't have another "I don't want to" day orngbiggrin.gif I did decide against doing any yard/outside work. First its been pouring and it still looks nasty outside and second I don't think I could physically handle it.

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Good Morning.
Today is DD's last day of school. happytears.giflove.gif She's finishing up the 3rd grade.

So far I:
*made breakfast and iced coffee
*got DD on the school bus
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters with peppermint soap
*put out the trash
*went to DD's author's performance at school heartbeat.gifheartbeat.gif
*made lunch and did cleanup
*had DD start clean up her craft area
*made the bed
*picked up the car from the shop. They gave us a fair price!
*decluttered the living room big time. There was stuff everywhere!!!
*read by the pool
*made delicious quesadillas for dinner

I hope to:
*watch Swamp People

Oki, I love 15 bean soup. Good stuff.
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So the lady I was suppose to bring meals has family in town and decided she didn't need the meals.. Would have been nice to know prior to the morning of.. I, also, just got an e-mail from my brother that my father is in the hospital so I have a feeling today isn't going to be to productive anyway. Going to try to get some stuff done and keep my mind off of things.

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Oh Oki must admit I have a few tears thinking of the poor doggy....so glad he ended up in your backyard!


I am sick this week so not bothering with much round the house.

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green_momma2007, I so understand a home getting messier before it gets cleaner! That happens to me all the time and DH doesn't understand! I tell him that I'm making forward motion even if he can't see it. I know that it will all come together in the end. LOL


OkiMom, you are awesome for helping that poor dog! What a big heart you have!


*bejeweled*, happy summer!!


clutterwarrior, I hope you feel better.


Well, my stepdaughters are arriving tomorrow!!!! I still feel like I have so much to do! It's seriously been difficult for me lately with the boys (ages 28 months and 9 months) to really get any cleaning done. My baby cries if I set him down and he's huge (almost 27 pounds) so it's hard to wear him while I clean. So I just don't clean as much as I need to. But I did stay up late one night cleaning. I swept, mopped and gave the bathroom a good scrubbing. Then yesterday I worked on our wreck of a bedroom. I made great progress that even looked like progress. Today I need to finish it and work on the living room a little. It's not that bad. Mostly, there are a few boxes to be dealt with and the entertainment center is a wreck! A huge wreck!


I think I can... I think I can...


And I need to go to Goodwill tonight, as I have so few things to wear  for summer. I anticipate being out with the 4 children a lot and we'll all be better for the sunshine. So I want to start the summer at least feeling that I have decent clothes to wear. DH gave me a gift certificate for a pedicure, so maybe I'll do that, too. Then tomorrow I have to clean the kitchen and maybe visit a consignment shop for anything I couldn't find at Goodwill before leaving to pick up the girls. Let the fun, busy summer begin!!! jumpers.gif

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Happy Saturday. Hey Poetry wave.gif.

Today I:
*made a big breakfast and coffee
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*took out the trash
*cleaned 2 fiddler crab houses
*washed and had others hang 2 loads of laundry
*had DD make the beds
*took DD to piano lesson
*went to the drugstore
*read reading.gif
*took a long nap sleeping.gif
*went to get DD's end of school present
*went to get fruity yogurt all together smile.gif

I hope to:
*relax and maybe go to the pool tomorrow
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I've been back from a big trip x 1 week and am still trying to get on top of things!


Today I have:

Given ds a bath 

Fed animals

Made coffee and tasty, tasty cinnamon rolls

Unloaded the dishwasher

Tossed a load of laundry into the dryer

Suctioned ds's poor congested nose (NO FUN)

Gotten ds down for a nap


I plan to:

Make the bed

Load dishwasher

Go to farmer's market

Wash sheet in ds's p&p

At least one load of clothes

Sort mail and do online bill pay

Pretty up to go out with dh :)

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Good Morning.
So far today I:
*made breakfast and coffee
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*put out the trash
*played wii sports resort with the fam smile.gif
*made lunch and did cleanup
*read the NYTimes
*went swimming with DD coolshine.gif
*made dinner

I hope to:
*put away clean clothes
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I need to get back on this. I have been feeling overwhelmed with the baby, oldest DS, cleaning, studying for my license.

Yep, I am 33 and I don't know how to drive....YET. lol


So far I have:


Done dishes

Made breakfast

Changed diapers/nursed

Started a load of laundry


I hope to:


Clean my bedroom/dust it

Clean family room


A nap

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Euro- only reason my husband got his license when he did is because I told him I wouldn't marry him if he didn't have a license (I would have but don't tell him that winky.gif I just didn't want to end up the family "taxi" when we got married). If it wasn't for that he probably still wouldn't have his license.


Its definitely a Monday, my house is a mess.. Hubby got home Friday and now there is gear, uniforms and laundry ALL OVER THE PLACE.. I swear he does it to drive me nuts.


To dos:

Quick clean apartment: Living room, girls room, master bedroom, playroom, kitchen, hallway

Vacuum carpeted areas

change litter box (never got done last week)- ask hubby to do

clean up master bathroom (again never got done)- ask hubby to do

work on laundry- gotten 4 loads done so far, eventually Ill get caught up

Finish mowing the yard where the hubby didn't do it

put away gardening tools- ask hubby to do

make lanyards for chore cards

make chore cards (no printer so I have to write/draw them myself)

laminate cards

meal plan and shopping last for the week

cast on booties for baby's coming home outfit

make 2 curtains for living room during DS's nap- didn't happen, he only took a 5 minute nap

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Just got done making and cleaning up after lunch.. Im going to go work on putting the boy down for naps then continuing on.. I might actually get the list done today if I recruit the hubby to put away his lawnmower when he gets home from work.

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Hello. This place is a cluttered mess. I need to clear some spaces big time (later).

So far I:
*made breakfast
*took DD to her first day of summer camp. She's going part time, 3 days a week. I hope it goes well for her.
*went to an appointment
*went to the grocery store
*read reading.gif
*put dinner in the crockpot
*made a 2nd dinner smile.gif
*cleaned the litter box
*put away the clean clothes
*cleared a bunch of spaces in the dining room, living room, office, master bath. Yes! I don't have to have things perfect, but I have to have some clear spaces!
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Ive already been up for almost 2 hours.. Made breakfast, did some laundry, clean the microwave and stove top.. Oh and made breakfast for the hubby, I usually don't make him breakfast.


Now I need to :

Finish yesterdays list

make lanyards for chore cards

make chore cards (no printer so I have to write/draw them myself)- going to order a printer on the 15th so Im waiting to do this until then, figured it would be better when the kids could actually understand what they are looking at winky.gif

laminate cards- Postponed until cards are made

meal plan and shopping last for the week

cast on booties for baby's coming home outfit

make 2 curtains for living room during DS's nap- 5 minute nap again today.. he really needs to sleep more, hes such a crab when he doesn't get enough sleep


And today's things:

clean stove

finish scrubbing burners


sweep/mop kitchen floor- putting off till tomorrow.. I should have NO laundry stacked up tomorrow so it will be easier to sweep/mop the floor!!!

organize pantry

clean out fridge

clean entertainment center

vacuum living room

clean windows

hang curtains if they get done- didn't get the curtains done

decide on what countries to do for home school this year (doing a "journey around the world")

scriptures/journal (haven't been doing that lately)

put away groceries when hubby gets home from the store

make chocolate chip muffins for tomorrow's breakfast

make peanut butter cookies for Family Home Evening tonight

bake a chicken breast for tomorrow's lunch

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