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emptied all suitcases, out on the balcony to air

3 loads of laundry

got the kits to help vaccum & i mopped

out shopping for fresh vegetables this am & picked a trolley load which was delivered & DD1 helped put away1


cleaned the toilet

scrubbed the sink

replied to one e-mail


unwrapped all the 9 mugs we baught in the UK & none is broken , which i'm rather pleased about, all are now cleaned (DS helped removed the stickers from under each)


am preparing food now for a picnic dinner cum playdate

.... but 8 days without computer ... i just had to lurk for 15 minutes or so .....

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Today I:
*made breakfast and teapot2.GIF
*put out the trash
*made the bed
*packed up and took DD to the beach
*went to visit my Grandma and Uncle
*cleaned the litter box
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So far I have done:


- Filled up the dishwasher

- Started laundry

- Cleaned litter box

- Put away the paint DS1 used

- Put all lego's and hero factory in containers up in the closet. My DS1 had them all over (even though I have explained the danger) and since DS2 (6 months) is cruising around I am scared of him putting them in his mouth and choking. So, they are up in the closet and can only come down when he's at the kitchen table building. 



What I still want to do is:


- Vacuum

- Pick up the family/play room

- Dust tables

- Finish laundry

- Take a nap with the baby

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Today I:
*made breakfast and teapot2.GIF
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters, washed the pots
*cleaned the litter box
*put out the trash
*made the bed
*went to an appointment, got gas, picked up lunch
*took DD to horse riding
*talked to a friend
*made dinner
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I want to join! I'm the world's worst housekeeper. I read flylady emails, but I don't actually do them... :P I procrastinate on everything. I'd really rather just sit around with a book all day. Maybe this will make me finish what I start, and NOT wait til the last minute.


Today I have 

-washed and hung up a load of laundry-still need to fold it and put it away

-emptied out the car of trash and dirty clothes

-sanded and oiled 2 tool sets, cut and sanded and oiled 3 african animal sets, cut and sanded 2 billy goats gruff sets, and finished up 3 sets of keys (my job)


Still need to 

-clean up living room and vacuum

-do dinner dishes

-fold and put away laundry

-clean up bedroom and put on new sheets (the bedroom is the room of the day for cleaning)

-woodburn giraffes and tool sets, smooth sand billy goats, oil, woodburn, and make drawstring bags for them

-cut, sand and finish 3 pigs set and 3 bears set

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Welcome sweetpeppers. That sounds like a cool job!

Today I:
*made breakfast and teapot2.GIF
*cleaned the kitchen and figured out the source of a bad smell (pasta forgotten about in a pot)
*cleaned the pot
*put out the trash
*had a friend's son over to do a sales pitch and bought a knife from him
*made the bed
*cleaned the litter box
*went to the bank, the drugstore
*started my new job search. I just quit my old one. Yes!
*made dinner
*baked chicken for tomorrow
*decluttered a big box with DH
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Happy Saturday. smile.gif
Today I:
*made teapot2.GIF
*put out the trash and opened the windows
*made the bed
*dropped off 6 bags to Goodwill thumb.gif
*took DD to piano lesson
*picked up fish for lunch
*cleaned the litter box
*did a big grocery shopping trip w/DH and DD
*made dinner and did cleanup
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got up


washed half of last night washing up

ate breakfast, served breakfast to DD2

picked up swimming costume and towel from rack & put them in swim bag

switched on computer to check on Sunday bus timetable (all routes and times changed since last Monday, a BIG MESS it's been)

am plotting on leaving in 5min to go and swim laps by myself ....

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Good Morning.
Today I:
*made breakfast and coffee
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*put out the trash and opened the windows
*read the newspaper
*decluttered an area in the dining room
*am watching DD and her friend have serious Barbie play (including pool) heartbeat.gif
*made lunch and did cleanup
*went out for a drive and to dinner

I hope to:
*job search
*bike or walk or go to the pool
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Today I:
*slept in late
*made breakfast
*put out the trash
*made the bed
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*went to an appointment, to the library, to Target, picked up lunch
*took DD to the mall and Chuck E Cheeses. She had a blast.

Hope you're having a good day.
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Thanks for the welcome.  I enjoy popping in and getting encouragement, knowing I'm not alone and learning some tips!


This week is off to a really rough start!  BOTH babies are sick with "Fifth Disease".  I'm told it's not serious ... but it's tough.  They are both really fussy, sick ... and not sleeping much.  I am exhausted because I'm not sleeping yet. 


I'm baby wearing one as I type this and wishing he would go to sleep ... but he's miserable and his temp is 101.  :(  My dinner is sitting beside the computer waiting on me.  A load of laundry is in the washer waiting to be dried.  A sink sits loaded with the day's dishes waiting to be done.  I NEVER let my dishes go!  That's one of my little pet peeves ... but today's been really tough.  Today, a shower was a miracle!


I know the illnesses won't last long and we'll get back to the swing of things.  Today makes me appreciate my normal crazy days!

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Hi everyone! And welcome to the newbies! I've had my stepdaughters for a couple of months and they're flying out in 10 days,so I hope to return to some routines. I miss posting here (I get so little online time these days) and wish you all the best and much productivity and peace. :-)

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Hi Everyone.
Embracelife, I hope your babies feel better soon. Forget about those dishes! Hi Poetry. smile.gif See you back soon.
I just woke up from the best nap ever. smile.gifsleeping.gif

So far today I:
*decluttered 2 more boxes in the office closet
*made breakfast and coffee
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters w/peppermint soap
*put out the trash
*made the bed
*went to the drugstore to get toilet paper, bread, milk, relish
*made delicious tuna for lunch

I am about to:
*take DD and her friends to the pool coolshine.gif
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I have done almost nothing for a while.. Im a bit drained and overwhelmed and its been one of those weeks that everything keeps going wrong.. Deep breaths and hopefully I can get some things done tomorrow.. Hubby is still off so at least I have some help for tomorrow..


To Dos:

Finish laundry (actually the 1 thing Im not really behind on)

finish cleaning living room

finish cleaning girls room

clean playroom and master bedroom

find place to put the baby blankets and remove tub from room

make suspenders for DS (so hes church pants stop falling off.. its funny in a way but gets old fast!)

dye t-shirts

write birth plan

go through kids clothing (DD1 went through a HUGE growth spurt, went from not even 43 inches last month to over 44 1/2 this month) to see what still fits

finish schedule board so we can start sticking to a schedule again..


Thats about it right now.. Im so tired Ill be glad to get that done right now.

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Today I:
*made breakfast
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*put out the trash
*cleaned the litter box
*made the bed
*took DD and her friend to the downtown Aquarium all day smile.gif
*picked up dinner on the way home
*just woke up from a long nap

I hope to:
*water the new plants and seeds DD and her friend planted yesterday
*have some teapot2.GIF and read a book reading.gif

I hope you are having a nice day.
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hello ... ma trying to have nice day ....

DH took the children to the beach, am trying to work up the nerve to open and sort 5 rubbermaid boxes

so far, i

- had a cup of tea & sent one e-mail (including internet research for links for an expat friends following yesterday discussion topic)

- scrubbed the sink

- cleaned the toilet

- started a load of laundry

- used super-glue on DD2 summer shoes so that they last another month or so

- wiped some mirrors and two table tops


am about to

- write two cheques for two bills

- give a phone call to find out if someone's friend can come sometimes soon and re-do surfaces in our toilet cubicle

- make a healthy salad for lunch

- cook some vegetables to empty the vegetable drawer in the fridge/have something ready for the next few meals

- defrost some raw salmon for sashimi later

- decide if and what time i'll go to swim laps ...

- try to get away from the computer to actually START on the rubbermaid boxes .... (but internet with NO kid induced interruption is .... bliss ....)

- and also need to find out from the net for train tickets in September

- need to wash by hand some flimsy-synthetic-bold colors dance costumes ....

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Hi IsaFrench, that sounds like a nice day... Good idea to superglue the shoes. thumb.gif

So far today I:
*woke up early before everyone smile.gif and had coffee
*let out the cat cat.gif
*journaled notes.gif
*took DD to piano
*made lunch and did cleanup
*took DD to a friend's for ice skating
*washed one load of laundry
*shook a really bad mood I was in

I hope to:
*go to the pool or walk
*declutter 2 more boxes
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hello !

today i

- got up, washed, dressed

- had breakfast

- am thinking of walking to the pool maybe in order to swim laps

- have shaken the sand off the towels and swim suits and ran them in a quick program in the washing machine, need to put them on line to dry & GET OFF the computer !!!!!!!!


of course, yesterday, i left the harder tasks for last & they didn't get done (went to the cinema instead, a new french film inspired by a true story = how some local people battled to have their maternity unit re-opened at their small local hospital ...)

so, back on today's list (but for after swimming ...)

- tackle the 5 rubbermaid boxes

- wash flimsy dance costumes

- decide with DH about September trip ... train or plane ? and book tickets


not sure at all what we'll be having for lunch (am easy enough with my healthy eating plan .... DH and kids look at me in disbelief when i try serving them cooked veggies and salad, i mean, more than one table spoon in quantity .... when i do half plate serving for myself ....)

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Good Morning.
It's a good day. flower.gif

So far I:
*made coffee and had a nice breakfast
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters w/peppermint soap
*put the trash out and opened the window
*made tuna salad for lunch eat.gif
*washed 3 loads of laundry
*enjoyed watching DD and her friends perform a dance routine for me heartbeat.gif

I hope to:
*read the NYTimes
*go out to La Madeleine
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had breakfast too and am on my second load of laundry ...

watered the plants on front and back balcony

checked coach timetable for Wedn. playdate & e-mail fellow mom about it


am now struggling with getting DS get started on his summer schoolwork

on the other hand all 3 kids are up, dressed, fed (DS already went for his eye reeducation appointment & we toured the market and went to get freshly baked bread afterwards) & i have a pool playdate lined up for this pm & some meat defrosting in the sink for lunch .... could be worse !

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