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How is the decluttering going, bejeweled?


Today I:

-took 4yo to tee-ball and playground

-stopped at the dollar store for some baskets, and also got a coupon organizer and some pretty contact paper

-lined kitchen drawers with contact paper and organized their contents (I find myself wandering into the kitchen and opening the drawers just to admire them, lol)

-wiped down cupboards

-did breakfast & lunch dishes

-moved my coupons from their old ratty envelope into the shiny new organizer


I still need to:

-do a load of laundry

-start decluttering the scary hall closet (it's bad)

-sort kids' socks

-read with kids

-meet with music director at the church to go over ceremony music for my wedding (less than 3 weeks away!)

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Hey dantesmama, it's going so well. We had a young guy come over and help us fill up the car w/donations and take the rest to the garbage. We got rid of like 20 boxes/bags of stuff. carrot.gif Our office is 100% clear. I am so happy. He's coming back tomorrow, so I'm working on my closet now.

Congrats on your upcoming wedding. partytime.gif
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Good Morning.
Today I:
*made coffee and breakfast
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*made the bed
*put out the trash
*read the paper
*took bags to Goodwill smile.gif
*had lunch and did cleanup
*decluttered my room
*just about finished preparing for carpet installation...
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Hi dantesmama & *bejeweled*! *bejeweled*, congrats on having a clear office! That must feel awesome after all of your hard work!


Today I:


Swished & Swiped the Bathroom & swept the bathroom floor

Made breakfast

Transferred laundry to the dryer

Folded and put away a load of laundry

Put away dishes from last night

Made lunch

Washed the breakfast and lunch dishes

Swept the kitchen floor




I need to meal plan & make a grocery list 

Pick up the bedroom

Work with DS1 on the potty

Read and paint with my boys

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Wow, bejeweled, that is a lot of clutter gone! Congrats!


Today, I need to:

-take the kids to the pool

-keep up with dishes

-wash sheets & re-make beds

-clear another shelf in the hall closet

-wipe down bathroom

-scoop cat box


-read with kids

-have boys do workbook pages


We may also go to the park today, depending on how hot it gets. Hope everyone has a productive day!

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Thank you Poetry and Dantesmama. I have always wanted a chair and ottoman in my room but thought I didn't have the room. After clearing all out but the bed, I found the perfect spot for it. smile.gif I'm going to start saving up...

So far I:
*made coffee and breakfast
*read the paper
*journaled notes.gif
*made dinner early
*took out the trash
*made the bed
*read and rested
*took DD and her friends to the pool smile.gif
*made a quick grocery trip
*made dinner and did cleanup
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Looks like everyone have been really busy! Ive been preoccupied working on school plans for the kids so I haven't been keeping up with the housework like I should.. Tomorrow I have a TON of work to do since Wednesday a plumber is coming to look at the toilet. I, also, need to finish school plans this week since we are starting on Monday! Probably should start preping things for the baby as well since Im 31 weeks and all I have gotten done is pull out the baby clothing.


Tomorrow need to try to dos:

-Daily Chores: clean oven, clean stove top, clean microwave, wipe down w/d, wipe down fridge, wipe down entertainment center, vacuum under couches, vacuum inside couches, wash windows in living room and kitchen

- Baking that didn't get done today: 2 loaves bread, treat for FHE tomorrow

- finish cleaning living room, dig out chair for keyboard and put at keyboard, finish organizing homeschool books

- pick up hall/playroom/master bedroom

- reorganize books in master bedroom (I moved one of the bookcases that was in the master bedroom to the kitchen to use as part of the pantry)

-clean off dresser and nightstands

- clean both bathroom, sweep/mop

- put containers that are on the back porch in the shed (if its not raining again)

-put roast in crock pot early in morning

-cut up/toss salad for the next few days
- dinner: roast, mashed potatoes, salads

-wash 2 loads laundry, fold and put away


Crafting items to try to work on tomorrow:

dye shirts/onesies (need to find DS's onesie first)

finish oldest DD's scripture case and iron on horse patch

sew DD2's scripture case and iron on monkey patch

finish both skirts for back to school pictures

draft pattern for baby's blessing dress

cut out and sew baby's blessing dress


Organizational things to do:

-balance the checkbook

- work on updating home management binder

- try to find baby-to-do list and figure out what needs to get done and what can get dropped

- remind DH to call the ped office and have them extend the referral for DD2's eye doctor (I spent almost 2 years fighting for this referral, I don't want it to expire because the doctor that specializes in the problem she has is booked until the end of November!)

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Hi, OkiMom! 31 weeks, how exciting!


My plans for the day:

-shower (how bad is it that I need to actually put that on my to-do list?!?)

-gather library materials

-take ds2 to story hour


-wash & put away a load of laundry


-read with kids


-sweep stairs

-declutter & organize one shelf in closet (which I didn't get to yesterday)

-cat box

-call reception site

-contact 3 people about wedding rsvps (or lack thereof)

-water plants (my hanging baskets have been struggling in the recent heat)


My dad is taking ds1 to karate today, which gives me a "bonus hour" which I otherwise would have had to spend sitting in the stuffy gym at the Y. Score!

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dante- I can't believe Im 31 weeks but my calender, midwive and hubby tells me I am orngbiggrin.gif My kids think time is going by soo slowly, they want their sister here now. Silly children.


Haven't gotten much done, dealing with super sensitive kids (my oldest is crying because I told her she couldn't put water all over her bean bags) and morning sickness.. Im going to lay down for some quiet time with the kids and hopefully it calms everyone down and I can get some work done.

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Hello Everyone. We got our carpet replaced. carrot.gif I am so happy and tired. Good tired. I hope you had a nice day too.
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OkiMom - hope you're feeling better today.


*bejeweled* - yay for new carpeting! Enjoy!


Today I plan to:

-take kids to pool

-keep up with dishes

-wash & put away a load of laundry

-take garbage & recycling to curb

-declutter a third shelf in closet

-have ds2 decide on his birthday cake (he's narrowed it down to dinosaur or pirate ship) and make shopping list


-read with kids


-have ds1 practice math facts & ds2 practice writing his name

-weed through childrens books, if I have time


So far today I ordered school-year memory books for the kids, which I've been meaning to do for approximately a year. redface.gif

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Good Morning. smile.gif

Today I:
*slept in late
*made breakfast and coffee
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*put out the trash
*changed the sheets on 2 beds
*changed the kitchen and bathroom towels and the bathroom rugs
*went to the bank
*picked up a few groceries
*made DD's braid appointment
*vegged and watched tv
*washed 3 loads of laundry
*went to the bank again and the grocery store
*made dinner and did cleanup

I hope to:
*relax and read reading.gif
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[quote name="dantesmama" url=So far today I ordered school-year memory books for the kids, which I've been meaning to do for approximately a year. redface.gif

I know the feeling. I do the same sometimes. smile.gif
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Good Morning. I took a long walk yesterday and sprained underneath my foot. rolleyes.gif. So I'm limping around here trying to stretch it out.
So far I:
*opened the windows and turned the fans on
*put out the trash
*made breakfast
*took DD to get her braids done smile.gif
*had DD make the beds

I hope to:
*read and relax reading.gif
*wash a few loads of laundry
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OkiMom, if you don't mind my asking, do you know any good toddler homeschooling blogs? If so, would you provide the links? I would be forever grateful.

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Poetry- There are tons of them.. Two off the top of my head are 1+1=1 and Play At Home Mom.. Ill have to get on my desktop to pull up the others. Also, if you are on pinterest message me and Ill tell you my actual name. I have tons of preschool/toddler activities pinned. My kids love to do projects/activities. What type of homeschooling are you looking at doing? Religious or nonrelgious? Any particular subjects? I have a ton of resources saved (I surf the net when I can't sleep so I find a lot of things).

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Id like to mention I have done absolutely nothing today.. I have learned that zofran is my best friend and I should stop trying to stop taking it until after the baby comes. I don't know why I keep thinking I can just not take it one morning, I always pay for it a couple of hours later.

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Today is ds2's 5th birthday! joy.gifI need to get the house ready for family to come over tonight.


My plans for the day:

-take ds1 to summer fun club

-make pirate ship cake

-laundry washed & put away


-sweep & mop

-attempt a quick fix for the rip on one of the kitchen chair seats

-wipe down bathroom

-tidy living room & kitchen

-(possibly) finish decluttering the closet

-(possibly) lay down shelf liner on closet & bathroom shelves

-snip some fresh flowers for the entryway


OkiMom, does the nausea last throughout your pregnancies? That sounds awful... take it easy!

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dantesmama, happy birthday to your little one! And happy birth day to you!


OkiMom, we're Quaker and plan to incorporate Christianity into our plans, as well as some other spiritual components. I'm just beginning to think about all of this, really. But I did go on and repinned some of your pins. Through them I found some cool blogs, too! I'm looking to do some easy cooking activities, make things like goop, play-doh, paint, crafts of many sorts, thrifty crafts, activities that are educational, such as letters and numbers, etc. I'm especially interested in themes and spreading the theme out to multiple areas. Like, for example, in studying penguins, we can learn about where they come from, what they need to survive, we can make penguins, read books about penguins, count them, etc. The topic can be extended to Language/Reading, Math, Science, etc. i really feel that I need to give more of myself to my kids in this way. Thanks so much for allowing me to follow you on pinterest. :-)


Today I've not accomplished a lot. I made breakfast, put away dishes and let my toddler color and break some crayons.

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Good morning. Thanks, Poetry - he had a great day.


I've been rushing around like a madwoman the last two days, so I'm going to take it easy. I plan to:


-keep up with the dishes

-wash & put away laundry

-water plants

-declutter & organize medicine cabinet

-trash & recycling out

-tidy bedrooms a bit

-storytime with kids

-have kids do workbooks

-read & relax tea6.gif

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