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Oh I definitely agree tonttu!  The other day I was feeling so overwhelmed with what I needed to do, but writing it down got my head so much clearer.. smile.gif


Done so far:





made appointments


to do:


bring washing in off line

strip sheets off DD's bed

air quilt and blanket

change sheets

fold clothes

empty d'strs dishwasher

vacuum upstairs

take DS to doctor this afternoon

get DD's script

enter some competitions

listen to a craft video

eat yoghurt

make a list or 2

plan dinner

wash sheets

wash more sheets

dry sheets

dry sheets

dry towels

wash one load clothes

hang clothes out to dry

make dinner

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Hello. smile.gif


Done so far:


made beds

made coffee


quick clean of computer desk

cleaned coffee machine


to do:



move some junk from my room

store things

ring my mother

eye doctor this afternoon

shop for food


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Today was a lazy day.

I did however:
*make breakfast and teapot2.GIF
*rinse the dishes and cleaned the counters
*make lemonade w/DD and her friends w/lemons from our tree smile.gif
*take out the trash
*wash the rugs
*color my hair loveeyes.gif
*veg and watch tv and read
*make dinner
*make a grocery list
*play wii with DD

I guess I wasn't quite as lazy as I thought. smile.gif
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Hi all. We came home from camping late last night and oh, the laundry I need to do today!


I plan to:

-wash & put away all laundry

-keep up with dishes

-sweep & mop or vacuum floors

-do baths (filling the tub for ds3 right now)

-work on playroom, and find a few things to donate or discard

-continue working on upstairs closet

-run the trash out

-clean out cat box

-wipe down bathroom

-bake - seems like the thing to do on a gray, rainy afternoon!


Enjoy your day, ladies smile.gif

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So far I've:


Made coffee and breakfast

Supervised coloring at the easel whiteboard with markers, chalkboard with chalk & also playing with play doh (I say "supervise" because my whole apartment would otherwise be colored redface.gif).

Washed dishes from yesterday redface.gif and this morning, wiped the table

Folded a load of laundry

Washed a load of laundry


I'm most excited because yesterday I bought 2 timers, one digital and one wind-up. The digital one needs a battery, but the wind-up timer means no excuses! joy.gif


I need to:


Make Lunch

Lunch cleanup (wipe table, counter, stove, sweep , was & put away dishes)

Fold & Put Away clothes on couch

Put away load I already folded

Transfer to dryer, fold and put away last load of laundry

Start a load of diapers

Make the bed

Pick up bedroom and living room

Put cover on bedroom chair

Fix covers on 2 couches

Declutter entertainment center

Declutter dresser

Declutter book shelf

Call doctor's office

Find scissors and cut sponges into rectangular blocks for toddler

Read to boys


Spend time on poetry

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So far today I have:

- almost finished 2 skirts (just need elastic and hems)

- did school time with the kids


I need to:

quick clean the apartment

finish the 2 skirts and 1 dress almost finished and do 2 more dresses




What actually will get done totally depends on when hubby gets home. He might be getting off early today since he worked till 10 yesterday (5am-10pm, he was exhausted when he got home)

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Good Morning.
Today so far I:
*made a quick run for groceries
*made breakfast and did cleanup
*had DD make the beds
*gathered the trash
*cleaned the bathroom
*changed the bathroom rugs
*decluttered my reading nook smile.gif
*read awhile reading.gif
*made lunch and did cleanup
*went to the airport
*picked up dinner
*decluttered a corner in my room coolshine.gifsmile.gif
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I need to visit here everyday for motivation and to know I'm not alone in my struggle to stay on top of things at home!!!


I'm overwhelmed today as each and every room NEEDS something done!  Kids are well taken care of ... and it's nearly lunch time ... then during their nap ... I get to catch up.


So far ...

kitchen is straightened, dishes are done, rfg cleaned out

bathroom is cleaned



laundry piled up - both clean and dirty

all rooms seem to be cluttered with either toys, office stuff from me or my hubby ...



Only one of mine will nap, the other will get to be worn in our baby carrier!  He has sensory issues and the Action Baby Carrier seems to be like a BIG HUG for him.  I've decided it's easier to wear him and get something done instead of fussing with him to try to get him to go to sleep.  He's out within 5 minutes if I wear him!

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Poetry, sounds like you're having a busy day!


It took me a few hours, but I completely decluttered and organized our upstairs closet. It's this cavernous space between the grownup bedroom and kids' bedroom and it's really our main storage area - it holds everything from baby stuff to holiday decorations to outgrown or out-of-season clothes for the whole family, so getting it 100% done feels like a huge accomplishment! I threw out or put in bags to be donated probably close to half of what was in there, and I now have empty storage bins and clear floor space. joy.gif


The floor track for the sliding doors is broken, so tonight I'm running to the hardware store for a replacement, as well as stopping at the jewelry store to pick up my wedding band.

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Cleaned the car out , was quite an urgent necessity , it has started to look like a trash can winky.gif , but now it´s clean and sparkly and we even vacuumed the upholstery off , so I am proud of myself !

And exhausted orngbiggrin.gif, but still managed to cook dinner and do a few loads of laundry , more tomorrow sleepytime.gif

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Originally Posted by tonttu View Post

Cleaned the car out , was quite an urgent necessity , it has started to look like a trash can winky.gif , but now it´s clean and sparkly and we even vacuumed the upholstery off , so I am proud of myself !


I need to do this too, ours has gotten rather bad.


So far today I:

-went to the store, bought a dish soap pump with an attached sponge caddy to streamline the look of the sink, and a paper-storage container for the kids' coloring books and paper

-picked up The Hunger Games on blu-ray from Redbox orngbiggrin.gif

-took ds2 to t-ball

-went to the farmers market

-stopped at the park with the kids

-made lunch and put on The Land Before Time


My plans for the rest of the day:

-replace closet door track

-wash & put away a load of laundry

-keep up with the dishes

-sweep kitchen & stairs

-tidy the living room, which has gotten rather messy

-drop off several bags at the Salvation Army

-clean out the car (thanks, tonttu!)

-spend a few minutes decluttering the playroom

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Off to cleaning my closet now , then packing my suitcase , the kids´stuff is ready to go already , then we are off to a nice vacation in my home town , 1500 miles away . 

Haven´t been there in almost a decade now , so despite dreading the long drive , I do look forward to seeing everything again , porobably will be another decade after this time , to go back there !

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Good morning. Tonttu, enjoy your vacation!


Yesterday the only things I didn't do were tidying up the living room and working on the playroom (but I did run a few extra errands), so those are priorities. I'm hoping we can go do something fun as a family today, too... maybe Niagara Falls (we're local).


My plans:

-go for a run

-straighten up living room

-work on playroom

-keep up with dishes

-get sleeping bags out of trunk and wash them

-return redbox movie (I was disappointed in The Hunger Games - I actually fell asleep watching it)


Enjoy your Sunday!

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So " the hunger games " were not good ? I´m glad , you let us know , I was actually thinking about buying them , but now I think I´ll watch them first as a rental 

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Hello Ladies, I read the Hunger Games and enjoyed it, so I'm not gonna rent it.
We just returned from a trip out of town. I'm so glad to be home.
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Bejeweled, how was your trip? I also enjoyed the books.


My plans for the day:

-straighten up downstairs - looks like a tornado came through. Made 120 wine bottle labels last night, so I skipped my usual before-bed tidying.


-put basket of laundry away


-clip & file coupons from yesterday's paper

-work on playroom


-sweep & mop

-wipe down bathroom

-upload pics to computer

-trash out

-go to pool or playground


Enjoy your day smile.gif

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Just finished packing the last bit of our stuff , then we´re off ! 

Keep up the good work , while I am gone winky.gif

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H dantesmamai, it was a good trip. We went to a wedding.
So far today I:
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*put out all the trash
*made the bed
*went to the grocery store, a cafe, the fish store, the dollar store
*picked up lunch

I hope to:
*do nothing else but relax and read reading.gif

I hope you're having a nice day.
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Taking it easy today; ds2 is sick.


-keep up with dishes

-wash & put away a load of laundry

-work on playroom shelves

-cat box


-go to campus later for parking permit and book deferment - my dad is coming over to watch the kids for me

-drop off stuff at library

-pick up dress from seamstress tonight

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Good morning, everyone! Welcome EmbraceLife!

Today I have:


Made breakfast

Cleaned up from breakfast

Folded and put away a load of diapers

Folded and put away a mountain of laundry on the couch

Washed 2 loads of laundry

Folded and put away another load of laundry

I have my final load of regular laundry in the dryer

Diapers are in the washer

I cooked lunch, cleaned the table and washed the dishes from lunch

Made the bed


I've been using my timer a TON today!


I folded and put away another load of laundry.

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