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Hello. Today I:
*made breakfast
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*put out the trash
*vegged and rested
*went to the airport
*went to an appointment
*took DD and her friend to horse riding

I hope to:
*do nothing else
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hope you get nothing else done B. lol.gif



Done so far:


stripped sheets off DS's bed

put towels on to wash


made beds

cancelled appt

emptied upstr d/wsher



to do:


make card for D

make card for H

make card for J

make card for L

empty dstr d/wsher

clean kitchen sink dstr

possibly go to shops

dry towels

wash sheets

dry sheets

make DS bed

use leftovers for lunch

give DS iron

put quilt away


phew! that's enough I think...

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Good morning, *bejeweled* and clutterwarrior!


Today I: 



Made breakfast

Folded and put away a load of diapers

Washed & dried sheets

Washed Couch Covers

Made lunch

Washed dishes and cleaned up from lunch

Washed a load of diapers

Read to children

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Hi Poetry!


Done so far:


tried to get DS to go to school...failed


coffee made



To do:


make card for D

make card for L

wrap presents

vacuum and dust lounge room

try to get rid of this headache

consider cooking something?

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Hey CW and Poetry. We just got new carpet and DD spilled an entire bowl of ramen noodles on it! hopmad.gif I hope I'll laugh about this one day. I've been working on removing the neon yellow stain all evening. eyesroll.gif

Otherwise today I:
*made breakfast
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*put out the trash
*made the bed
*went to the car dealer
*made lunch and did cleanup
*changed the bedroom sheets
*washed one load of laundry
*cleaned the bathroom
*did a big grocery shopping trip

I so need a break. I've been doing for others so much. I plan to take tomorrow for myself!!! surrender.gif
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I plan to do nothing today. heartbeat.gif
So far I:
*made breakfast and coffee
*journaled notes.gif
*put out the trash
*went to the garden center w/DD flower.gif
*picked up pizza for lunch
*made lemonade for DD's sale
*went to Meet the Teacher night
*warmed up dinner

I hope to:
*read, relax and BE
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clutterwarrior, I hope your headache is better. *bejeweled*, enjoy your relaxing day.




showered, done my makeup & dressed

washed dishes,

given breakfast & snack

made lunch & cleaned up

folded and put away a load of laundry

washed another load & transferred those to the dryer

washed a load of diapers 

did something crafty with the boys 

dried and put away a load of laundry

transferred the diapers to the dryer

read to the boys

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Right... DH has taken the kids out so I can work on an article, and I decided to do 10-minute cleanups/housework in between writing stints.


First 10:

-Started a load of washing, put away tons of DD's clothes, general tidying


Second 10 (well, 15ish):

-Loaded dishwasher

-Made panna cotta


Third 10:

-Put washing in dryer, put new load on

-Poured panna cotta into glasses to set

-Did a hasty clean-out of the chicken's cage

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Hello. smile.gif
Today so far I:
*made breakfast and coffee
*put out the trash and opened the windows
*got new license plates
*am waiting for the repairman to fix the washing machine
*started laundry load #3 thumb.gif
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*made lunch and a banana smoothie
*sorted mounds of clothes
*gardened with DD love.gif
*quit reading a boring book and started another smile.gif
*made dinner
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Hi smokering. I hope both your cleaning and writing were successful.


Hi *bejeweled*! I hope you were able to garden with your daughter. That's such a special thing to share.


I've been working in the boys' toy room and have gotten it mostly done. I'll be giving away several items. Beyond that, I've cooked breakfast and lunch and have washed one load of diapers, but nothing else. Still, the toy room has needed my attention for weeks.

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Hi everyone!  Saturday morning here, but DH has to work so it feels like just another day.


Thanks Poetry, I'm feeling better. thumb.gif



Done so far:




emptied d'washer

stripped sheets off DDs bed

put in wash

collected dirty laundry

hung out gym gear


to do:



go to gym? really need to get back into exercising!

buy qualifiers

enter comps

dry sheets

make bed

vacuum DD's room under bed

dust DD's room thoroughly while she is away at camp

watch craft video...maybe even do something creative

take DS to park

try to relax, that's a hard one uhoh3.gif

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Thanks Poetry. We did some container gardening. Planted a bunch of new seeds and some little plants and bushes. smile.gif
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Today I:
*made breakfast and coffee
*made the bed
*scooped the litter box
*put out the trash
*took DD to piano lesson
*went to the bank and picked up lunch
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*read reading.gif and rested
*took DD to a really good pool party smile.gif And won a gift card to the movies. carrot.gif
*washed 2 loads of laundry, including the blankets
*made dinner
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shined the sink

made tea for myself (drunk in the mug that reminds me that i'm not going to give in to MIL and her awful behavior = hoping to make it a daily habit and positive affirmation thing !!!)

did what little washing up there was

wiped the table completely (including the vertical sides of the plastified tablecloth, where sticky leaks tend to be ignored .... managed not to have meals on that table yesterday so that was needed ... the rest of my household has NO inckling that this can and must be cleaned too ....)


am off to clean the toilet

then wipe the inside of the sink and of the bath


hopefully the floors will get tackled today too ....


feeling a bit better about "more control over chaos" .... but could have done with a little more sleep .... why do kids forget to whisper when they get up before 6:30 am ??????? hope my bad mood will recede during the morning ....

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Whew - the wedding is over! All went well and I'm glad the stress and craziness is behind us... just in time for the stress and craziness of back-to-school. wink1.gif


Now back to reality... today I plan to:


-go for a run

-do the dishes I left from dinner last night Sheepish.gif

-scoop cat box

-tidy up the downstairs

-wash & put away a load of laundry

-make a trip to Target to get the kids' school supplies & thank-you cards

-work on finding a sitter for Friday

-drop off flowers to my sister


Enjoy your day!

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Congratulations dantesmama. smile.gif
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Good Morning.
Today I:
*made breakfast and good coffee
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*put out the trash
*read the newspaper
*made art with DD
*started laundry load #1
*went to the movies w/DH and DD smile.gif
*made dinner and did cleanup

School starts tomorrow. smile.gif
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Congratulations dantesmama, and congratulations B on your giftcard! smile.gif


Done so far:


emptied dishwasher


folded towels

got DS off to school

sheets in wash

beds made

tidied dds room



to do:


finish emptying dstrs dishwasher

wrap presents

vacuum lounge

dust lounge

dry sheets

make bed

write shopping list

check emails

enter comps



buy food

get scripts

physio appt


finish cards...ugh still not done! eyesroll.gif

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Right; after mooching around for most of the day, I have decided to be productive; and if I can only do that 15 minutes at a time, well, so be it.


First 15:


-General tidying of desk, table and floor - threw out some old flowers


Second 15:


-Started planting out punnet of red onion seedlings


Third 15:


-Finished red onion seedlings, planted row of lettuces, unloaded dishwasher, loaded it back up, entered discount club thingy


Fourth 15:


-DD woke up; went on a walk with her around the orchard to get some lemons


Fifth 15:


-Made sultana loaf with DD, cleaned the kitchen a bit


Sixth 15:


-Copied out two recipes, then the baby woke up and it all went to heck. :p


Seventh 15:


-Started rolling out pizza dough


Right. Now I've rolled out eight pizzas, and should have just enough time to make the toppings, plait DD's hair and do some more cleaning before the in-laws arrive for dinner.


A good afternoon. Thank you all. :p

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We had an overnight guest last night so the kids were up late and got up early to say bye before he left.. Im soo tired but we got a lot to do today smile.gif


To Dos:

kitchen cleanup:




fridge door



wipe down washer/dryer


Laundry- 3 loads

schooltime with the girls.. trying out a new phonics program since the last one was just NOT working. DD1 was almost in tears by me just bringing out the book so it was time for a change

draft a dress pattern for my oldest, if she doesn't stop growing Im in trouble

press dress fabric

redo blog (haven't written on it in a while but I want to start again as a way to keep track of things Ive done with the kiddos)

plan FHE for tonight


Im sure there is more but right now I need to try to get the younger two down for a nap.. They are so crabby.

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