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Hi Everyone. Oki, you should be a lot easier on yourself. I'm not pregnant, and I have done little to nothing today. winky.gif
I did:
*make breakfast and coffee
*get DD off to school
*put out the trash
*make the bed
*read reading.gif
*go to the bank and pick up basics at the drugstore
*mail my Mom a card
*make some yummy tuna sanwiches and iced coffee
*make a delicious black bean, tomato,mango salad eat.gif
*walk jog.gif
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Oki , you need to seriously LAY on the couch and keep your feet up more than anything !

I always feel like I have a lot to do and I always add to the list , but compared to you ... eyesroll.gif

Please take it a bit more easy !


Well , anyway so far I have


- made THE best banana cake with cream cheese frosting , I have EVER tasted in my life ( and I´ve seen a few good ones )

- sorted a pile of laundry

- played with DD2

- made a quick lunch for everybody

- filled and started the dishwasher after DD1 emptied it for me



I still need to :


- buy some dog food

- make sourdough starter for this recipe , I´ve ben dying to try

- wash some more clothes

- help my sons clean the upstairs hallway

- TRY to reorganize my closet

- cook dinner

- give baby and DD2 a bath ( hopefully ) , but I may just do that tomorrow night . Let´s see , how dirty they get , before the day is over


And before I go to bed , I WILL be reading my knitting magazine subscription , that came in the mail 4 days ago !

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Oooh Tonttu, that banana cakes sounds yummy.

Today is my DD's musical extravaganza. She'll be playing piano in a band performance. love.gif We are so excited.

So far I:
*made coffee
*put out the trash and opened the window
*made breakfast and got ready
*went to the performance joy.gif
*went out to lunch
*cleaned both of the bathrooms lol.gif
*put out all the trash
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Have fun and enjoy the day , bejeweled  ! thumbsup.gif


Made the mistake of walking past the DVD section , when I was at the store .

So now we have a new DVD , I´ve been wanting to see for a while , guess that puts a damper on the projects , I wanted to do shrug.gif

Oh well , I can sort my laundry just as well in the living room as in the laundry room !

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Hello. I overdid it today and I don't like it when i do that. Tomorrow I'm taking it easy. Big time.
*made a big breakfast and coffee
*decluttered my nook
*took out the trash
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*folded lots of clothes
*washed a few loads of clothes and sheets
*changed 2 beds
*cooked dinner early
*rested awhile
*went to the drugstore, to the petstore, to the Halloween store
*made dinner and did cleanup
*did DD's hair
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Hello ,

today I have


-washed 2 loads of clothes and also a machine full of stufffed animals


-made my youngest son´s favorite cake


-FINALLY made the sourdough starter for a bread recipe I´ve been dying to try


-started packing up my youngest daughter´s room , so I can start painting it


-made dinner


-gave my youngest 2 a bath


-made sure DS3 has his gym clothes packed for tomorrow morning , so that we don´t have

to start hunting for everything 5 minutes before the school bus comes


I still plan on


-running the dishwasher at least one more time , before I go to bed


-starting the dryer once more


-packing lo´s diaper bag for our early day at the hospital tomorrow morning


-put the rest of my brood to bed so I can have a few minutes of NOTHING to myself

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So I had plans for the weekend that my washing machine and oldest decided weren't happening.. Friday my washer flooded the kitchen, spent all night trying to fix it to have it flood the kitchen again on Saturday morning.. Then my oldest woke up running a high fever and coughing. Spent Saturday taking care of her and cuddling in bed because cuddles are the best medicine ever invented (just ask my children).. Sunday my husband FIXED our washer (a kitchen rag ended up in the pipes) but my daughter still wasn't feeling well so I spent more time cuddling.. I did decide that I'm tired of trying to keep everything clean all the time so if people want to complain about a messy house they can just not come over anymore.. Honestly I think I needed the weekend to remind me of what is important and that's taking care of my littles. Luckily my children are young enough where I still have time to put it into practice.. Now, next time I start obsessing over how clean the house is can someone throw a tomato at me? My house is never really horrible, just tiny and cluttered and that is what happens when you have little ones under feet. Im still in the military thinking of everything having to be ready for inspection at a moments notice and honestly its just to much. I spend the whole day feeling bad about myself because Im not "doing enough" around the house and if I do anything I feel bad for not "doing enough" with my children. Yea, I think I need a vacation


Today my oldest is starting to feel better (I'm assuming at least, she ate her breakfast.. my breakfast and her sisters breakfast then asked for a snack lol.gif) so I'm going to camp out on the couch and plan school things today (I'm making activity packs for after the baby so my girls have something to do while I'm nursing).. I'm going to try to get the kitchen and bedrooms picked up since my FIL is coming tonight to stay for the next two weeks. My oldest asked if she could help finish the baby's coming home outfit so I figure that would be a good art project for today since it needs to get done anyway. Oh and I should get the wet towels off the back porch and wash them before they attract to many nasty bugs or stink up my back yard.

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Good Morning Everyone.
Today is take it real easy day. heartbeat.gif
So far I:
*made breakfast and coffee
*got DD off to school
*rinsed the dishes
*put out the trash and opened the windows
*went to an appointment
*went to the cutest Japanese dollar store smile.gif
*picked up lunch
*cleaned the kitchen and started the dishwasher
*cleaned the litter box
*made dinner and relaxed
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Im declaring yesterday a success since I almost caught up on laundry and my children willingly cleaned their bedroom and playroom..


Lets see what I can get done today.. FIL is here (yay for a safe drive, I was worried with all the storms around) so the kids are happy to have someone to play with them.. Im sticking with 10 minute busts and see what gets done.. Things I know need to get done:


- make 3 loaves of sandwich bread

- make 3 loaves of french bread

- daily chores: kitchen (oven, microwave, fridge, sweep/mop) and living room (windows, vacuum, tv stand)

- school with the girls (phonics, math, science, music, art, handwriting, needlepoint and social studies)

- finish up laundry (managed to get all but 3 loads of clothing and the diapers done yesterday

- morning and afternoon clean up

-dinner: chicken tetrizini and french bread with veggies on the side

- if time: finish the baby's coming home outfit and blanket, cut out the blessing gown and work on the sweater/beaning for the coming home outfit.

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Good stuff Oki thumb.gif. That french bread sounds yummy.

So far today I:
*made breakfast and coffee
*took DD to school early for choir rehearsal smile.gif She's so excited.
*rinsed the dishes
*put out the trash and opened the window
*went to my breast appointment

I hope to:
*veg and relax a long while sleeping.gif
*take DD to horse riding
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Its one of my favorite recipes since it takes like 5 mintues to make the dough and you don't have to kneed it (you stir it down every 10 minutes for an hour but that takes like 5 seconds each time).. Also, it never comes out bad. Ive forgotten things in it before and it still came out yummy.. I also found a sandwich bread recipe that takes 10 minutes to make the dough and the mixer kneeds it for me.. I love simple recipes that don't require much of my time/energy.


Got a bunch done. I needed a break so I watched Amazing Race and sewed the baby's blanket. Now Im going to go have the kids help me do afternoon clean up and chores. I just remembered I need to finish the meal plan and make a shopping list since we are going to the store tomorrow.

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Good morning ,


today I have to


- clean the living room

- put away a bunch of clothes

- wash a bunch more

- make lunch for my 2 little ones

- sort some stuff for the recycling place

- make a few important phone calls

- MAYBE make some muffins ( if I find the time )

- try to get the second refrigerator in the house , if I can´t do it with my boys , I have to call the little kids Father for help , which is something I REALLY

 want to avoid if possible

- pick my oldest daughter up from her friend´s house 

- make dinner

- check my e-mails 

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I am going to tidy quickly NOW!

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I got dishes put away and new load started, and filled a garbage bag of stuff to donate.

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Today I:
*did major wash.gif
*made breakfast and coffee
*got DD off to school
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*put out the trash and opened the window
*applied for 5 jobs thumb.gif and talked to one rep on the phone
*vegged awhile
*made lunch and soaked the dishes
*made the bed
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may i please have the recipe of the dough that only needs to be stired for 5 seconds every 10 minutes for an hour ?

thanks in advance !

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Me too , please !shy.gif

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Today I:
*got up early and went to DMV
*made breakfast and coffee
*got DD off to school
*made the bed
*cleaned the litter box
*put out the trash and opened the windows
*straightened up a lot
*put on some rice for lunch
*walked some jog.gif
*made a job related phone call
*went grocery shopping and got gas
*cooked dinner
*am watching a Wild Kingdom special on octopuses smile.gif
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French bread recipe Hopefully that works, if not tell me and Ill try the link again orngbiggrin.gif I do use bread flour instead of regular flour which makes a difference but either way tastes really good.


Yesterday I cleaned up the house then took the kids to Chuck E Cheeses for some fun family time. They had a ball. Today Im going to do a couple of things and then sit around with my feet up and relax. My "due" date is tomorrow and Im feeling huge and uncomfortable today.


Things to do:

- finish the coming home outfit for Bella

- if I have the energy/feel up to it sew a diaper bag/wet bag/wipes bag and finish the mai tei Im making

- straighten up around the house

- put together some activities for church conference this weekend

- finish the school plans for October

- school work with the girls

- help my oldest complete the knot blanket she is making for the baby

- grocery shopping list, go shopping, put away food

- make 3 loaves of bread (If Im feeling up to it)


Other optional items
- finish packing pp/labor bag

- finish birth plan and print

- cut out: 1 dress for DD1, 1 dress for DD2, 2 dresses for baby, blessing gown/bonnet/booties

- cast on sweater for coming home outfit.


First though its breakfast time and my oldest is hopping up and down next to me asking if I can make some French Toast for her. Off to be a good mom and make sure she doesn't decide to try to make it by herself orngbiggrin.gif

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due date tomorrow ?

i feel "old" ... i remember before you were pregnant & before you moved back to the US (when i started recognising your name & following your posts ...)

wishing you well !!!!

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