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What are you doing with your placentas?

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I know a lot of women encapsulate them, plant a tree with them, etc.  What are your plans?


We are moving in June so planting or burying the placenta is not really an option.  A lot of people who deliver at the birth center I'm going to encapsulate their placentas - I think the main benefit is protective against PPD, right?  I didn't have any with DD and it doesn't run in my family at all and i don't have any risk factors, so I'm wondering if it will be worth the expense.  With a big move coming up, we're trying to be careful with money and only spend what is necessary.  Plus , I have to admit I still have a bit of an "ick" factor with ingesting part of my body.  So at this point I'll likely just throw it away like I did with DD's...what about you?


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we have the intention to bury the placenta.


at first glance, i thought you may be asking about delaying the cord clamping & cutting, lotus or cord burning.  lots of options out there.  here's a CNN video on cord burning from Robin Lim, CPM that I worked with at the birth center in Bali.  There is a neat article on me burning the cord of my friends' baby when I was at the clinic recently.  will find it if anyone is interested.



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Wow Gunter, that is a great article!  Thank you so much for sharing it - do you live in Bali full time or do you travel back and forth?

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I'm in the same boat as you love the idea of planting it but also will be moving in June - don't want to leave it at the house we are at. hope there are some more ideas!

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RE: What are you doing with your placentas?

I'm encapsulating my placenta because I'm at risk for PPD since I got it really bad after my 11 week miscarriage last year. The research at this point can go both ways but for me its worth the cost even if it ends up being a placebo effect. I won't ingest it raw, only if it's been prepared the TCM method. I'm not disputing the benefits of raw but since research is so limited already, I won't take that risk personally. (I'm not saying anything negative at all about people who do ingest their placenta raw, btw. I'm just very research orientated.)

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OMG, don't waste that placenta! Even if you don't think you'll have PPD, emotions are high after birth anyway and it helps w/that, also energy!! 

You don't have to pay someone to do it, it's so simple if you're cool w/the ick factor (I think it's nothing compared to the whole birthing process w/blood and fluids everywhere, ugh!). DH did mine last time and he can't stand the sight of blood and stuff like that, but he was cool w/it and so very proud for helping me in that wayluxlove.gif.

There's great instructions online, it wasn't that hard...

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I wish we owned our house because I really like the idea of burying it, and even though we have lived here for a few years, I know it won't be forever so I don't want to plant it here. But to be honest, both DH and I are pretty scared of them. redface.gif I don't even think I could handle encapsulating it. DH more so than me. I told him I was thinking about freezing/burying it and he looked at me like I had 5 heads. 


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What about donating it to research? In Seattle, one of the cancer research companies uses cord blood to treat terminally ill cancer patients as a last ditch effort, so they're always looking for donations. Maybe donating your placenta to science might be an option. I need to look into donating cord blood here in San Diego...
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Idea for those moving/not in their own homes:


You don't have to bury it immediately.  You can store it in the freezer double bagged until you are ready to do something with it. 


Or, you could plant it in a pot with the tree or flowers of your choice. 

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I will be saving part of my placenta to plant with the baby's tree in the spring and part I am having dried and possibly put into truffles. :) I have a hard time swallowing pills so chocolate truffles sounded good to me. It was a suggestion from my placenta encapsulation guy. He also said he could do it in something like sausage. I never knew...My last two placentas were planted with my boys trees. It is pretty cool to see the tree, 7 years later for the older one, growing and maturing as he does.

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we're encapsulating it, we had great results last time.  :)

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We are going to encapsulate it. Can anyone link to online directions that are good? I've found some on a few sites, but I don't know how much ginger/lemon to use in the boiling water. Thanks!

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We got the encapsulation kit from Placenta Benefits online.  It has everything you need, and full, detailed instructions with pictures. 

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I'm going to tear off some cotelydons for a smoothie, then lotus!

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