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You have to tell me more about the Sunday School class....

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Long long story.....but the teacher wants to have a meeting w/me. I came down on the more orthordox side of the issue.



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No word on the job! I was telling my dad about it and he said he had seen the ad for it a while back and applied too, and also never heard back from them. How weird!

Any news on le bebe?
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You sunday school class or your kids?  are you getting sent to the principals office ;) ?

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No baby...Yes  I'm being sent to the principals office. my SS class


winky.gif my 3yr old wanted me to put this....

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Nazsmom, praying baby comes soon!

I have been spending a lot of time over at GCM to meet my spiritual needs and I completely forgot about this thread. 

On Mothering, I have a tendency to spend a lot of time on the due date clubs and diapering, etc. and forget about all the other good stuff. Like this one!!!


Jimblejamble, I am so sorry about what you are going thru. Praying a job that you need pops up soon. 


AFM, we are looking for a church around here. It really overwhelms me, so every Sunday when the clock strikes 10 I come up with an excuse to ditch.  hide.gif Then, instead of spending the day relaxing and happy, I am miserable because I didn't stick to my goal of finding a new "home".

It is so hard for me. I have a friend who just doesn't understand, but I have had many failed relationships in the church community and I am continually scared to put myself out there. Please pray for us.


I would love to have an Easter Tradition! I am so in love with resurrection Sunday. But, DH and I are so new to the "sharing a religion" thing. We are newbies to it all actually. To this newfound faith and adoration of God. 


Anyways, I am here, reading all of your lovely thoughts. Thanks for keeping a thread like this going. 

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Dovemama- What is GCM? It can be hard to find a church. Looking is harder with children because of sunday school and leaving them in a new place. (it was/is hard for me) 


So we are not "doing" passover and that is making me sad. AND church Easter Sunday is out. The church that we are going to ONLY have 11am service and that is just not going to work....and ONLY the Lord knows when the baby is coming..... 


OH!!!! And the pastor called about the Sunday School class. He was very very nice and told myself and my husband that he "hopes" we don't leave the church over this. I really don't like the church BUT I do feel like the pastor is a good pastor. (maybe he is the only think that church has going for it)

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I think it's Gentle Christian Mothers.
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Wow!  It is nice that the pastor called you and made an effort towards healing.  But holy cow, you must have really ruffled her feathers!  and an 11 o'clock service.  That s really late!  I thought our 9 o'clock was late.  


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Hi, yes, Gentle Christian Mothers.


Thank you for the kind words. I am sorry about the SS situation. Best of luck deciding whether to stay or go.


Wow, 9 am service, that would be so hard for me to get to with all family in tow.

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lilyka- YES, 11am is late.   The teacher is ruffled to say the least. YOU DON'T QUESTION anything in this church.

The pastor is a stand-up kind of guy. He really is the "saving grace" of the church. BUT he is not the permaent pastor. They are looking for a pastor and I think that he sees the things that are "wrong". I don't if he will stay???? That is one thing that my husband don't seam to understand.....I think that my husband think that he will just become pastor and things will change. I don't agree.


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No baby yet Naz?!


4 weeks left for me!

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No...6 days over. BUT I think that the day is wrong. At first the MW told me 4/10 then she sent me for an U/S that told us 4/1. SO right now I'm in that window. praying.gif for this weekend.


WOW! 4wks. You are going to have to tell us.


Jesus is alive. bow.gif Worthy is the Lamb  

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So this brings up a mildly interesting topic of conversation...what time is your church service.  And what do you think of this timing.


We have two different service on Sunday morning.  9-10 is Orthros (which is technically the end of the all night vigil that started at vespers the night before.)and 10-11:30ish is Liturgy (Eucharist).  i usually show up in the middle of Orthros (there is no break between them so you have to walk in in the middle of something).  i like the time we do it. For starters we fast from all food and drink before receiving the Eucharist. So in that respect the sooner the better LOL.  But also if I don't get my kids up and out of the house by 9:30 i start losing them.  they are morning people and i will admit to being the weakest link int he morning. So they get bored and they wander off, get involved in something, start undressing....better to just get up and start the day (keep in mind all we have to do is get dressed and hit the door.  I don't have to feed them) and get out the door.  I found that it did not matter if I needed to be at church at 8, 9 or 10 (or 6pm) I am usually just as early or late as I am at any other time.  My problem is transitioning.  

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We like the early service 8:30am. SS is 9:45 then home. I like the get up go and come home. BUT the Messianic "church"  is Sat morning and is 10am till 11:30ish. (We don't go much)


EASTER- I like to go to sunrise 6am and then get bagels (leveneat.gif) Most years I give it up. BUT this church doesn't have an early or sunrise service for Easter.


Please pray ladies that this baby comes soon.....Thanks

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We have an 8:30 and 10 service, but on holidys the services are 9 and 11.  I odn tknow why other than possibly to attract more people.  Happy Easter - The Lord is Risen!


I must share - DD had a best little friend in pre-k.  Loved each other, and it so happened that his family moved into the district where DD was going to be going to K.  Well, the fam went to their homeland for a visit, but somthing happened with their visa and they ended up needing to stay there until they could get their greencard.  DD was heartbroken that they didnt ocme back and we never heard from them.  This was 2 years ago.  She wrote him letters and we sent them to his country but I guess they never received them.  Well, Palm SUnday we were walkingout of church later than usual and between services because I had finished worlking with my group a little later than usual and I screamed because walking down the hallway was this family from so long ago.  And----------they are MUSLIM!  I would never have expected to see them in church.  They lost all their contact info and she shared her story of what happened.  So, we got together Friday and now the kids are coming over in a few minutes.  Can you believe it?  And, the mom told me she wanted to try to attend a church 2 years ago, but then when she went home she couldnt, of course.  Now that she is back she has been seeing my pastor 2 times every week and going to church on Sundays.  If she has tried 2 years ago I am not sure she would be continuing int the faith as I think our then pastor would not have encouraged her like our current one is.  Not in the same way at least.  God is GOOD! 

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Amazing!!! We never know..... do we.

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wow!!  That is amazing!  Glory to God!

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 Lydia BORN 4/10 @ 11:24pm


about 1 hr of HARD labor and out she came.

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OH! Congratulations! joy.gif Great day to be born too (that's my birthday too, hehe!). I'm glad she's here!
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