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SO- BABY? Husband job? Finishing school? I'm still praying for you.


e&t- how is your husband feeling? School plans? YOU- how are you?


This weekend we are going see my inlaws girls make(?) communion. Really we are going on Mothersday(not happy with that) There goes my mothersday. I will not even get to rest or anything. And will have to see my mil again. OH JOY


Anyway, I'm not one for fake church. I don't get it. 

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No baby. No job. School is OVER! He passed everything joy.gifWalks for graduation on the 17th! Thanks for the prayers! I got somewhat of a message today the baby will come on the 12th (my deceased moms b-day). We will see what happens.

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Great!!! so happy for finshing school.....

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flowersforyou.gif HAPPY MOTHERSDAY

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Happy Mother's Day everyone!
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jimble- How are you doing?

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OK, so here is the question...why are so many people dishonest? Even Christians?

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Originally Posted by Nazsmum View Post

OK, so here is the question...why are so many people dishonest? Even Christians?

shake.gif I have no idea. Sometimes they aren't really practicing Christianity YK? Otherwise as their sister you should call them out on it...

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hey ladies! popping in to say hi! and to selfishly ask for some prayers ;) Hubby had a PET scan (back story, he was diagnosed with stage three melanoma 5 years ago...) and they found a nodule on his spleen. We are praying that it's not cancerous... we are getting a lot of back and forth about what they think it might be He is having his spleen taken out Monday regardless because of his history. I will be staying with him in the hospital for two-three days, missing my little ones but they will be in good hands. Anyway, if you ladies could pray I'd super appreciate it :) 

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SO- baby?????


mamaecho- hug2.gifI will pray.

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Oh yeah Sadie Grace was born 5/11! 3hr labor with 19 mins pushing :) born at home.


Praying for you mamaecho.


DH still needs a job too guys.

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I love the name!!! May the Lord bless!!

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Woah! Awesome Sosurreal, so happy for you. Adorable name!


Oh no mamaecho, praying for your dh. 

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mamaecho- I will be praying.


sosurreal09- Congratulations!  I am hoping to have a home birth next time (if the Lord, decides to grant me with another baby).  I will continue to pray for your husband.


AFM-  Thank you all for your sweet prayers, Dd seems to be finally coming around.  She still wants to spend a lot of time with her Memaw but we are of course fine with that, I think Memaw needs the company just as much as Dd wants it so it is a blessing for both of them.


Can you all please continue to pray that my Dh finds his faith again, he is down in South Texas for some training now and I find myself praying that he is surrounded by good Christian influences that can show him how God is working in their lives.

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Summer is coming....plans? surf.gif


mamaecho- Please let us know how your DH is doing.

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Is anyone around??


Does your church celebrate Penecost/ Shavu'ot?? If so what do they do??

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We celebrated Ascension this week and Pentecost is coming....next week I think....


As for summer plans, i am taking the kids to Minneapolis on Monday where we intend to do nothing and everything.   And the following week I am taking them to the monastery for the first time.  That will be a nice retreat.  we may do something fun later in the summer but the jury is still out on what.  They want to go to TX (DFW) to see my parents. ...pray for me.

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Mamaecho - how is your husband?


So - Happy Birthday to little Sadie!


Lil - A monestary sounds super cool.  Where?


John - Praying for your DH...


Na - I dont knwo why people are dishonest - but I think it comes down to being flawed and insecure.  We are all certainly flawed, and many are insecure, and for some lying is a coping mechanism.  I know someone close who is a pathalogical liar.  Love thei person to pieces but lies about everything and anything.  I truly believe it is a coping mechanism for her.  NOt for everyone, of ocurse, but I feel like the root is insecurity.


Dove and Jimble - How are things?


Things are crazy as ever here.  Busy, busy.  Dh is going to begin taking classes for seminary and will be taking on a larger role in our current church.  I feel like we really need to buckle our seat belts!  I did, however take the kids to their first concert ever - a contemporary christian concert and they LOVED it.  Even the baby was dancing until he fell asleep.  It was awesome.   

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lilyka- I wish that I could go on a reteat. This coming weekend my favorite teacher is having one. I SO wish that I could. We are going to do some day trip to NY and maybe to Sesame Place.


e&t- Where is your DH going to school? I have a friend that is a prof. at a seminary. I hope that he enjoys. 


We went to the church picinic and that sunday school teacher would not talk to me. I don't like that he said he wanted to meet with me but then just droped it. I'm going to ask for a meeting ASAP.

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lilyka- How is Alena??


clap.gif for JUNE

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