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My LO arrived

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Isabel Katherine entered the world 12/30/2011 at 11:44am, 38 weeks 4 days along..I woke up around 9 on Friday with contractions, that felt like intense stomach cramping, took a shower, thought I'd have a little bit of time, but didn't. We arrived at the hospital around 10:45am, the natural birthing center at the hospital wasn't ready for us, and she couldn't wait. I didn't get the birth I had planned, ended up in some random little used room of the hospital due to the extremely full maternity ward (scheduled c-sections and inductions for the tax break) surrounded by nurses and a random OB/resident doctor that gave me an episiotomy despite my wishes not to have one, and tried to rush me into pushing because she was "in distress" (the monitors that I also didn't plan for were slipping off my stomach). But it really wasn't bad, no pain meds, one pretty awesome nurse whispering in my ear the whole time that I could do it easy and not to worry, being extremely supportive and seeming a bit indignant for me with the OB, my DH standing next to me holding my hand tears streaming down his face watching our little girl come out. It was all over before I had time to worry about anything, and the pain really wasn't as bad as I anticipated. My DH is still bragging to everyone, because apparently several nurses pulled him aside and told him I was a tough little thing.


And Isabel has been awesome. She was 7lbs14oz, 20.25inches long, has been nursing up a storm since the moment she came out, and pooping it all out. She's alert and interested, And I'm so in love, and so happy to finally be home.

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aw, mama, she looks absolutely perfect!  it sounds like you had an incredible labor, even if you ended up with all that unwanted medical stuff in the end.  you're awesome!  congrats, and enjoy your new little girl!

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I love all the hair!! She is adorable...


and holy cow, you got to the hospital and had her an hour later!!


I had to go to the hospital Friday for my NST and it was absolutely insanely crazy with women in labor (mostly scheduled c sections), so I can only imagine how crazy it was.


Glad you are all doing well! Congrats :o)

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Welcome to the world, Isabel!  I love that you came out on your own schedule!!

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Congrats!  She's beautiful!!


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Congratulations! And, what a story! I'm sorry to hear that things didn't go as you had hoped, but it sounds like things went well for the most part!


Anyways, your story actually has a bit in common with mine - my LO was born at 38 weeks and 4 days, also, AND my labor was also about 2 hours and 45 minutes!!!


Welcome to the world, Isabel Katherine!

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Thank you everyone, I'm just so happy and in love with Isabel. And I'm not too disappointed about not getting to be in the natural birthing center. She's doing so great, I'm just so proud of her for doing things like eating and pooping. And not being jaundiced, and having incredibly long black hair. I'm just such a proud mama right now.


L'lee, it does sound like we had very similar birthing experiences, I hope your LO is making you just as weepy and proud as mine is making me.

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Wonderful! Congratulations! I love that full head of hair :)

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COngrats!! She's gorgeous!

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Wow, she's so beautiful!  And congrats to you for staying so positive through a not-so-ideal birthing experience!  All the best to you and your family!

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Yay! Big congrats to you!!! joy.gif

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Oh my gosh, what a sweet face! Beautiful name for a beautiful boy!

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Oh her hair is just amazing! Congratulations on integrating such a fast labour and birthing, despite the quick adaptation to new circumstances... and welcome to the world, sweet baby! 

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Congratulations! She's gorgeous. May the speedy births continue!

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Yay!!  The babies are coming out left and right!!  I'm so happy that things are going well, even if you didn't get everything you wanted.... Congratulations!!

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Congrats rtjunker and welcome Isabel!  Sorry to hear your birth didn't go the way you were hoping, but I'm glad that you & Isabel are healthy.  She's totally beautiful.

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