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What do you do with "shot" CDs?

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I'm looking for some creative ideas here from all you CDing moms.


I don't know if it's my kid or my machine that's so hard on the dipes, but the fitteds all have holes in the leg casings, which makes them unsuitable for resale.  But it seems such a waste to just throw them in the trash, YK?  Velcro/snaps and elastic make them unsuitable for anything like rags without some sewing, but if I'm going to sew them it seems I might be able to come up with something better to do with them. 


So what have you done with them?  Heard of being done with them?  Thought of doing with them?  Hit me with your best ideas, I have dozens of them sitting here and i can't resell them. 

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I have the same predicament... hoping to hear some good ideas.

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I'm not sure about fitted diapers.  Flats and prefolds make great rags.  You can use a cover or pocket diaper with defective PUL as a swim diaper.  I too am getting to the point that some of mine need to be replaced b/c the PUL is wearing out.  I use pockets with microfiber inserts sorry I'm not much help. 

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Thanks for the swim diaper suggestion.

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If they're in the sort of shape that you'd use them on another kid of your own but just not sellable, go ahead and list them on ebay for just the cost of shipping.  It'd be sort of like giving them to charity - I'm sure there are plenty of parents out there in need of cheap diapers who aren't going to be too picky about a few holes in the leg casings.  If they're worse than that... maybe you could cut them down and make them doll diapers (of course one only needs a couple doll diapers).  If they're 100% cotton or hemp they can be composted - just cut off the velcro, snaps and elastic first.

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If your fitted diapers have a separate thicker 'panel' sewn down the middle, you can cut off all the surplus fabric on either side of the panel and transform what's left for use as Diaper Doublers. If you happen to have a sewing machine with a 'serge' setting, running it around all the edges will also help tie down any loose ends.


Hope that's helpful! ~ Heather from Baby Bunz & Co.


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You could send to someone to have them repaired and then donated to someone in need. 

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Could you make your own menstrual pads out of them?  Just an idea I have had, but never tried.  I bet it would work.

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I have a few fitted diapers that are pretty much useless too.  We got them second-hand (I wouldn't be surprised if they were third- or fourth-hand) from somebody who gave us a big garbage bag of baby clothes when I was pregnant, and they just don't work very well anymore.  Besides just being generally dingy and kinda gross (not even the sun would take out these weird stains in them during the sunniest summer days), they don't absorb well.  They're pretty much at the garbage (or compost, I see from a post on this thread) or rag stage.  But, like you said, it's kind of awkward for rags because of the shape, thickness, and elastic.


I like Heather's suggestion for the doubler, but these are past that point.


So assuming I do go with the rag idea, anyone have any 'specialty rag' ideas?  Like, are these amazing at a certain cleaning task?  A couple of these used to be flannel...well, still are, I guess, but not so fuzzy anymore!  And the other one is regular ol' cotton. 

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With some kinds of diapers, you can cut them up and use them as stuffing in things like pillows, dolls and toys, etc. that you might make. 


Great thread, I'm also wondering what to do with all my shot pockets...I don't need this many swim diapers winky.gif

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