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Last minute cloth diapering questions...

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I know there were posts on here awhile ago about cloth diapering, so sorry if any of this is repeats...


I know I want to do prefolds with diaper covers. Was wondering what brand diaper covers you have had most success with?  And di you use snaps or the velcro??


Also, i want to use snappis with the actual prefold but my sister, who has CD'd her son keeps telling me what a waste of time that is.  It seems to me that it would help prevent a lot of possible leakage though...


I think it might be a little easier on my husband/the grandparents/babysitters if I buy some flushable liners to use. Do they really work?  My husband gets very squeamish with particularily poopy diapers, and I wonder if he will be capable of cleaning the poo out of them as good as he should!!


Did you do anything different/extra for night time?  I was looking into the doublers but was wondering if that would really be neccessary.




This will be our first time CD'ing and I am sort of excited about it biggrinbounce.gif 


As I said above, my sister has CD'd her son...but she went the AIO route, which really isn't feasible for me right now or cost efficient. I like what I am reading about prefolds, just had the questions listed above. 


Thanks for the help ladies!!

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I like what I am reading about the Thirsties diaper covers...  any feelings towards these?

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i can't answer the diaper cover questions, as i've only ever used wool soakers/longies/etc, but i use snappis with prefolds, and i think they're usually pretty great.  i've heard about people just laying prefolds into the covers and then fastening the covers around them, but like you, i think snappi'ing the diaper first would be more secure.  maybe someone else with another experience can chime in.


but i wanted to say about the poop- as long as you're just breastfeeding (no formula or solids), you can just throw the poopey diapers in with the pee ones.  it all washes away the same.  it's only once you start supplementing nursing with formula or solid foods that you're going to need to consider poop an issue.  and by then, you may have different thoughts about what's working and not working for you with cloth diapering.  as long as you're just breastfeeding, if it makes it easier, i wouldn't worry about what to do with the poop for now- just get comfortable with cd'ing, and you can cross the poop bridge when it becomes an issue.  (also, i don't find breastmilk poop very offensive at all, but maybe that's just me.)


i'm the sort who changes diapers whenever they're wet (lots of other mamas don't), so doing something different overnight isn't really an issue for me.  however, you may find in a short while, that you have a really heavy wetter, who could benefit from doublers all times of the day.  it might not be a bad idea to have a couple on hand- you can always resell them on diaperswappers.


a while back, sarahbella directed us to the Cloth-Eez brand of "workhorse fitteds," (over on the green mountain diapers site), and i picked up a few of them.  they're fitteds made of their really fantastic prefold diapers, and i can't wait to give them a try- compared to other fitteds, they're super affordable, in case you might want to pick up a few of those, too, to take the pressure off of dad/grandparents, or middle-of-the-night diaper changes.  i've found that in the early weeks, i sometimes have a really hard time getting prefolds to work for me.  it seems there's always a learning curve with each new baby, to try and get the fit just right.  i have to remember to be patient with it.  :)  anyway, i'm sure you'll love cd'ing, but just remember not to get down if things don't come super easy at first.  so much of the early weeks with a baby is just trying to get used to things, at least for me.


ok, i'm sure other people will have helpful things to add!  :)

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I definitely plan on breastfeeding. It didn't work out so well the first time around, I had to stop at around five months because I just dried up...


But i feel like i have a better understanding of breastfeeding now and so hopefully can breastfeed for at least a year.  Everything I read said you can just throw those diapers in the wash, so I am hoping that won't be a problem for everyone else that may be changing baby.


Is there a preference between bleached or unbleached diapers or Indian or Chinese prefolds?  Everything I am reading tends to lean towards unbleached Indian. I asked my sister, she didn't have any idea what I was talking about, haha.


And I am flummoxed on the whole snaps vs. aplix.  I was thinking maybe using aplix for the first few months (smaller diapers), but then maybe switching to snaps as the baby gets older and more mobile.  Plus, I think my husband would miss-snap the diapers and not fasten them tight enough/ or too tight and there would be problems.  Its not that he is a dummy, but sometimes I question his thinking... ROTFLMAO.gif


When our 4 year old son was a baby, I walked into the bedroom to find he had emptied half a tube of desitin onto his ENTIRE diaper area...the kid was completely white !!  I can just imagine what is going to happen with baby this time around!!

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I use proraps for covers.  Just trifold the prefold (no snappi) and stick it in.  For us, I've found the double gusset of the prorap to hold in more than the thirsties.  Plus, the thirsties hold in more of the urine smell (I only wash them when the get poop on them) so that turns me off.


As I don't view CD as all or nothing I use disposables overnight so I can have a 12 hour break.  Lazy?  Yes.  But I can live with that.

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We used prowraps and Bummi super whisper wraps when DS was newborn.  They worked well.  I had 1 or 2 of several types and that may be a good way to go at first.  DS was a small, lean kid and that's what fit him.  I know some people with chubbier babies like other things.  See what fits your little one best.  We had snappis but just trifolding and sticking it in the cover was much easier for us.  I used Thirsties when DS was older and liked them as well.  We tried the flushable liners but they seemed kind of pointless when exclusively breastfeeding so we didn't really use them much.  I still have 3/4 of the ones I bought before DS was born.  As far as aplix vs snaps....I think aplix is easier and a good choice for the newborn/small size because they are in them for such a short amount of time.  If you move up to OS diapers, snaps have the advantage of not wearing out and having to be replaced like aplix.  Having said that...we had a lot of aplix OS diapers (Bum Genius) that we used until DS was out of diapers and they didn't wear out to the point of not being usable.  They would be nicer if I replaced it, but it wasn't necessary.  I'll probably work on replacing them before this baby is in them.  With this baby we are using prefolds/covers and also Bum Genius XS AIO's which I've been able to buy used over the past year for super good prices.  We had one of them with DS1 and it was always the best diaper of the bunch.  I'm so excited that I have a whole stock of them now (probably too many!!).

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We also used proraps and bummis covers with our first and loved them. I preferred aplix until she was a bit older because its a bit more adjustable and she was a slender little thing (still is!). We did not find it necessary to use snappi's with these brand of covers...my preference was to trifold then open in the back  (there's a name for that but can't remember it) and that seemed to catch all the bf poops really well. We also did not do anything different with bf poop diapers and never had a problem. This made it really easy for everyone that was sqeamish with poopy diapers.


oh, and i'm sure you know this already but DON'T use desitin with your cloth! they'll all turn this weird orangey color that never comes out (thanks daycare for testing that one for us! :)

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We loved thirsties for DD.  I just got some new(er) ones from a friend and the new sizing seems really great. 

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I did not know that about desitin...thank you!


I'll have to look into the prowraps.


Went to my sister's today to visit/ask her some questions on CD'ing.  Ended up getting into a huge stupid fight.  Basically she got mad with me because the route I am looking at is different than what she does, and apparently what she does must be best.


It was such a dumb fight and it really upset me.  I'm the pregnant hormonal one, I should be the one flipping out over nothing.


Typically she uses AIO or All in 2's.  I am not really interested in going that route.  When I told her i was looking into the Thirsties duo wrap she pretty much told me I was stupid for doing them since they weren't one size fits all.  I told her I was thinking about using snappis.  She told me that was moronic.


The conversation ended with her asking "Why did you even bother coming over here if you already know everything?"


AAAAAHHH!!!! I have no idea what I said that even gave her that impression when all I did was ask her questions.


Got into the car with my son and left, I said aloud "You're aunt drives me crazy"  My 4 year old replies "Then don't ask her about diapers mommy."  Smartass :o)


Then, this afternoon when I tell my husband about what I am thinking we will end up spending on CD (around $300-400), he says that is way too much and we are better off with disposables. I have no idea where he gets his logic.


I'm stressed. I'm frustrated. I'm annoyed.

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maybe you've been stalking the place already, but i've always bought the majority of my dipes from diaperswappers.  you save a ton of money (and you can resell the dipes as you size up), and i learned a LOT about cd'ing from the community there (it's a lot easier to ask an anonymous question than to try and converse with difficult relatives!).


so sorry about your sister- how unsupportive!   personally, i find AIOs to be way too expensive to justify us using them.  maybe if she's so set on why YOU need to use them, she could give you some of hers to try?  winky.gif

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I second diaperswappers.  That place is awesome!  CD isn't that much if you're ok with used.  I'm going to be working my third kid on cloth and I've spent *maybe* $150 total, but I've saved them and bought when someone had a screaming deal on diaperswappers so I could size up.


The good thing about cloth is that it's not a huge initial investment.  You can piecemeal it all together as you go so it doesn't seem like that much at once.

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Originally Posted by HardCoreMom View Post

maybe you've been stalking the place already, but i've always bought the majority of my dipes from diaperswappers.  you save a ton of money (and you can resell the dipes as you size up), and i learned a LOT about cd'ing from the community there (it's a lot easier to ask an anonymous question than to try and converse with difficult relatives!).


so sorry about your sister- how unsupportive!   personally, i find AIOs to be way too expensive to justify us using them.  maybe if she's so set on why YOU need to use them, she could give you some of hers to try?  winky.gif

Yeah, I suggested/asked about trying some of hers.  She shot that down pretty quick. 


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Looking into the diaperswappers page now...any advice on how to navigate?  There are some awesome deals!  Is it possible to search for a certain item/brand?  I'm sure I am prolly overlooking it.

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forgive me if this is confusing!


sometimes i have a hard time with the search function, like it doesn't pick up short words or abbreviations (KL0, for example)... at least for me.  i agree, it can be really overwhelming to sort through it all, if you don't know exactly what you're looking for.  when i was trying to find my way, i'd go to the particular forum i was interested in (like "Fitteds" or "Prefolds and Flats"), and just start checking out the different threads, until i had an idea of what the different diapers were and what condition the diapers looked to be in.  if there was a brand of diaper that i was really interested in, you can search for the exact words (i personally find it better to use the "Search This Forum" dropdown search rather than the regular "Search" option in the upper menubar).  it did take a little while to get the hang of all of the acronyms.  i believe there's a thread around that site somewhere, that explains them all.


whenever i was looking at a brand of diapers that i didn't know, i'd look up reviews of them here: http://www.diaperpin.com/diapers/diaperpages.asp  (find the column on the left that matches the style of diaper you're considering, to make it easier).  not everything is listed in the reviews, and sometimes there's not a lot of reviews available, but at times, it's helped give me helpful feedback when all i had to go on was the picture on diaperswappers.  i'm not trying to make it more complicated by giving you more info, i promise!  i like knowing as much as i can before buying something.


you can also check out the FFS (free for shipping) forum- sometimes those diapers go really quickly, but it can be a good way to try out some different kinds of diapers, so long as you bear in mind that they're very well-loved.


HTH!  if any of us can be more helpful, keep asking questions!

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With the prefolds...did you order the different sizes, or just several of one of the bigger sizes?

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i really like having the different sizes of prefolds, but that's just me.  a toddler prefold would make a good changing pad, but it would be really hard to fold it enough to fit inside a newborn cover.


some people pass up the Newborn-sized prefolds, because the babies do tend to outgrow them so quickly, but i find it's a really helpful size to have when they're itty bitty.  (i was given mine as a gift, so it made it easier, cause i didn't have to buy them.)  i know it's possible to use the regular Infant-sized prefolds on newborns, you just have to fold them down a bit extra in the rise (the length front-to-back), and make do with the bunchy-ness.  babies can usually rock it in the Infant-sized prefolds for a while, until they need the Premium-sized ones.


now if you're talking about the different colored serging on the Cloth-Eez prefolds (Green Mountain Diapers), it can get kind of confusing to sort through- the Orange edges are helpful but not necessary.  it's possible to just use the Yellows for a long time.  my prefold stash is mostly Yellows, and then i moved onto a different brand of Premium-sized prefolds.  but that's just me!  i'm sure other cd-ers might have some other experiences to share.


goodnight!  :)

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I don't have time to read through this whole thread but I will say the newborn orange edge diapers are way too thick in the middle for my 8lb'er. I got Bummis Super Lites in newborn and the velcro rubs his legs. I'm going to have to try the smalls. And...to top it off, my bub is reacting to the wool wash so now I can't use his wool until I figure out how to strip them. Ahhh. Right now, he's in 7th generation sposies. He's so teeny...his bum is only 4 inches across!


If I had to do it all over again, I would have gotten preemie prefolds and snap covers! 

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I am thinking of using the Cloth-eez and skipping the newborn size and going right to the next one.


my first son was born at full term  weighing 5lb 15oz.  According to u/s, this one was 6.5 two weeks ago...and I technically still have another four weeks to go!!


I am guessing LO will come before my due date (I am also breech and expecting to be scheduled for a c section unfortunately!), but I am guessing he will be a pretty healthy size.  I am also planning on breastfeeding.  I know when I breastfed the first time around, my son got chunky immediately, which I loved!  So I am assuming this one will react about the same...I think.


What I was thinking of purchasing:


-4 thirstie duo wrap diaper covers size one ( i am leaning towards aplix for these...but still unsure)

- a pack of Snappis (I think there are three to a pack, didn't really think I would need more than that)

- 4 thirstie duo wrap size 2 diaper covers (these am thinking of using the snaps in lieu of aplix...I am thinking baby will be able to undo velcro by this time)

- 5 large hemp doublers (my thinking is that these will be used at nighttime)

- 2 dozen clothe-eez yellow unbleached

- 1 dozen cloth-eez red unbleached



Any suggestions of changes/additions??

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This sounds very similar to my stash! 1st time CD mama, so couldn't comment on whether it's actually effective or not ;) I'm planning to launder daily, as we have two dogs and laundry gets done every day as it is! 


- 6 covers to fit a NB, 4 of which are thirsties size one and I'm hoping will go the distance for a larger baby

- 12 NB prefolds/flats that will fit up to about 10lbs

- 12 infant size that will fit bulky on a NB then hopefully be fine until about 15 lbs

- about a dozen assorted 2nd-hand fitteds and flats 


Once baby's at 10lbs we can retire some of the smaller prefolds and move to the

- 10 awesome pocket dipes that fit 10-18 lbs according to the mama that used them before + reviews I checked (I got a great deal purchasing 2nd hand)

- a million hemp and bamboo doublers I got 2nd hand for basically free


By then I hope we will have an idea of what we prefer and I'll stock up for a larger baby. There's another thread on cloth diapering a couple of pages back where we had a similar discussion, you could check that one for more ideas as well...

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I hope your DH comes around $300 for diapers is way cheaper than what you guys would be paying- especially if you sell them after or have another baby and use them twice!


Also, for those of you who are new to cloth diapers, we had great luck with buying a huge gallon of Allen's Naturally for DD. It literally lasted us the entire time that she was in diapers (birth to almost 2).  We also love Weleda's Calendula diaper care and have had 0 issues with it washing weird. 



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