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Since September 2012 DDC isn't up yet, may I dip my toes here?.......

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Hello to everyone,


I am mymaya, and I just turned 40 exactly 1 month ago. I have a 10 year old son and a 7 year old daughter. On my birthday I "let go" of my desire and plans to have another child, which I have been mentally consumed with for the last two years (and unsuccessfully "not preventing"). 4 days ago I got a BFP, followed by two more. They are very visible, but I would call them a little faint. Since this has been a holiday weekend, my doctor's office has been closed and will re-open tomorrow, I have not gotten a blood test yet. I am very nervous about a miscarriage (had a chemical pregnancy back in July). I am seeing my midwife on Wednesday. She said to "consider myself pregnant" right now, since the home tests are as accurate as a blood test at this point. I am tired (need a nap every day), a bit nauseaus and breasts are tender. and no AF yet........ this is my third pregnancy, yet every time I am terrified to call myself pregnant out of fear to lose it. 

So ladies, could you remind me why a beta is important? (is it?) I don't have any known issues with progesterone, though I am.....old...:)


any other pregnant ladies 40 or older around here?


I am trying to stay "zen" and tell myself that whatever outcome, it will be ok. If this bean wasn't meant to stick- then it's for a reason. But when I think about the fact that I am only 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant, and already the days are so long and I am "holding my breath", I just don't know how to relax and not think about it. 


It will be ok, right?


Thanks so much for the support. by the way, my EDD is September 8th, 2012.



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Hi! I was just looking for sept, too! I just got my BFP this morning. This is our second, and the first is wanting some mama time right this second, but I will be back to chat! nice to meet you!
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We could make this a makeshift September DDC... I also just got a positive test, EDD 09/13/12. I'm not getting too excited, but I am going to enjoy every day that I am pregnant and hope it sticks!

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hello mamas. i'm expecting a suprise little one september 3rd 2012

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I requested to start a social group for us.

I conceived in the middle of December. I put my dates into one of those due date calulator things and It said I was 4 weeks along, which isn't even possible, as this is the first week of jan.. I must be just about 3 weeks.. I'm not sure when you start counting! There was date confusion around my last pregnancy- I was almost a month off in my dates. This time I kept better track of when we DTD, and when I was probably ovulating, but I'm still confused!
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Hello to everyone! so nice to not be alone....:)


madimamacita, you usually calculate from your first day of last period. so for example, mine was December 4th, so according to that I am now 4 weeks and 3 days, but I am really 4 weeks and 4 days because I know I ovulated on the 13th day of my cycle, not the 14th.


Thanks for requesting the official DDC for us!



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Hello!  We just found out this weekend we are expecting our second!  My dd will be 4 by the time the new baby arrives.  She's talked a lot about wanting a little sibling - but I am nervous how she's going to react with actually sharing her mama. I also want to involve her as much as possible with the pregnancy -- any opinions on taking her to the dr appts?  I would think hearing the heartbeat and such would make it more real for her.  I am so excited for the adventure ahead!

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it is possible we will need a co-group leader for the social group- I'm not totally sure how these newish groups work, but here is the link to the thread if anyone else wants to volunteer to lead the group with me.

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I'm joining in!!


I got pregnant on a bit of a whim in mid December and am due September 4th... with a little virgo, the first virgo in my family!  I have 3 older girls who are 7,11and 13 who are going to be freaking excited when they find out about this...there wont be any lack of spare baby holders around...


I am 5weeks 1 day preggo and and just started to feel a bit yucky yesterday..caught a whiff of my friends vanilla lip balm and almost puked :)  My boobs are way bigger and sore and today I got emotional thinking about what the heck i have done starting over in such a drastic way..my DH is a little stressed about losing his freedom all over again...so i started crying and then was gagging on my tears!!redface.gif seems alittle crazy but reassures me that the hormones are kicking it into high gear IYKWIM?? Also I have restless legs...thats how i knew before my BFP at 10dpo! 


It's nice to get this started with y'all,


mymaya-you arn't crazy Mama!  Maybe you could try giving yourself an allotment of time each day to officially worry, and then blow it off, zen it away after the time limit is up...congrats!  It sounds like you will have helpers too!


mamasb-I have found that each time i get pregnant i go through a bit of grieving almost, for the youngest child at the time and how they wont be the baby anymore...i think my 7 yo must think im a bit nuts cause i keep randomly picking her up and hugging her and kissing her!!  and last time around my girls LOVED being a part of the midwife visits...they listened to her heart, palpated her little head and they were there for the birth and got in the tub with us right after to talk to her and meet her...when she finally opened her eyes, she didn't look at me, she first turned her little head to look at her sisters...no kidding!  it was awesome!


MadiMamaCita, FoxMama and Evillager, congrats!  You feeling any weird stuff/symptoms yet?

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Welcome Rainabow, and congratulations!


Thanks so much for your words. I actually went ahead and got my first beta blood test, and got 719 on 18 DPO, which my google-research shows is pretty high. I know what matters is the doubling time- so I am planning to get another one in a few days. I have a lot of symptoms- nausea on and off, sore breasts, tired and need to pee every 15 minutes. also weepy, emotional and all of that. The blood test helped me feel a bit better today, but I still can't help it- I can't relax and enjoy it yet. And I want to- if this bean sticks, it will be my last pregnancy. I want to treasure it so badly- maybe in a bit......





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Darn, I just wrote a reply and somehow it is gone.


Oh well, the short version.


2 DDs- 3.5 and 16 months (today) and got my BFP yesterday, although only on the Dollar tree tests, still white on the First Response.  I think I am around 4-5 weeks.  I am nursing DD2 and have not had my period yet.... I think I may go in for an early ultrasound in the next few weeks for dating purposes.  


I am planning on nursing through the pregnancy and tandem (if DD2 wants), I did it with DD1 and just weaned her in September (just before DD2's bday)  I am hoping that this baby does not share Dd2's bday of the 3rd of september.  As far as I can tell, based on when DH and I DTD, my due date should be around the 10th. (I usually go right on time...)


Excited to be spending the next 9 or so months with you ladies.



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I have crazy heartburn and acid reflux which is nuts because I didn't have that until the very end last time! also nose is in super hyperdrive.
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Good new on the Beta numbers MyMaya!!  It's a pretty wild ride, the exitment of BFP followed by the worries of losing the BFP when you just want to be hap hap happy...I don't even think the worry thing is just about the older Mama stats either, I had my first babe when I was 21...and I was very happy to be pregnant, and just as worried to miscarry...maybe even more than I am now even though I am 35...maybe my wisdom lets my go with the flow and trust that the outcome will ultimately be whatever is meant to be part of my journey?? I like your small proactive steps for reassurance, and maybe you can just surrender to the fact that you are worried and it is what it is....you are not alone though...we are all on this slightly neurotic rollercoaster ride together!!! 


Welcome Chloe'sMama!


Sorry about heartburn Madi Mama...yuck!



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Hooray for the impromptu September DDC thread! I know it's early, but it's fun to have you folks to get excited with!


mamasb: My daughter will be four next month and, if everything goes well, I absolutely want to take her to at least a few visits to the doctor. It's amazing that they will be able to understand what is happening- and may even remember it later! She's only been asking about "How we're going to get another person in our family" in the past couple of weeks or so. What timing! I really hope this one sticks- she's so excited to be a sister. Only problem? She wants to name any future baby Popcorn.


rainabow: Wow, those are some strong early symptoms! The only things that I've noticed is the sensation that I'm pulling muscle in my lower abdomen when I move to get out of bed in the morning- this was a tell-tale sign before I even tested. At about the same time, my lower back and tailbone started getting really tender and stiff. Been that way for about a week. Also some cramping feelings off-and-on...


I lost my last pregnancy, so with this one am I going to enjoy every day that I am actually pregnant. Hopefully I won't drive myself too crazy with fear! In the meantime, I'm going in for a Progesterone check as well as a blood test for pregnancy (is that really even necessary at this point, I wonder?).


Happy to meet you all!

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Clearly I need to play some major catchup since I came here expecting to find a Sept DDC and they have changed all around. I have done my last 3 pregnancies with a MDC DDC and will be sad if thats a feature thats gone away. :( 


Oh well, I am a September 2012 mama to be as well. This will (hopefully) be my 7th child, but we had two losses last year so I am staying optimistic but cautious. My other children are 9, 6, 6, 5, 3 and 18 months. :) So nice to be here with you ladies! 

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ok so I told my parents I was pregnant and they looked at each other and said "Did the rabbit die?" I was so confused because we have a pet rabbit and I was like, um, no... what?? I guess that used to be a saying because that is how they tested for pregnancy (inject a rabbit with urine, if you're pg the rabbit dies)?? Am I the only one that has NEVER heard about that before?
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just trying out my new "signature".....)



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I couldn't get the ticker to show up in my sig.

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Ok, so here is what we have so far:

Foxsmama 9/3
Rainabow 9/4
MadiMamacita 9/5
Mymaya 9/8
Evillager 9/13
Momtoafireteam ?
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I already wrote this post, but for some reason, my posts keep getting erased.


Chemical pregnancy here.... my BFP turned to a BFN this afternoon (after I met with a perspective midwife...) so sad to leave you guys, but wish you a happy and healthy 9 months.  Can't wait to see all of your beautiful babies in September.


Good luck

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