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My belly button has never popped. It gets really wide, though. And I have weird little bumps in the skin above it.


Mucous plug...I had the dubious "pleasure" of seeing the whole thing with ds1 (& I never saw any with the other 2). It was *huge*, a giant blob of whitish-clear "snot" as some one else said. Really gross. It was about the size of my fist. I'd bet what you've been seeing isn't EWCM, but part of your plug.


Nothing much going on here, although my mom has gone, so yay! for that. She was only here for a couple days, so I figured it'd be ok. Really did not want to birth with her around. I'm 38 +2, but not really expecting baby until at least 40+3. We still need to do a test fill/drain of the pool & put baby clothes someplace.


I've had a couple contractions, which is unusual for me, but this pregnancy has had lots of little surprises.


I'm keeping busy by starting a knitting project...making everyone Christmas stockings. Just hope I'm up for it, I haven't made anything more complicated than afghans before & I've had to enlarge the pattern.

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I've had increased goo as well, I'm hoping that's the plug and I don't get a fist-sized wad to deal with (ick!).  Went to Babies R Us to get some newborn disposables today, there were a lot of pregos waddling around but I was definitely the biggest by far.  Made me feel good that my wait is almost over.  On and off cramping today and a MW appointment tomorrow... Trying to do lots of walking, but my energy level is zero...

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my belly button has never popped, but it always gets close.  maybe this time?


we didn't make it to the library today.  unable to help myself, i passed out on the sofa for a spell.  thankfully, DH was working from home today, so he was able to jump in before the boys created too much chaos.  :)


i am woefully unprepared to welcome a baby, and i think i'm going to take some time tonight to write out a detailed list of the things that need to happen in the next few weeks.  thankfully, things seem pretty quiet down there!  i'll just sit back and watch the rest of you guys have your babies.


psmythe, was today your day?

and chili and kaitlyn, i'm thinking of you both- i know you're super uncomfortable right now. hug.gif

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howdy howdy


I've been getting prodromal labor for about a week now.  I ended up in L&D last thursday thinking it was it, but nope... Everything peetered out after 7 hours.


I'm showing signs of preeclampsia and will be getting my 24 hour urine and BP checked tomorrow and if it's bad, they will be inducing me tomorrow night.  My gut tells me I will be back home after my appt.  My protein was only +1 on friday and my BP was high, but not really bad.


Both babies are still head down and looking perfect for a double vaginal delivery.  

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I lost my mucus plug with my first and it was undeniable.  A huge plug of red snot - all in one piece.  Labor started less than three hours of it coming out.  Gah-ros!


Maybe I'm weird, but I've always wanted my belly button to pop out and it never has.  It hasn't even come close in any of my pregnancies.  I wonder why it happens for some and not others?!


Today was our last day of "vacation."  My husband goes back to work tomorrow so we went to our children's museum and out for lunch.  Then an hour of working out before dinner.  I can not wait for life to get back on our regular routine!  Oh, right, then let's throw a newborn into the mix!

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Yay Kindermama!!  Congrats!  I'd also been checking your thread waiting to hear the good news!!


Nothing new today.  Work was so insanely busy tonight that I think I had 1 giant 4 hr BH contraction.  By my last appointment I had to keep telling myself to stay standing and get the vax in the giant dobie!!  Now that I'm home, eaten, and on the couch I feel much better.


I've never seen my mucous plug either.  It would be interesting....but hopefully not fist-sized!


My belly button popped out with this pregnancy but not with my first.  My son likes to poke it and always asks if it hurts.  He's so cute!


Ladies, I'll gladly join you in Maui!!

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Originally Posted by element2012 View Post

Silly question, did anyone's belly button not pop out?

mine's not popped...didn't pop last time either.  But boy, do I feel huge!!! And there has been a massive onslaught of stretchmarks in the past couple of weeks, which is sort of depressing.

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Originally Posted by cedarwoman View Post

HCM, I would like to be on Maui too! DH and I spent our honeymoon there when I was 20 weeks, and it was absolutely glorious.

congrats to the newlyweds!  we were laying under a hammock in ka'anapali one moonlit night back in 2002, when we decided we were ready to start growing our family.  good memories.  i bet you and i saw some of the same spots.  our favorite little beach was napili.  loved that place.  we promised each other we would make it back to maui someday.  do you have any neat memories of your time there?  (you know, anything that was more awesome than usual on maui?)


and i'm really sorry about your discomfort.  that swelling sounds so extreme and awful.  :(

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Thanks for the kind words HCM - I think the swelling is bad because I'm quite petite, and there just isn't much room for all those little nerves :P


Ah Maui... as we arrived home it started to sink in just how amazing it is there. We stayed in Lahaina and one of our favorite things to do was to wake up SUPER early (we never really adjusted to the time change) and walk along the beach into town for coffee before everyone got up... DH and I would sit together and he'd put his hand on my belly to feel the baby move - it was one of the first times he was able to feel kicks! 


Visiting in the off-season was actually a great idea because the local people were all rested up from the tourist season and very chatty. I was just really starting to show and it was so neat to have people acknowledge the baby for the first time. It was easy to find a private beach, or at least one with just a handful of people... Honolua Bay was one I remember in particular (the wildlife conservation area up on the north end of the island). Here's a photo! I'm about 20 weeks, I can't believe I thought I had a big belly then ;)305000_10150365709295148_733620147_10521452_7204009_n.jpg


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cedar, you look absolutely regal in this picture.  a strong, beautiful mother.  what a powerful image!

also, i can totally smell the air.  boy, does that shake me out of a winter stupor.  thanks for sharing the picture!


we stayed in lahaina, too!  what a small world!  : )

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cedarwoman - Gorgeous picture!  Both you and the landscape!

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Originally Posted by Sweet.Bee View Post

I'm 38+1 today and hoping our baby comes soon. Our son was born around this point, so it feels like the right time. Also, this baby's head is measuring 4 weeks ahead.


What is the mucus plug supposed to look like? All the descriptions I've read sounded really vague. I had a few days of increased goo (looked a lot like EWCM in huge amounts). I'm also feeling crampy.


Ready to give birth! Come on, baby!

my dh took a picture of mine for the midwife...she laughed at him when he called to tell her to come and that he had a picture if she needed to see it! Anyway, I can send it to you if you really want to see the graphic gross-ness of it! LOL Just pm me your email! 

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