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Re: purees - I did both things. Sometimes Gabe ate off our plates, and sometimes he would have some purees. Why? because he liked that texture of food. He gobbled it up. I did do jars (Earth's best and beech nut. I don't like Gerber. can't articulate why, other than industry insanity) but only because making my own was too much for my sense of laziness.


The purees in the squeezey pouches - like plum organics, etc  - Gabe will still eat those. He will ask for them on the baby food aisle. And because they are a healthy option for a snack, I don't tell him no.


Things that are meant to be purees or similiar sorts of textures- applesauce for example - He loves creamed sweet potato. Bean dip. guacamole. yoghurt, ice cream . .

Now, I was not the parent that brings baby jars to restaurants with us. For that, Gabe always ate off our plates. Shoot, I never even packed bibs. I rarely remember a sippy cup.


ITA those gerber meals are silly. Also they are meant to be nuked, and microwaving things isn't the best way to heat food. it loses some its nutritional value that way. I've always thought "kid food" was silly . . . but my 2 year old really does love chicken nuggets and fish sticks and hot dogs. oh well.


as for weight limit on Boba, IDK, like 35 lbs maybe? or 40? Gabe is around 25 more or less, so well within that mark.


Norah will fall asleep in her rocker. Nights are also kind of blurry for me. I am not a huge clock watcher, but if I am awake enough I notice. but sometimes she just wants her hand on my boob and goes back to sleep.


I wish my kids werent' so picky about how I lay with them when we co sleep; my side is achy! once in a while I can sleep on my back, but first Gabe (he sleeps on his own now), and now Norah prefer me to sleep facing them.


ETA: baby pic! Norah is 12 weeks today! and 12 lbs 3 oz and 24 inches long!


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Originally Posted by jeninejessica View Post

Those are the times that make me nervous to be co-sleeping, because I was completely not alert to the fact that she was there laying on top of me.

I think that shows just the opposite. You were more aware than you realize. You woke to her rooting. That's exactly what is supposed to happen. thumb.gif
Originally Posted by jeninejessica View Post

It really opened my eyes to what you -could- feed a toddler as opposed to what we're taught that you 'should'.

Those businesses that make food are really good at marketing. They even trick the medical professionals, who are supposed to know better, into believing their garbage.
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So cute, Kat! The sleeping positions might get better with time. D used to insist that I sleep on my side facing him whether nursing or not. He would fuss and not settle if I didn't. Lately, though, things have changed. I can roll onto my back or even turn completely the other way and cuddle with E or K for a little bit and D is ok.

I've seen someone feeding her baby those pouch foods. I wondered what they were. I thought it was some sort of premixed, portable formula. My kids aren't really into "kid" food. K likes corn dogs. They beg me to get those nasty Kid Cuisine meals at the grocery store. I would usually let them each get one until I realized they only wanted them for the desserts, the brownies and gummi bits. I said, "Hey, I can get you a lot more dessert for the same amount of money." lol.gif
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the brownies in those were awesome!


LOL - people usually are so surprised that Gabe eats sushi, fried rice, curry and well, everything except raw tomatoes. (a dislike that he must have inherited from both DH and I, if that's possible).  but he does also like the pouches; but we didn't really do those until he could do them on his own. There are some interesting flavors - usually fruit + veggi combos.


but I don't mind him eating "kid" food; just sort of surprised he likes it so much!

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I did a little googling (didn't have time to really look) but found some interesting links.


This is on how/where america eats. It's broken down in many ways.




This one talks about formula vs bm vs whole milk and why both are better for babies than whole milk.




This one talks about intro'ing solids.




I think it's interesting and worth noting that despite introducing solids, the aap's stance is to keep bfing until one year despite doing solids.  It has to fill some gaps that aren't present in meats/fruits/grains/veggies.  Otherwise babies could just drink pureed adult food and we know that isn't the case.  They need the fatty acids, etc, for brain development.


Kat - out of curiousity, how old was gabe when you did the purees/whole foods?  I think age makes a difference.  If a baby is just shy of 4 months, thats different to me than spoon feeding a 6-9 month old.  In my "research" so many moms put cereal in bottles and started spoon feeding at mere weeks old!  Insane to me.


JJ - I agree with MW, that innate sense of where Tenley is IS what keeps cosleeping safe.  You think you aren't aware but you really are.  I think tho, if you aren't comfortable like that then you compromise -- which is exactly what you're doing.


Kat - Happy 12 weeks to Norah!!  That is one cute baby and such a pretty dipe!!  Aww!!


MW - since you brought it up I hope you don't feel like I'm prying.  Are you still in touch with Ryan's dad?  




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Carrie: right around 6 months. we actually did "whole" food first - like asparagus spears, lemon slices, pizza crust (it was good pizza, not junk), french fries . . . then kind of backed into purees - we had the bean dip and sweet potato casserole (the mush kind, not chunks) at a family gathering and he just totally dug those textures. So we would feed him a jar about once a day (we forgot a lot of days) until he was nearly a year old. then we started doing the pouches out of curiousity and he liked those. he still does. Only fruits and veggies. he really doesn't like pureed meat. Except in the form of sausage or hot dogs.  Granted, during this whole time, we continued to offer him "whole" foods too. It just when he actually wanted to eat, rather than gum things, he liked the smooth textures. Once he got more teeth - around the 1 year mark - he bit off more and would chew.


I don't like the notion that babies "have" to be fed anything solid. DH's family scoffs when I say not to feed Norah anything, because they all started feeding their babies at least rice cereal by 8 weeks, and upped the solids from there. And of course, all their kids turned out "fine" (of course by that, they mean relatively healthy. DH himself is borderline diabetic and most of his cousins and himself struggle with their weight) but that couldn't have anything to do with what or how they ate as babies (insert rolling eys here)


JJ; you have to do whatever you are comfortable with, but it's amazing how subconciously aware we are of babies in bed with us. I honestly need to be at least close enough to hear a baby breathe in order to sleep well. (but that's me). I don't know if DH is really aware of where the baby is, but he conciously clings to his edge of the king sized bed. When it's just him and baby in bed, the baby usually sleeps in the crook of his arm. (regardless of age of said baby - DS still does when Wayne will nap with him).

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Haha except in the form of hot dogs!  LOL! biglaugh.gif


Idk, we never made a point to feed Nora.  I mean, she got a bowl of steel cut oats in the morning, or pancakes, most days, once she was feeding herself.  When we'd go out I'd bring cheerios/Annie's O's.  I never worried about her getting enough to eat until she was completely weaned.  I knew bf'ing would take care of her needs, and solids were mostly for exploration.


OMG.  I just weighed Finn.  19 lbs 9 oz (19.6 lbs)!  He's not even 5 mo!


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As far as introducing solids - I know some moms who wait until the exact day that their baby turns 6 months to start solids - which I think is kind of strange.  I thought it had more to do with being developmentally ready - not some magic age.  IDK - I did start both of my DDs on solids earlier than 6 months - they were ready for it.  Not sure what we will do with DS - I guess we'll wait and see.


We co-sleep most of the time for the reason that Kat stated - if I can't hear him breather I am not sleeping well, he doesn't have a crib - just a bassinet next to our bed but still if he is in there then I am up every 10 minutes looking to see if he is ok - feeling his chest to make sure he is breathing etc - but if he is next me i sleep much better - and some night I don't even know when I woke up - I just know I have nursed at some point since my bra is open! lol  My MIL just asked me this morning how often he is up in the night and I said honestly I don't know!  DH is a very sound/deep sleeper and he is the same - he clings to his edge of the bed every night and has never even come close to rolling onto the baby in bed. 


I need to go get groceries, but I don't know if I can handle all three today - normally I would but Kacey still has her sore leg and isn't walking much yet so I would have to carry her and the baby....of course she would go in the cart but I just wonder about getting into the store in the first place.....


BTW - does anyone here sew/quilt?  I have a picture of a crib quilt I want to make for DS's room (whenever he gets in to it!).  My grandmother wants to quilt him one so she said if I make the top she will quilt it for me - but I have never done applique and I wonder if I am naive to think I can do this as a first project???  I will post a pic if anyone has any experience with it....


Well I guess I should go get something done....I really don't want to do anything today!  I just wish for a lazy day - with someone to come and clean my house and cook for me! Lately I hate cooking for some reason.


Oh - recent pic of DS - such a happy boy!SAM_2004.JPG


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He's so cute!!!  And Finn has that sleeper, too!!


So, DH and I have decided that '12 will be THE year, the year we buckle down and get this house ready to sell.  He got the fence put up along the back, and now that we should have some time, we're going to do it.  He didn't scoff or say no when I mentioned a cleaning service to help out like once or twice monthly.  We need a bigger house!  Here we go!!!

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Mom2One - I've watched my mom do mosaic quilts. (small pieces of fabric usually square, sewn together to form a picture or image) I've not seen any quilts with applique; can you post a pic?


As for groceries with 3: park next to a cart return and hopefully there will be carts in it; that way you can placy DD directly in cart and carry DS and your oldest can walk. That is what I would do LOL


Carrie - hooray on bigger house and cleaning service! We have the same resolution. If nothing else, we will move out of my IL's and in with my parents - we would have our own separate apartment, the kids could have separate bedrooms, or we could have a dedicated office. MIL is slowly driving all of us nuts. Unless we hit the lotto or something, it will be a while before we could buy a house of our own; our credit is ugh.


how big do you want? we love house hunting . . .

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Not huge.  We each have certain things we feel we need vs things we want.  We NEED more than one bathroom.  So at least a 2, preferably a 2.5 bath.  At least 4 bedroom, one for each kid, one for us, and an office for DH.  We both want more privacy/land.  I would love a ranch style house, something open, with a big eat in kitchen.  Ahhh dreaming big!


Right now we have a 2 br 1 bath and a galley kitchen.  Ugh.  SUCKSSSS.

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oy! that would. Our house (it's still technically ours) is 2 beds, 2 baths, and a galley kitchen. 2 baths is a must!


On the wish list: Large kitchen, gas stove, 1 story house with between 3 and 5 beds. dedicated office space in a frog or formal living room would be nearly a need. fenced in yard. I want neighbors, but not necessarily a neighboorhood, if that makes sense. we really don't like HOA's.


Hope you are able to sell and therefore buy in the near future!


ooh, and got myself a keeper wrap (I am pretty sure) off of the babywearer FSOT - it's a  Vatani 7! I'm excited. Once it gets here I will take pics.

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That makes sense. I don't want to be out in the middle of a field, but I would like some privacy in terms of not being right up against a neighbors house, or worrying they can see in my windows or are watching me in my yard.  You know?


Our wish list is big.  A pool would be wonderful.  We would also love a fireplace!

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Oh I could go on and on about the wish list for a future home. lol. It's funny when you buy your first, all the things you don't think about. Musts for the next are a big pantry, at least two bathrooms, a bigger yard, a fireplace, or space to put in one of the fakish ones. Oh and a bigger master bedroom. Ours seemed big enough (I mean you only sleep there...) until we tried to change it around to accomodate the baby. Then we realized how limited we were. 


For now though, I just want to finish this house! We haven't outgrown it yet, and probably will be here another five years unless something strange happens. It's just us and DD, plus our 8lb dog, and the house is 750sq feet, two bed (one of them tiny) 1 bath. But... once we finish the basement, that doubles our living space and will quadruple our storage space. The laundry/utility room will be organized with a pantry, an actual laundry area, and DH's tools (it's a pretty big room). We'll also gain a bedroom with a semi-walk in closet, and then a large area that's a combined office, tv area and kids play area (they're all separate areas, but open concept. I can't wait to have that space down there. The family before us had three children, and honestly, I never felt cramped, other than their bedrooms (I nannyed for them). So us moving will likely be more a matter of preference, than true need. But it will be hard, since we're in a great, safe area, and our family is all very close. But to buy a bigger house in this area, we're looking at more than double the cost of our current home. Probably closer to triple. 


Kat-- I agree, it depends on the place purees are taking in the child's life. Some foods -are- good pureed! It's just disappointing to see parents that don't seem to realize there is another option, you know? They just assume that the baby/toddler/young child has to eat pureed or packaged foods. 


Woke up last night with DD beside me again, but on the wrong side-- ie the one that means she's about to fall off the bed. It completely freaked the crap out of me, because again, I didn't notice until she was literally trying to chomp down through my shirt. I ended up nursing her and talking to her, asking her to give mommy a stretch in bed where she would sleep in her bassinet because mommy really needed to sleep, and it would be safer for her. Fluke I know, but she went to sleep in her bassinet for two hours! It's the first time we've tried to put her down in a while, because it hasn't been worth the chance of upsetting her and waking her up. lol. But then she even woke up smiling! We nursed again, and she went back into the bassinet for another 45 minutes, and then woke up because she had to have a bm and couldn't in the position she was in. Oh but seriously... those almost three hours were so wonderful. I sleep better with her near me, but not on me. I'd love to have the bassinet closer to the bed, but as is, I sleep well because I can hear her fussing, but feel safer to fall into a deep sleep. Once she's older I think I'll feel more comfortable with her in bed. Right now, it just feels like a stopgap, not a choice. 


I've got almost 4oz of milk in the fridge that needs to be used, so I think I'm going to put some earplugs in today and try to take a nice looonnnng nap while DH takes her. By the end of today I could be starting fresh! 

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Oooh, just for laughs, speaking of things you don't think of before you buy (or in our case, renovate) your house... We put in this gorgeous soaker tub that stands I think 21" deep from the floor. So nice, and it's got the curved back so you can enjoy your baths, etc etc. Except... try to sit outside the bath and bathe a child. I don't know anyone whose arms are long enough for that to be comfortable. I end up in so much pain! (This from bathing the dog, and babysitting kids, obviously we're not throwing Tenley in the bathtub alone... lol) Also-- coming home 24 hours postpartum and trying to step over that 21" ledge. Ouch! I avoided showering the first couple days because I didn't think I'd make it. lol. I really want a walk in shower in the next house!

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Strangest thing just happened that's never happened before.  I put Finn down in the cosleeper for his nap.  He was already asleep, of course, nursed down.  About 5 min later, I hear him in there talking, not fussing, just chatting -- like "oooo-oooo-ooo" - and thought, damn.  Oh well, no nap today, I guess.  I went to do one other little thing before getting him, and then tip toed past the room and peeked in.  He was back asleep!  How did that happen?!? I just peeked in there now (about 30 min later, I had to get DH's wallet) and he's sucking his thumb, asleep!  So. Effing. Cute.

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JJ: I know! I want a huge walk in shower. the one at our other house was long enough that I could put baby in a sling seat - it's meshy and meant for the tub - at the back while I showered. baby might get a little splashed, but is otherwise happy and close. Our current tub/shower combo at MIL's isn't long enough for that. I miss that extra space! plus once DS could stand and walk well, he could play at the back.


How long until the basement is done? it sounds awesome! not many houses here have basements, if they do, it's generally a walk-out (which is a good thing, I know) but they are few and far between. Love them! my parents are from out west, and everyone has them there, finished or not.


Hooray for good sleep! Norah has been sleeping most of the day; she loves that rocker thing. I will hate it when she grows out of it, b/c then what will she nap in?


We can't get the bassinette right next to the bed. wish we could.


JJ: you totally need a bed rail. worth it! I need to recover mine from a friends' house . . .


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Oh that shower sounds perfect. It's exactly what we need. DD loves the shower, but I can't hold her and clean myself at the same time. 


The basement... ugh. Who knows. It should have been done in August but DH was taking forever to make progress. Now it's more of a money thing. Him being off work for the past six months, we've finally gone through our savings, so we need to wait until he's working again before we can put more money back into it. It was 'finished' when we moved in, but horribly so. Over the past three years, we've unfinished it, repaired the foundation from outside and in, reframed the walls, and now DH is working on electrical, and then we can put drywall up and start it actually seeming 'finished'. 


Definitely been thinking about the bedrail if she keeps sleeping with us. She's moving more than she used to, so it's going to be a must soon. 


Carrie-- that's awesome!



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it gets easier to sleep with them as they get older. Until they are toddlers. Then it sort of sucks. (love watching DS sleep: but he is a wriggle monster and sleeps sideways, therefore is really no fun to share a bed with)


In the meantime: bedrails are awesome! I can't find online the one I bought before. but it is a Munchkin one that works up to king size beds, is super tall and long. the only thing is that it's supposed to fold down, but our bed isn't high enough to accomodate that. No matter, because we don't need  to fold it.

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akind1, I totally don't have a problem w/purees when they are done that way, especially when you continue to introduce your little one to "regular" food. I know that your DS eats a variety of foods, I've seen the pics of him scarfing down Thai food! And of course he would love "kid" food! My issue comes in when parents don't introduce their little one to regular food and automatically assume they wouldn't like it. My goddaughter's parents do that. Instead of shredding up the pork that they made and giving her the delicious homemade roasted potatoes, they make a grilled cheese sandwich w/american cheese on white bread. irked.gif It's like they are setting her up to only eat "kid" food. And then parents like this complain when they have a 4 or 5 year old that will only eat mac and cheese and chicken nuggets!


The purees in the pouches, especially the Sprout ones, look really cool because they also introduce some spices IIRC. I think if I did those, they would be the exception and not until DD has tried regular solids.

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