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I'm still trying to clean my bed. Any ideas on getting cat urine smell out? So far, I've tried vinegar and some pet odor cleaner (that never really works).



i dont know if its the stuff you tried, but natures miracle pet cleaner is the stuff we recommended at the petstore when i worked there and had tons of great feedback from it. never had to use it myself though, hurleys only peed on things we can put in the wash. 


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Well, ya know, if you say something stupid and insulting like that to me, you're going to get it back from me. Funny that it never occurred to him that my problem might be with him and not with myself. eyesroll.gif

No, my boys didn't fight haircuts at all but we don't force them, either. If they don't want hair cuts, they don't get hair cuts. I think Ethan was around 15 months old when he got his first one. I was letting it grow long but, when Sean came home from deployment he wanted to have it cut. Kellen was close to 4 when he got his first hair cut. His hair doesn't grow much. Now he insists on getting his hair cut every time Ethan needs one even though there's not much to cut. If he didn't want to do it so often, I'd probably have to have his hair cut only twice a year. Dylan's hair has started growing. It's getting longer in the front and he's woken up a few times with bedhead. hehe I think his hair is going to be more like Ethan's than Kellen's.

I wish I could throw out the bed. I hate it! Sean likes it, though, and it cost us a fortune. I don't think it's fair that he gets to pick the bed when he doesn't have any trouble sleeping anywhere or on anything. I'm the one who has trouble sleeping and wakes up with sore muscles so I should pick. Of course, I didn't realize I hated this bed until after we bought it. :irk

I keep forgetting to ask, is it a pain to have Norah on your back when she wants to nurse? That's one reason I haven't been very motivated to learn a back carry with my wrap yet. It's so much work getting them on there. I don't want to have to keep wrapping and unwrapping to nurse. When D's in front I can pop him out and back in as needed or just nurse him in the wrap.
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Gabe's hair gets all weird and fuzzy, so I like to keep it short, plus he gets hot and sweaty. I really wouldn't force it, but we've had luck only a couple times cutting his hair without a struggle. *sigh*


I only put her on my back specifically when she's been fed recently (but not *too* recently, else you get spit up down your back) and she's been up there maybe at most 45 minutesto an hour. I usually take her down because I want to sit down or something where being on my back isn't actually a good thing - not because she needs to nurse.


Honestly, it doesn't take long to get her up and wrapped. You have a limited amount of time to work with a baby back wrapping, as they aren't going to sit still forever.  If I haven't got her good and secure in less than 5 minutes, I give up and wrap on my front.  It's worth a try - I honestly thing Ruck Tied in Front is a very easy carry to learn. Double Hammock is awesome, but a little trickier at first. (I watched lots of youtube videos).


If you have a wiggle worm, Double Hammock or Jordan's Back Carry is probably your best bet. Ruck is better for non-wriggler or leaners.


I need to cut my hair again . . ..

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I get pretty worn out when getting baby on my back. I remember struggling with back wrapping Ethan, which why I thought I never did it. It was hard to get everything wrapped up properly, for me anyway. I can't do a rucksack carry because the shoulder "straps" feel like they are slipping off my shoulders and I get very uncomfortable trying to keep them on.

I've been having trouble with my ring sling lately. Dylan has started straightening his legs, which makes me worried that he's going to slip through the bottom. That makes me tense and feeling like I have to stand funny or keep adjusting him or hold him and then my back starts hurting. I've been using my mei tai more often but can't seem to get a hang of popping him in and out even though I've watched videos on that a few times.
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How long is the wrap you have? with a shorter wrap - I'm no good on what the length is - but for you, probably a 2 or 3 - you could do a Poppins or a Robin's hip carry that is a lot like the ring sling in pop-a-bility but more secure than a ring sling, because an extra pass goes under the legs. it's still one shoulder.


that's why I like the double hammock - it's the back carry that looks like you have a flat piece of fabric over your chest - I love the look of it, and it puts a lot of the weight off your shoulders. It's not diggy at all.

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MW  - first I cannot believe Sean said that to you!! OMG I would have been livid and probably reacted the same way you did!  I am happy to hear you he's reading that book.  Yay.  

Hmm... is the smell on the mattress or comforter? Hmm, I'll brainstorm.


I tried to get Finn on my back in the Boba and was only successful laying him on it on the bed, and then putting him on like a backpack.  I've no idea how to do it otherwise. And I couldn't get him off w/o help!  So -- I might try just sitting him in the shopping cart.  Just today he's started sitting!!  He lasts only seconds but that's more than yesterday!!  


I haven't been able to nurse him in the boba either.  I think my bbs are just too small.  With the amount I need to loosen it, and how far he needs to slide down, I can't walk anymore.  Doesn't seem to make sense.


I'm missing a ton, I know.  I'll have to go back and see what I missed.


AFM - We had a great playdate this am.  It was such fun and I got to catch up with a good friend.  I gave her all my small/nb diapers and covers, and she gave me 2 AI2s - a Flip and a Grovia, and a bunch of inserts.  Yay.

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i can't remember the length of my wrap but it's the shorter one, maybe 72". that's what was recommended since i'm so short. i can do poppable quick and easy with a front carry. can't ever remember the names of them but it's the one that criss crosses front and back, then wraps around my waist and tied in front. not the one with the pocket and then the crosses. that's easy and poppable, too, but now that D's bigger and i'm not yet small enough, my wrap isn't long enough.

i remembered my pouch today just to carry him to the cart. he sat in the cart the whole time. only got a little fussy a couple times toward the end when we stopped moving. he was leaned to the side a little. i couldn't get him to sit up straight.

kind of strange thing happened. there was a grown woman who was developmentally delayed shopping with some older people. we passed them once and she wanted to say high to D, which was fine. the woman with her told her not to touch. She did anyway but it was a very gentle touch on the top of his head so no biggie. She asked all my boys names and the woman started to sign to her so I signed their names, which was cool. I've never signed to someone who actually needed it before. She asked if Dylan was a boy in sign language and I knew what she was signing and could sign back. But we then passed them almost every aisle and every time the woman wanted to stop and touch D. At one point she even leaned over to kiss him. I didn't know what to do or say. The other woman wasn't paying attention at the time. She was like a child who couldn't speak or hear, I presume. What would you all have done?

To Sean's credit, he said that to me to tell me that he still found me attractive so I didn't need to feel self-conscious. I can understand why he would bring that up. We were both body building when we met and I was lean and mean. lol.gif I only weighed 112 and my bodyfat was only 12% or something ridiculous like that. We always talked about exercising and lifting weights and staying in that kind of shape. But having 3 babies and no one else around consistently to take care of them so I can exercise has put a bit of a damper on that for me. I'm not worried about that anymore, though. It doesn't bother me and I think I look pretty darn good with my curves. I'm not worried about getting that lean again. I don't want to. So, he was trying to make me feel more confident that he thought I was ok the way I am. It just didn't need to be said, ya know?
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Well, at least he was trying to be nice :) For me - because I've always been plus size - the fact DH is attracted to me is a big deal, it's why when we have "dry spells" it bugs me so much, because I need to know that he still desires me, you know?  and well. It just seemed weird that he could go a while without sex and it not bother him too much. 


Obv, we are with my IL's right now, and it looks like we will need to live with someone for a while longer while we get back on our feet. But this is not working out so well. Originally we chose to live here because MIL was already helping out financially. And my parents had people renting out their basement. BUT MIL is driving all of us insane. the electric bill went up a little from this time last year (well, duh. You have 4 extra people in the house and the company's rates went up) but she went all ballistic on FIL because he got this space heater to help cut down on the heater usuage. Which it likely did. Otherwise MIL would keep the temp set to 64* at night, which is far too cold for the kids.


DS has been taking later naps (not that we intentionally encourage this, but he just crashes) which results in a later bedtime, and thankfully a later morning wake up time also. And she is like, we need (she said we like including her??) get him on a better nighttime routine. It's a good thing I didn't hear this, because 1)it doesn't bother us that he's in bed late, I really like it that he sleeps in 2)SHE Is not the parent. what do his bedtime and morning times have to do with her? she's in bed before him 9 times out of 10, and she's gone to work well before anyone in the house wakes up.


My parents' tenants are moving out next month and they have offered us the basement. I think we are going to take it. It's a whole separate space, it's own living room, kitchen and everything. My parents are so laid back and easy going about stuff, my mom works on the property and my dad is in school so they are around to help out too.


anyway - had to vent a little,


re: weird lady: as long as it's not upsetting the kids, and I think especially small kids have a good creep-o-meter, I think it wouldnt bother me too much.but I agree on the weirdness factor.


yay on the signing! its been so long since I learned, I have forgotton alot.


Carrie: I have big boobs and I am short and I cant figure out nursing in the Boba either. I can in a ring sling or wrap.


re: getting him down: can you sit in the car and undo the buckles? most of the people I see get a baby down have kids that can at least stand well, if not walk, so they squat, undo buckles and kiddo slides down and runs off.

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Awesome about using the sign language, MW.  Thats pretty neat that it came into real life usage like that!  How helpful.  I'm sure it felt really good.

 I would probably be a little put off by the person kissing my baby, just like you were, but I don't think I would have done much of anything.  I might have just said, "No, no kissing," while shaking my head no and trying to move along.  Maybe she could hear but couldn't speak, so the sign language was useful for her to communicate?  It's a tough situation, but I think I would treat that person like someone else's toddler or something.  If they wanted to kiss my baby or my child, I wouldn't like it much.  But saying hi, or a high five (trying to put it in context) would be ok, you know?

Not much can be spread through a simple kiss other than a cold or a virus like it.  Right?


There is a special needs cart attendant at my supermarket.  I've almost run out of polite things to say.  I don't know how many times I can answer him that yes, Finn is a boy, and no, he isn't a girl, and yes he is a baby, and yes, he's cute.  I know, I'm mean.  But it's every time I see him (which is weekly, sometimes twice weekly)!  And he waits by my car for the shopping cart, even though it's clear I need time to buckle my kids in their seats and then unload all the bags.  He tries to be friendly, but ... sigh.  I don't know.  I feel bad for him but I don't always have my heart or mind in the right place.


Ok - I get what you're saying about Sean's comment.  LOL.  At least he was trying to make you feel better!!  But agreed, it didn't need to be said.  winky.gif


Kat - ugh.  Seriously if I were you I'd take up the offer on the basement.  I wouldn't like those comments either.  I don't like when my ILs make comments about anything related to parenting, and we don't live with them!!  It would feel so judgy to me.  

How do you get Norah off your back?  Do you wear her on your back out and about or only at home?


I'm going to try to make Irish Soda Bread for Nora's class tomorrow.  I have some irish in me and it's for around the world week.  I also have to come up with something just for her.  All the kids are bringing in something, so she needs something to take the place of that (in case it isn't vegan) and then her own thing to share.  Hmm...

I also just ordered some photos and I'm hoping to pick up a small album today to fill.  I finally printed some labor and birth pictures, and the first pictures of Finn's life, and Im going to do a small memory album.  I want to make a photobook but I just haven't had time.  I also haven't gotten a baby book for him either, and I feel a little sad about that.  I should just pick one up.











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Kat ~ The basement at your parent's sounds much nicer. Just having your own space would do it for me. I'm not good at sharing my space with anyone. I had that same kind of trouble living with my mother when Ryan was a baby. To this day she doesn't understand why I moved out as soon as I could. I wish I could have stayed with her. It would have made things so much easier financially and probably better for Ryan, emotionally, to have more than one adult to help care for him. I just couldn't take her constant meddling and telling me how to do things, though, and no matter how much I told her to back off she just wouldn't. Anyway, thanks your ILs for their hospitality and help and move OUT! lol.gif

It was the kissing that grossed me out. I don't want a stranger kissing my children. But I don't have any experience, really, with people who look like adults but act like children. I didn't want to upset her or hurt her feelings. The other woman with her had been really good at watching her up to that point. I think she was distracted by an elderly man with them who seemed completely out of it. Ethan and Kellen were freaked out by her but not in a scared way. They just thought she was weird and didn't want her touching them again. So, every time we turned down an aisle where she was, they'd say, "Oh no! There's that freaky lady! Duck!" and they'd hide in between the cart and their seats. They were kind of loud but I don't think they were loud enough for anyone else to hear or know what they were talking about but that was embarrassing.

That lady in the video Annie posted on FB made getting a baby on your back with wrap look so easy. I wonder if I could do that with D now that he's older and sitting up.

Carrie ~ How do you know what food that the other kids bring is vegan or not?

I need to do something about my meal planning and grocery shopping. I always make a list but I don't really plan meals. It used to be easy. I'd get the basics, meat, starches, vegetables, fruits, drinks and snacks and we'd be fine. Now, though, so many foods, like beef, freak me out so that I can't buy them. I end up not getting much food for making meals. I get a bunch of Amy's organic or other vegetarian frozen meals. Then I spend a ton of money ($250 this week!) and feel like I don't have any food.

I used to get a weekly email vegetarian meal planner with recipes. It was a site that hade lots of choices, regular, vegetarian, vegan, low sodium, etc. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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MW: e-mealz.com I bet is it.


re: getting baby off my back - in a wrap I just unwrap her to the point where I have just the two tails I'm holding snug, then I reach back and and scoot her with my left hand while holding the wrap with my right hand and she comes under my left arm to the front.. I am leaning forward a bit while doing this. not sure how that work with the Boba, since you have the straps going over and under your arms.


I get her on my back  in sort of a modified Superman toss. I hold her close in front of me (kind of like I'm burping her) and spread the fabric over her back and shoulders, then lift and put her on my back like I was going to piggy back her, with one arm on either side of my neck to be sure she's both high and centered.  It's called Superman because the wrap is spread almost like a cape.


The hard part is making sure the bottom of the wrap gets good and snug under her bum and between the two of us. I'm getting better at that part.


I think we are totally going to move out; I need to bring it up with my parents this weekend, to at least let them know we are seriously considering it, just need to work out the details.



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Thanks for that link. I don't think that was the place I was talking about. It doesn't seem familiar but I'll try it. I remembered that I printed a bunch of the recipes from before. I think I still have them. Just need to find them. I liked it because none of the recipes used meat substitutes. It was all whole veggies.

What do you all think is worse, hormone-laden meat or GMO plant based foods? I know what Carrie will say. winky.gif

That's a big part of my problem. I don't have much choice for organic or non-GMO foods. A lot of the GMO foods aren't labeled so there's not really any way to know. The few things that I can get here are so expensive that I can't possibly buy enough for all of us all the time. It's so frustrating! At least I wouldn't have to worry about Ryan. He has no interest in going vegetarian. Sean will spend all his money on meat when he gets home, too. lol.gif
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Both bother me!  LOL!  If I had to choose though, I think the meat is unethical, but the GMO stuff scares the crap out of me.  I make sure what I buy says non-gmo on it.  I don't know what i'd choose if I had to pick b/w the two...


I don't know necessarily what the other kids are bringing but I do trust the teachers to not give her anything she isn't allowed.  They understand no meat, no dairy, no eggs.  To that extent, if they aren't sure what's in it they don't offer it to her.  And she's wise enough to ask, as well.  She doesn't share others food and asks unprompted if it has cows milk or if it's meat.  So.  That's all I can "control".


The irish soda bread is in the oven!  We'll see how it turns out.  I've never made it before, so here goes nuthin'!


PS.  Finn is sitting up so well!  I didn't have a memory card in the camera so all the pics I took came out a little blurry b/c I only had my phone.  But look!!





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He is! such big boy (both in the literal sense and in the he's just growing up so fast sense)


Which bothers me more? hmmm. It is easier to buy hormone and antibiotic free meat. One of the stores here - publix which I know isn't in NC - has a store brand of organic meats and milks. The non-GMO stuff is freaky too, but I only buy the non-GMO stuff when there is a clear option. like with baby oatmeal. or some of the cornstarches, etc, if there is GMO (it's not labeled as such, but whatever)next to one that says non-GMO, I choose the non-GMO one.


What I like about e-mealz is there are a lot of options. I used to subscribe to a couple different menu plans (low carb, eating for 2 at whichever store, etc) so I would have some options.


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I think the only way to be as safe as I can is to buy all organic. But, it's soooooo expensive. We just can't afford enough of it to feed all of us. Not to mention there's such a limited supply here. I do wonder, too, how safe non-GMO produce is from GMO produce. I can see that everything will eventually be GMO even if we stopped producing it because there's no way to completely control cross-contamination. Unless, I guess, all the non-GMO stuff is grown in buildings that can't be accessed by free-range bugs and seeds. lol.gif

yay for finn sitting up!

That sounds like a good set up, Carrie. I was imagining you asking for a list of ingredients from everyone's food and them giving you the evil eye. lol.gif

I'm in trouble. My house is a mess and I need to go to the post office but I threw my back out. I can barely move or even pick D up. Nothing is going to get done and it's going to drive me crazy.
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Originally Posted by MarineWife View Post

I think the only way to be as safe as I can is to buy all organic. But, it's soooooo expensive. We just can't afford enough of it to feed all of us. Not to mention there's such a limited supply here. I do wonder, too, how safe non-GMO produce is from GMO produce. I can see that everything will eventually be GMO even if we stopped producing it because there's no way to completely control cross-contamination. Unless, I guess, all the non-GMO stuff is grown in buildings that can't be accessed by free-range bugs and seeds. lol.gif

yay for finn sitting up!

That sounds like a good set up, Carrie. I was imagining you asking for a list of ingredients from everyone's food and them giving you the evil eye. lol.gif

Lol!! No way!! We're strict but not THAT strict!!

Idk much about the GMO dilemma. I should read more about it. I read something the other day that whole foods was even starting to sell GMO things. It's a bit out if control.

What if you did free range organic meat once a week, or twice? The rest of the week eat vegetarian. It's easy enough. I think you could save a ton of money, and not buying those over priced Amy's meals will help!!

I'm going a, little nuts today., Nora is very needy, everything is mommy come here, mommy come see, and Finn is stressing out over sitting, teething, and his reflux. I stopped the zantac BC we were down to once a day every other day. Today he's having lots of silent reflux, choking, and barking hiccups. He's not happy. I gave him his medicine tonight, and some Tylenol for his teeth. I feel spent. Totally spent. Having some wine and watching blues clues with Nora, then we are all going to BED.

MW, I hope your back feels better soon!!

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I can't even get organic, free range or grass fed meats. The Commissary sells organic ground beef and bison and I buy a little of that. That's why I want to switch to vegetarian again as much as possible. I think it will cost less and probably be healthier.

I'm not clear on exactly what the issues with GMO foods are. At first I thought it wasn't any different than cross-breeding and didn't get what the big deal was. But I've read that they insert DNA from completely related organisms, like from fish into corn (I don't know if that's what they actually do but it's something like that.). That's freaky. And, maybe viruses or other organism that are supposed to act as internal pesticides. I don't see how that's any safer than using something like DDT. We were talking about that at park day today. One woman told me that she knew someone who used to raise feeder rats. At first, this lady just fed the rats the store bought corn stuff that was GMO but all her rats developed stomach tumors. She switched to making her own organic feed and the tumors cleared up. She said she had fancy rats for a while and fed them corn-based rat food from a store and they got stomach tumors, too. Totally anecdotal but it makes you think.

Dylan's been having a lot of silent reflux again, too. He's been spitting up a few times a day, which he never used to do at all, and he cries when he does. His weight gain is slowing. He gained a little over a pound from month 4 to 5 but less than a pound from month 5 to 6. He's 18 lbs. and 3 ounces. He was 17 lbs. and 14 ounces at 5 months. That's a gain of only 6 ounces. I didn't get around to measuring his length today. I'll do that tomorrow. I know it's normal for weight gain to slow from 4-6 months and then again from 6-9 months but I don't know by how much. I need to look that up.

My back is feeling better after I took a double dose of ibuprofen. I'm still not going to clean anything today. Sweeping and mopping and bending and lifting make it worse. Hopefully, I'll feel well enough tomorrow to do it because my house really needs it. If I miss doing laundry one day, it piles up fast.
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Marine Wife...totally crashing, but I moused over the list of posts and caught "can't get organic, etc" from you post, saw your name, and knew you live in NC.  I used to live there and would get my beef from a man in Wilmington.  I would buy it by the 1/2 cow, and we really enjoyed it.  It was really good.  His name is Ron Koster of Tarheel Beef.  I don't know if he is still doing it or not, but though I'd throw it out there if you're interested.  He would deliver on base for about $50, too.

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gah. I keep reading, and having things to say, but then not being able o type, so intending to come back later... and then I forget everything I wanted to say. Oh well. 


I know several of you have SSCs... I think we're going to be in the market for one soon, once I can convince DH that we truly do need it. I feel like a basic mei tai is my preference, but I know there's lot of other similiar options out there-- boba, ergo, etc.  Which ones do you guys have, what are the benefits over a mei tai? I like the mei tai in theory because it seems simpler. I seem to have a bit of a sensory integration issue, and so not having extra buckles and straps etc etc seems like a big bonus to me. 

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JJ: I am going to through you for a loop by adding an option: a Half Buckle carrier. It buckles at the waist, but the shoulders are ties, like this:



look here: http://babiesbeyondborders.com/catalog.php?category=10


I am really leaning towards trying one. I hate adjusting 5 different buckle/straps on the Boba for the right fit. (same with any full buckle carrier) Though I like my Boba better than the Ergo. I really love Kinderpacks (you have to google them) but they are pricey. but can be found used on FSOT alot. Also, KP's are available in lots more sizes so maybe can get a better fit without having to adjust as many buckles and what not.

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