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Please help me find a nursing bra!

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With my last baby, I swore by Wacoal, but it doesn't appear as if Wacoal is making nursing bras anymore... :(


I've just spent the last hour looking for bras, and am coming up empty handed.


Here are my requirements:

-- Must be underwire and have seamless cups

-- Must have lining or light foam padding (for modesty, not for added cup size)

-- Must have a closure other than hook and loop (too fiddly!)

-- Must come in a size 36G (this seems to be the biggest problem)


Help? Please?

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A friend of mine who is very well endowed used a brand called bravado? She loved them! I understand underwire is desirable for support, but they are contraindicated for breastfeeding du to the fact that they tend to cause plugged ducts...however, I know I've seen underwire nursing bras at target, maybe look into them? If you can't dinf one with suffiecient padding, I'd recommend buying organic cotton nursing pads (I always need them anyhow), they are pretty thick and definately cover cold nipples nicely :)


good luck

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Thank you!


They definitely don't have a 36G at Target, I know I'm stuck ordering from a specialty retailer. The Bravados have stretchy cups without enough support, sadly... :(



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Ummmm...  I do sincerely wish you luck finding a bra that meets those requirements.  I have just started using my Elomi model and It's quite comfortable.  It meets no requirements except size availability and being underwire.  But it is quite comfortable, as bras go, and easy enough to manage.  I got it from www.herroom.com, which I usually have good service and products from.  I also use www.bravissimo.com, and they also carry nursing bras.  I also have large bubbies, now even larger thanks to the milk factory being in full production.  And a small waist/ribcage.  It's a pain.  You have my sympathy and best wishes for your search.


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Thank you! I fear I may be searching for the holy grail... it's hard to find the large cup/small band combo in non-nursing bras, even.

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If you're a big-boobs small-waist and ribs girl, check out the second link (Bravissimo)...  I wash them in the washer in a bra ball, and get a year if not more out of two bras alternated.  I prefer the Freya brand - they defy gravity and magically result in my husband paying veryveryvery close attention to me when I'm speaking.  Hah.



On an side note, I nursed in the nursing bra for the first time, and she was like:  "Um...  sorry, WTeff is this crap?".  It makes the latch different.  Poor little girl, she is really getting handed a plateful to deal with this week!  We figured it out, and I'm not pushing her to sit with Papa as much...  I'm just letting her cling whenever she needs to. 



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They have some really pretty things -- thank you for the suggestion! I've got it bookmarked. :) And I did place an order at herroom.com for two nursing bras -- not exactly what I was looking for, but we'll see if I can't make them work.


Thanks again!

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I am wearing a 32F now and absolutely adore the Bravado Bliss.  It doesn't have an underwire, but it has really nice seamless molded cups and such great construction that I don't miss the underwire.  It's not cheap, but I can wear it under a white t-shirt and feel confident teaching high school even when I'm feeling so full that I'm counting down the seconds to my pumping session. 



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This one is $$$ but it might work for you - it's a great store: http://www.milkface.com/detail.aspx?ID=48400
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That is pricey, but looks like what I've been looking for! Thank you!

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How about Elomi or Elila?  I believe even Hotmilk carries that size and sometimes you can get free shipping.  They're pretty quick with an order to the US.

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