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Last night I finally had my first good sleep in about a month, and got up only 4 times!!  Hubby and I had a romp last night, and shortly after I started getting cramping in my lower back and abdomen, but nothing came of it, and all today it's been sporadically coming and going..maybe we'll try again tonight and see what happens...:)  Hip's much better, so I've been catching up on laundry today, which makes me feel very proud and accomplished, and I've been cleaning/tidying random places, like the laundry soap shelf in the laundry room, the towel shelves in the closet, washing the doors and walls, etc.


Yay to Imakecutebabies and Kewpie!!!  Hope all goes well!

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39 weeks on Thursday and feeling impatient ;) a little bit jealous of all you mamas who have exciting things happening...but really have a lot to do before the baby is born! DH and I are still not even close to agreeing on a name, for one thing :)


My ob did a cervical check at my appt last thursday and he said cervix is closed up tight and baby wasn't even engaged...And last night I could feel so much movement, she definitely is still not engaged. I've been sitting on my exercise ball to encourage her, but I'm still more than a week from my actual due date so it could be a while whistling.gif


Good luck to all of you that are having things get started!

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To all the mamas who are close... the moon will be full on the 9th, so here's hoping that gets things going for you!

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I have a mw appt that day (and it's the day before my 'due date') so I'm really hoping I won't need to go in to see them :)

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The OB was really on the fence about sending me in tonight. My protein was higher since friday and my BP was up even more too. I gained 4 pounds this weekend in water retention. She took my BP a couple more times and ultimately decided to give it until they have my 24 hour urine results at noon tomorrow and she said she’ll call me as soon as that’s in and make the final decision at that point.


So, tomorrow may be the day...maybe not... 

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Hi all! I'm starting things off today because my water just broke! Eek! I had a beautiful dream last night and saw the baby in it, then woke up this morning to my water breaking! :) No contractions yet though so lets hope they get started on time..

hope you have a beautiful birth!



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Good luck, Kewpie!

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thanks for the update, kewpie! do you feel ready, should the doc call you in tomorrow?  i'll stay tuned!

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I do feel ready.  I'm excited to meet these little guys! I'm also ready to feel human again.  I will miss a lot of parts about being pregnant, but the last couple weeks have been a trial.  



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thanks for the update, kewpie! do you feel ready, should the doc call you in tomorrow?  i'll stay tuned!


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I am also 39 weeks today. Cedarwoman, how awesome would it be if we labored and birthed with a full moon together? Nothing is going on with me physically and labor does not feel soon. I went to acupuncture today and felt really relaxed. Today was also my last day going into the office. I will still be working, but from home so that should be better. I have a mw appointment tomorrow and I'm eager for her to estimate baby's size. Last week she thought 7.5 pounds! 

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That would be just lovely! It's a date ;) (The full moon is in the morning on the 9th, so going into labor on the 8th works for me...)

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cedarwoman and hippieincog - can i join that january 8th labor train?? :) Labor doesn't feel soon for me either, and MW is also guessing baby is 7.5 pounds! I'm 39 weeks wednesday so the full moon morning sounds perfect to me!

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Hi. I don't post much. Today is 39 weeks, 5 days, with only occasional prodromal labor to show for it. I'm getting frustrated, because you get excited and then let down, I want to hold this little girl!

Congratulations to all the new babies!

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