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January 3rd-January 9th Chat thread

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Dsb76-11/9/11 Audrey Elaine 5lb 3oz & Maxwell Zachary 4lb 13oz

Wendizbaby-11/14/11 Paxton Uesato 7lbs. 6oz

APToddlerMama- 11/25/11 Liam Elias 8:16am 7 lbs 13oz 21"

Mamaecho- 11/25/11 Maddox 5:40pm. 7 lbs 8.8oz. 19"

Nymama531- 11/26/11 10:48  7.2lbs and 19 1/4inches.

Joanna47- 11/26/11 Gabriel Keith 6:09am 7lbs 9oz; 18.5"

Triniity- 11/28/11 Jamina

Caitlin0919- 11/29/11 Oscar Dean 12:11pm 9lbs. 3oz, 22.5"

Jeninejessica- 11/29/11 Tenley Harper 15:22 8lbs8oz 22 "


Early December

Showurhorns- 12/2/11 Thomas "Canon"7:54 am 7lbs 3oz 20.5" 38 weeks 6 days

AveryLamb - 12/4/11 Ariadne Grace 1:06 am 5 lb.08oz 18"

LynnolaS- 12/4/11 Violet Anne 8:23p.m. 6 lbs. 11 oz.

AmandaWilliams-12/6/11 Eli Paul 8:24am 6lbs. 12oz.18" 37w

Melissarana - 12/6/11 Simon Otto 11:44am 9lbs 2oz 20.5"

Aeterna- 12/6/11 Elias Hamilton 12:23pm 6lbs 15.5oz

20" 40w

AshleeS- 12/6/11 Oliver David 5:30pm 8.0 lbs 20"

KimCarrots- 12/7/11 Olive Ann Patience 8:14am 7lbs 7oz   20"

Mayachel - 12/8/11 Juniper Ysabel 8:06pm 8lbs 2oz


LilMomma83- 12/9/11 Naomi Ruth 10:11am 8lbs10oz, 20

1/2" 39w 1d

fnpmama- 12/9/11 Ezekiel 10:40am 7lbs 5 oz, 20" (38w 5d)

Carseatqueen- 12/9/11 Gideon 10:03pm 6lb 3 oz 38w5d

MamaTangerine- 12/10/11 Pearl Whimsy 6:07PM 8lb 8oz 21"


Mid December

ZoeJane'sMommy - 12/12/11 Jace Aaron Edward 9lb 9oz 22"

SierraBella- 12/13/11 Elliott Wilford 3:39am 7lb 10oz 20" 40w2d

Mummoth- 12/13/11 Stephanie Margaret 12:06AM  7lbs 14 1/2oz

Elizabird- 12/15/11 Lucia Frances 8lbs4oz 20.5" 40W3D

Momma2two babes-12/17/11 Samantha Lynn 5:58 pm.7lbs 13oz

Rhianasmommy- 12/17/11 Hazel Daniella 7lbs 5 oz 20"

Mizelenius- 12/18/11 Paulina Noelle 7lbs 5oz 20" 39w0d



Late December

Alanamom- 12/20/11 Niamh Aine 8 lbs, 23" 41w3d

Mommadonna- 12/20/11 Nyah Isabelle 7:11 a.m. 8 lbs. 10 oz. 19" 39w

Zuleicamoon- 12/22/11 Bodhi Phoenix 5:42am 8lbs 5oz  20.5" 39w6d

Rustydaisies- 12/22/11 Ember Roam 1:30 pm 7lbs 13oz 21" 39w6d
Adzadehast- 12/23/11 Winter Rhys 1:04am 8lb 4oz
lotus1- 12/26/11 Toby Emil 10:44pm. 8lb11oz, 21.5 "
cwill- 12/26/11 Owen David 6 lbs, 12 oz 19.5 39w6d

Czarena- 12/27/11 Zelda Solari Starr K  4:11am 9lb 3 oz 21.5" 41w

Jesusfollower- 12/28/11 Norah Grace 3 am  7 lb 15 oz

Tristis-12/29/11 Cassie Mackenzie 12:57pm 7 lbs 15 oz, 21" 40w4d

Bennypai- 12/29/11 Emberley Annette 1:02 pm 9 lb.  21.5"








HI mommas!


happy first week of the new year!  hopefully all the rest of the babes will appear in the next two weeks! 


we switched over to using out cloth diapers last night but im slightly worried..... do  you think it could cause hip problems because they are so bulky?  also we have a gassy baby.  what are others doing to help them out.  im bicycling his legs, limiting dairy and holding his bum in  the air and massging his tummy.  i think im going to go pick up some gripe water.  has any one had any success with it?


Dp is in a cranky mood today bah.  hes like why is it such a mess in here!  im like because i just had a baby! and am healing!  duh... ugh hopefully he cools off cause its not like i can just leave him to his horribleness and go do something.

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I can't believe it's January already and DD is over a month old. I'm in denial. 


I wouldn't worry about the diapers. If you think about it, that's the position babies learn to crawl in anyways, and are born in. Plus it's soft, even though they are bulky. If you're really worried about it and don't have a full stash yet, we're using mostly pockets, which I love... but I also have a set of newborn bummis covers and prefolds, and they are almost no different from the sposies we use. \


Speaking of sposies-- what brand does everyone use? We keep a pack on hand for cases where we just want a break, or are going to be out for a long time (we don't have a travel wet bag yet). I've been buying Pampers since that's what I'm most familiar and comfortable with from my days of nannying and daycare work. But I'd love to know if anyone has had ongoing success with a cheaper brand.


Not sure about the gripe water. We tried it as a last ditch effort wuth no real difference, but I din't truly think gas was the issue... so not a fair test. 


I feel very blessed to have such a supportive DH in this postpartum period. Compared to a lot of people, I had an easy birth, but I still felt like death afterwards. I didn't really do stairs for two whole weeks. For a solid week I didn't get off the couch or out of bed unless I had to go to the bathroom, if I needed something for DD or myself, I just called DH and he came and got it for me. Even at night, I was sleeping on the couch for a bit, and if I needed something, I would page him through the phone, and he would get out of bed and come see what I needed. It was so wonderful feeling like I was able to listen ot my body and not feel guilty about giving it the time to recover. I've been really impressed with him this past month. 


In other wonderful news, DD slept in her bassinet for two whole hours last night, and then another hour again! She hasn't really ever done that. She's been so miserable and such a light sleeper, that she's spent the last month sleeping pretty much entirely on us every time she sleeps. I don't like it though because I both don't sleep as deeply-- so I wake up like a zombie... and, I sleep just deep enough (and DH much more so) that I often feel worried having her in with us because I'm not aware enough. Last night in particular, she fell asleep on top of me, and I woke up to her rooting, but on my left hand side- which is the side the edge of the bed is on. It would have been so easy for her to roll off. So while I was nursing her I whispered and talked to her and told her I really needed her to sleep in her bassinet for at least two hours, and that it would be safer for her, that I wouldn't leave the room, etc, but that I really needed her in there for a bit (and promised her extra milk if she would... lol). And I know, fluke and everything, but she slept for two hours in there, soundly, and then woke up smiling. We nursed again, and then she went back into the bassinet for almost another hour, and woke up only because she had to have a bm and couldn't in the position we had her in. (Whoever suggested the magic bags last thread-- I've been using them to put behind her actually (she sleeps on her side), and I think it makes her feel like there's someone there, so she's not as lonely. )


Anyways, I'm just so excited! I got sleep! Like real, deep, refreshing sleep-- for almost three hours! And then DH took her for another 30 minutes so I could sleep for a little bit more. So nice!

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We use pampers, but likes the huggies sample too.


Not getting enough sleep...Ari woke up at 4 and was fussy (which is unusual). I wasn't able to even get to sleep until almost 7.

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weve been using the seventh generation diapers as sposies.  they are really really nice and free of chemicals and bleaching

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Originally Posted by AveryLamb View Post

Not getting enough sleep...Ari woke up at 4 and was fussy (which is unusual). I wasn't able to even get to sleep until almost 7.

That was the night before last with us. There's nothing like being up for 3 hours solid in the middle of the night. lol. And it would be different if you knew it was going to be so long- I'd just grab her and come out here and put a movie on or something. But you're conditoned to think -no, it's nighttime, we're "obviously" going back to sleep soon...-

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We have such great names for our babies! Love 'em!!!


We are 100% in cloth now and I plan to keep it that way - my kids have always been ok with either, but, their bums couldn't take switching back and forth. We have used any brand whenever we do use sposies though (like when we travel) - interesting thing I found out, my local generic (store brand) sposies actually had much less harsh chemicals than some of the other brands...how thrilling and they were half the price! I don't have really heavy wetters but performance hasn't been an issue either, though I have noticed different brands vary on the sizes..like my 2yo can fit a 4 in most brands, but, one brand (forget which) it was really big and leaked out the legs. That said he is back is underwear again and had no accidents yesterday and none so far today....and he's covered in stickers lol...but, I really want to get him  confident with the potty again before going back to daycare.


I don't think the bulkiness of the cloth diapers will cause a problem - though I still feel kind of bad, so there are a few diapers (one size fitteds whcih are really thick - great overnight diapers) that I have not put into rotation just yet. I'm really liking the newborn (5-8lb but will probably fit my LO until she is 10 or 11 pounds because of her little legs) g-diapers with some WAHM inserts that are absorbant but pretty thin. I also have some BumGenious AIOs that are really teeny tiny and 2 WAHM pocket diapers (using the mini inserts) that are really small.


Mine is sleeping at night (actually all the time...so our issue is more trying to wake her up so she doesn't miss feedings), but, I remember how exhausting that was with my other two (and I'm sure this one will get to that point when she gets older and spends more time awake) In fact, one night when DS2 was a couple weeks old my DH shook me awake and said, "Are you ok? Caleb's been crying for over an hour and you haven't even moved!" (Usually I would be instantly awake...and once he woke me Caleb was SCREAMING) I think I just got so tired my body totally shut down and even my mama sensor turned off (or it just somehow knew my husband was caring for the baby and I needed to care for me and sleep). So I can totally relate!


We went to LLL today, I got to see some mamas I haven't seen in a while which was fun; but, I felt a little teary too (I think just telling my story to them); it was good to get DS2 a chance to play with his "friends" too.


My bleeding is back with a vengence today :-/ I honestly thought it was gone (well it was just a teeny brown each day; but, this morning I had a clot and then bright red...ARGH...I'm so  over it - I freaking hate pads...if I could stuff a tampon up there I would be totally fine lol).


I think DS2 has a problem with his teeth, he's 2 1/2 and we scheduled him (his first) dentist appointment for tomorrow to see what's happening...he's been complaining that they hurt though and I don't think they look to good...hoping they are ok....hoping he does ok at the dentist...I think I might beg my dad to come with me and be a second pair of hands since DH will be at work. He has been to the office and sat in the dental chair and several people who work there are family and friends which hopefully will help.


I wrote this last check for DS1's preschool...next month we are pulling him out because we just cannot afford it...I'm so sad though because I really love the school.


DH and I talked about ways to make it work for me to be home (or working very very PT)...he says he believes we can make it happen in about a year...I feel like him saying that is a cruel joke because I already have dreams of homeschooling our children etc. and I am sure he will find some reason why I must work by then. I wish I could have known before I had kids that I would want so badly to be home with them - it just feels so right. But, I thought I would want to work...of course I also thought I would marry someone who would want to stay home with the kids and my hubby realized he is not cut out for that at all.


Oh and my back is really sore from wearing DD so much but I guess that is only making me strong ,right? ;-)

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Oh man, just a tiny bit of perfect sleep goes so far to helping a mama feel human, doesn't it? Night before last, Winter slept his first three hour stretch (of course after a couple hours of cluster nursing), and I woke up ready to take on the world (well, as long as I didn't have to leave my bed!).

Rusty, sorry your DP is being a poop! Sometimes, oh, wouldn't it be good if men could feel what we feel, just for a day or so? Maybe they'd get it a little more. I've been so impressed with my DH too, though. I think he saw all that awfully hard work of the birthing I did and he realized how crappy I'd feel and also wanted to give a bit back to me. He still does basically everything: gets food, washes up (although the kitchen is constantly in a messy state, but I don't go in there, so I don't care!), brings me drinks and all my medicines and supplements. All I do is fold laundry and take care of baby. It's so good that he's doing so much, though, because much more than I am doing is still much too much. *stomp* I hate surgery!

Oh my gosh, my baby is so beautiful! He's just wakeing up.

Before he needs me, then: we're not using disposables, so nothing to add there, but I am wondering, how many diapers are you mamas changing each day? I change Winter as soon as I know he's wet or pooed, since he hates it on his skin (and that's yucky anyway), and some of his poos take a half hour or so to get out, you can't tell quite when he's done, and so he uses up a couple diapers at once. Anyway, we wash about 15 per day.
I totally love my flats, though. They're so perfectly adjustable--I use the origami fold, and fold the center strip to fit well between his legs, so it's not too bulky.

Oh, also,how much are your babies awake in a day,outside eating and trying to go back to sleep? Winter has maybe two half hour stretches in a day
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Got the big kids off to school without too much trouble today! DS told me he wasn't packing his lunch and he wasn't going, but I just told him no computer  for a MONTH if he doesn't get moving, and he dummied right up.


I wouldn't worry about hip problems with cloth diapers... my niece had hip dysplasia and the harness she had for it held her legs in the froggy position babies like. They used to tell mothers to put 2 or 3 diapers on the baby at once to treat hip dysplasia. One thing I have heard is bad for it, is swaddling tightly, so the baby cannot move her legs. Having the legs up pushes the bone into the socket and allows it to grow nice and deep, keeping the legs straight/down pulls the bone so there's not as much pressure into the socket, so it grows more shallow.


Stephanie slept from 11:30 - 3 last night! Hopefully it's the start of her not being nocturnal anymore! She loves her bath and she looks so cute when she's dried off and her hair gets all floofy! We go to the midwife on Thursday & I hope she's gained a good amount of weight... she was on the lower end of normal for weight gain last appointment.


I don't have any after school care kids this month... money is going to be tight but I'm glad to only have my 3 for a little longer. We had a great family holiday and none of us really wanted it to end yet. 


Anyone worried about belly buttons? Stephanie's fell off after 10 days, but it's still bleeding a bit... it was bleeding and goopy at first, and the midwife said to put hydrogen peroxide on it a few times a day... it wasn't infected but looked like it could got hat way easily, I guess. It seems like it's still not totally healed and she's 3 weeks old. My other daughter's was leaky too, I guess I'm just wondering how common this is because it seriously stresses me out!

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We use Target diapers when we use disposables. DD never had issues with them when we would have to use sposies with her.


Azadehhast: We're using flats too and I LOVE them! I also use the origami fold and they're just as trim as sposies under his clothes. We used pockets with DD which I liked, but traveling with them was such a pain because they took up so much room. I had to pack an extra bag just for diapers, plus they're very bulky. I was planning on using fitteds with covers this time, but a friend's mom gave us all of their old flats from when their kids were babies and I figured I might as well learn how to fold them and use them since they were free. It's so nice not to have to worry about a warranty or the PUL or anything like that. I can bleach the flats if I want to and I don't have to worry about the stinkies because they're 100% cotton and they'll grow with him so I don't have to worry about sizing up diapers. I just have to get a few bigger covers once he grows out of the ones we have.


I've officially started decluttering before packing. We're hopefully going to tour a few places next week when we go see my midwife for my 6 week check-up so we can finally have an official place to move to. I also gave my landlord our 30-day notice yesterday. I'm hoping he doesn't put up a fuss and try to say that we owed him 60 days notice(we don't). I don't know what property owners and managers are like in other places, but in South Dakota they don't seem to have the best grasp of housing laws. My dad is a lawyer and does a lot of work with housing laws so I guess I'm a little more educated about it than most people, but it kind of amazes me what previous landlords I've had don't know or try to get away with.

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Disposables- we've been using huggies.. only because that is what DF buys when he goes to the store for them, so I've not had a choice, lol. We only use sposies when we go out of the house and at night time. This kid pees and poops so much that he sokes through cloth way too fast to be able to CD out of the home and night time. 


My DF has been great.. he's not given me crap about the house getting messy and the dishes piling up. He's made his fair share of dinners and has helped a lot around the house. This morning he even got the baby out of bed, diapered and they hung out for a while to let me sleep in. I am lucky to have such an amazing partner. My ex-H was a really big jerk after I had a baby and was non-functioning for a while. I still kind of resent him for the way he treated me during that time. 


In my news... 


Last night Elliott took a bottle of mama milk! Yay! I was so so so worried that he wouldn't because he won't take a paci. I start spring semester next week (taking 2 classes) so I was hoping he would. My DS2 wouldn't take a bottle and it was miserable until he started eating solids. 


My MIL is coming to visit for a few days... we're picking her up in just a couple hours. She's not met the baby yet, so we're excited she finally gets to. Elliott is her first biological grandchild :)



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Originally Posted by Mummoth View Post

Anyone worried about belly buttons? Stephanie's fell off after 10 days, but it's still bleeding a bit... it was bleeding and goopy at first, and the midwife said to put hydrogen peroxide on it a few times a day... it wasn't infected but looked like it could got hat way easily, I guess. It seems like it's still not totally healed and she's 3 weeks old. My other daughter's was leaky too, I guess I'm just wondering how common this is because it seriously stresses me out!

Elliott's fell off around day 4 or 5, and leaked for a couple weeks after. It still gets a little scabby at 3 weeks now, and his ped said not to worry unless it starts getting smelly, which means it could be infected. 

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Azadehhast~ I'm changing about 10 in a day, but some are really good & wet so I don't think I'm changing her as soon as she goes. When I hear a poop noise, I look at the clock & wait 10 minutes to be sure she's done before I change her. She still catches me off guard sometimes and poops more while her diaper is off! DD1 used to go every time she was in the bath... thankfully Stephanie hasn't tried that yet.


Thanks, Sierra! I know to watch for stinkiness... I'm probably just too impatient for it to heal completely. A severely bleeding button was one of the things I had hallucinations about when DS was a baby, so anything in that area totally sets me off. The first time Stephanie's button bled a little bit I had a meltdown.


Diapers~ we're done with disposables. We had Pampers sensitive & they seemed so scratchy to me. She got little splits in her skin in the fold where her legs meet her body like you get between your toes or behind your ears and that went away when we switched to the cloth. We have a dozen babykicks which are adjustable & fit awesome and 2 dozen prefolds she hasn't grown into yet. Once her legs get a bit of chub on them, they won't leak as much, I'm sure. DH likes the babykicks because of the snaps and wants to buy more of them!


Dh & I have a date in 3 weeks! I bought him tickets to the Mythbusters for Christmas and asked mom to babysit for us. I didn't leave my big kids for anything when they were babies, so this is a totally new thing for me. I think mom nearly fainted from shock when I asked her! I bought a hand pump and Stephanie has practiced having one bottle so far... DH was impressed because she sucked back 2 ounces in 5 minutes. I have no idea how much I need to pump to be away from her for 4 or 5 hours... help?

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Diapers...  We are using kissaluvs for the time being (super easy) but Audrey has a yeasty looking rash which is getting worse and now what looks to be thrush.  I am switching her to disposables until it clears up.  I'm wondering if I have to do a vinegar wash of all the cloth diapers now so she doesn't get it again.  Some how Max has avoided the yeast infx (though up until now we did not worry too much about them sharing pacifiers etc - they share my nipples, right?  - well now they are each assigned a boob and the binkies are getting sterilized after each use to avoid confusion)  I haven't had any issues myself but I'm thinking I should treat myself with nystatin as well.  I am also starting all three of us on probiotics (which I should have been using all along, oh well)  If anyone has any miracle cures for yeast please pass them on.

We use seventh generation for disposables though I don't think they are much better then the cheaper brands.  I've heard they dye them tan to look more natural lol.

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Anyone else having trouble with the forum?? I see no discussions on the Discussions page. :-/


Ari just started spitting up...is this normal? I mean, to start at 4 weeks?

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yeah weird i wonder whats up with the forum

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I've heard that about 7th gen too. Makes me not so eager to spend more money on them.


I know the walmart brand used to be good... but that was years ago, and they look like they've changed since then, so I'm hesitant to buy a whole package. 


Avery: DD started all out throwing up at about 1.5 to 2 weeks I think, and she's developed a pretty decent case of reflux. Is she spitting up, or puking? Big difference. 


Forums doing the same for me-- I can only get here through the mail notification it gave me. 

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heres what i found out about they dying of diapers.  http://www.seventhgeneration.com/products/about/role-pigment-diapers


seems justifiable to me...


my prefolds dont seem very absorbant, two pees and they are soaked through!  the flips covers are pretty nice so far although they are still a little big in the leg.  but weve only had a minor leak.  still waiting for my bum genius freetimes to ship!  Thursday is embers first pediatrician apt, just to get the PKU test, not looking forward to it.. anything i should know?  so far the Gripe water seems to be helping, not totally but i think significantly less fussy when awake. 


in my pp healing news, my bottom feels less like its going to fall out, i iced it and i think it made a huge difference, i still cant sit straight on my pubic area, i thin kmaybe the scar tissue is tight and thats why it hurts?  im not sure.  im nervous about DTD feeling pretty self concious about my belly.  before i got pregnant i was the smallest ive ever been and at my ideal body shape, i tried on one of my mini skirts today that was tight but fit before i got pregnant and there was noooo way.  i have a lot of work to do.  will my hips go back and my ribs?  i feel like its all widend....... when can i start excersising?  and can you dtd before you stop bleeding if you use say a lambskin condom?  hmmm

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What I was told when we were worried about T not getting enough milk (seems laughable now...) was that you should expect every pee/diaper to be not just wet, but soaking wet. So it makes sense to me that the diaper would be 'done' after just one pee. At nighttime we do go longer in between, but in general I don't think they're meant to go much more than one pee. The pampers scare me with their claim of '12 hour protection'. lol. Really? People are leaving their babies in one diaper for 12 hours straight? I mean economical... lol, but wow!


Our first dr visit was no big deal, but it's also my own gp, so we were familiar with her and vice versa. She basically just weighed, measured, checked her ears, eyes, etc all the same normal newborn stuff, listened to her heart, and then asked if we had any questions. We spent more time talking than really doing any checks. Ended up in quite a discussion about vaxing, so that will be fun next time! The pku we had done separately, but my only surprise was how long it took. They had to milk her poor heel forever. Oh, our dr did mention its easier if the heel is warm.


Healing... I don't know what it is exactly, but I felt 'off' and tender down below until about three weeks as well. Even though my stitches had fallen out, and everything was technically healed, it still needed time to adjust. I'm feeling self conscious, but actually moreso about my thighs/butt and the new state of my lady parts than my stomach. Somehow it feels ok that my stomach is still lumpy, but the thighs bug me more. And I'm super nervous about dtd again, and what it's going to feel like.  I think the main concern before the bleeding stops is indeed infection, so in theory the condoms would probably solve the problem. My concern though is really letting the healed skin down there finish healing and strengthening, so I personally would be too nervous to push things too early, you know?

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I'm not sure...sometimes it's thick, goopy, and white, and sometimes it's more clear-ish and liquidy...

Originally Posted by jeninejessica View Post

Avery: DD started all out throwing up at about 1.5 to 2 weeks I think, and she's developed a pretty decent case of reflux. Is she spitting up, or puking? Big difference.


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I'm having trouble with the forum too! I had to go through my history to open this thread...of course my stupid postpartum hormones were thinking someone kicked me off or something lol.


Yeah I get so mad about people leaving their kids in the same diapers for long periods of time! My SIL and BIL only changed their kids when they pooped..they used less than half the diapers we used! It would get me so angry. When I tought daycare we would run into the same thing - a parent got mad at us for using too many diapers (her daughter actually ran out on several occasions) - we changed every 2 hours and her daughter was SOAKED by then.


Does anyone else's LO have a diaper rash? Naomi has had one for over a week now - it started normal (little red bumps) but now her bottom looks completely raw...the skin is literally pealing. We are super short on cash this month with me not getting paid so I bought her a generic desitin type cream (I used a mixture of almond and tea tree oil with my older 2 kids) and I'm hoping that hasn't made it worse. :-( I've also been using gerber style baby wash cloths with the soft side toward her skin as liners to protect the diapers from the cream...maybe that is causing the pealing? I feel really awful regardless! I would just EC her except she goes to daycare in less than 3 weeks so it would almost be cruel to start only to not follow through - plus I'm not sure I have the time with my other two, one of them potty training himself!


Last night my DH and I were arguing and he said I "failed at parenting" and expanded that he was refering to when I had untreated PPD with DS1 (I got treatment when he was 6-7mos when DH said I had to call my doctor or he was taking me to the ER); I was so hurt and mad...first of all that was so not my fault and secondly he KNOWS I have a history of PPD and I had just an hour before confided in him how overwhelmed and stressed I have been (he believes I am over-reacting, but, he hasn't come to any doctor appointments or lactation consultations and he certainly has not been the one trying to feed and nourish our baby so he really just has no clue) and he brought up me "failing" as a mother...I'm still hot over it (he did eventually oppologize and re-word what he was trying to say, but, it still stings).


On another note I actually got to DS1's preschool 5mins before it let out - I was so proud of myself lol...I was really scared I would be late!


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