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Oh, I really was hoping someone would want to discuss this! It’s interesting to me. So a few weeks ago, I posted that the May 20th is noted in the Mayan calendar. And yes there was an amazing eclipse.  Did you know that the cosmic winds ramped up around that time? The sight below seems dedicated to pin pointing an external event.


That’s cool, but, if you read about the Mayan concept of the fifth sun you will find it is the dawn of a spiritual sun.

 “As such, it will come to be felt to be even closer to us than the physical sun.  Just as our physical sun has a solar wind, a spiritual sun has a divine wind. Perhaps the most noteworthy quality of a spiritual sun is what we can call its esoteric self-awareness.  Its self-knowing subjectivity lends both vivacity and authority to the wind that blows inside our spirits. As it births itself inside us it seduces us into harmony with itself. This sun is expected to form the internal organizing principle of a major new cosmic cycle in human culture.  In so doing it will manifest its own spiritual cosmology and become the fountainhead of all living poetry and culture.” 

I welcome any of you who are interested to read this. What are your spiritual musings?


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I really loved "'The Definition of the Maya" and feel especially empowered by the way the wrter differentiates between capitalism and free enterprise.

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Just today, I felt led to start implementing some advice from James Redfield's book The Celestine Prophecy about focusing my love on the food that we're growing.


My husband and older daughter have been gardening for a few years now, and it seems that something generally happens to totally destroy or deplete a huge amount of whatever foods they planted. And it suddenly occurred to me that I could help by really learning to love and develop a relationship with these growing foods.


It was so spiritually renewing for me to sit out there today, and just pray in the tongue that I learned many years ago when I was an Evengelical Christian.


So many of my beliefs have changed since that time -- but my core spirituality really hasn't. It has only deepened. I realize I'm going to learn so much just by learning to celebrate life with these other living beings who are part of who I am just as I am part of them.

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Hello everyone! I see that it's less than a week away now! What are everyone's thoughts?

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Nobody has any thoughts?


I don't know what's gonna happen, I don't know if things will be good or bad tomorrow.  I'm pretty sure the world isn't gonna end (I'm Christian, it says in the Bible that we won't know when it will end).  I've been feeling antsy for several days now and an downright nervous about tomorrow, though I didn't think I was any kind of person to worry about all those "end of the world" theories.  My older son has been "antsy", too, and my toddler has been very clingy, though I'm pretty sure I've hidden my antsiness from him, so maybe there is something in the air, so to speak, that we can subconsiously feel.  I just hope it's all good.

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I live in the southern hemisphere where it is coming into the end of the 21st of december. So far a completely normal uneventful day. I wish you all safe and happy 21st of december days.

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I've been reading and listening to what some actual, living Mayas are saying about it. I figure they know their own calendar(s) better than some Hollywood producers just out to make a buck. The Mayas have been saying loud and clear that this doesn't herald the end of the world -- but the end of an age and the beginning of a new one. So I'm not really anxious about the end of the world, which I couldn't do anything about at any rate; I'm really just praying to be fully aware and in-tune because I've heard we'll experience a period of intense awareness for about eight minutes around midday tomorrow, the 22nd.

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Around midday Mexican time.

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In case anyone's interested, here is the link to a video of a talk given by the Maya Ac Tah.



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I have also been rereading the article at the following link, which tri31 posted a bit up-thread. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the Mayan prophecies.



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And another, which is REALLY current --



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Occupytesla posted this


Apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apocálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω meaning 'un-covering')

Translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, hidden from humanity in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation.



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Tricia Valek, I totally agree with you.


Did anyone feel anything unusual around midday on Saturday the 22nd? This was when the Maya Ac Tah predicted a wave of intense consciousness.


I've been feeling really heightened consciousness for quite some time now. I can't say that my frequency was any higher during that time, but I was blessed with a break in which I was able to meditate in my prayer closet and write things down. What really impressed me at that time was that I need to let go of any tendency toward being rigid about my spiritual practices.


I've recently gotten back into my yoga and regular meditation, after pretty much dropping everything when things got really hot last summer and I got really tired, dealing with no AC and all. When I got the inspiration to get back into it again, I was scared that I'd end up dropping the ball and quitting. But Spirit assured me that if I'm meant to do Yoga, I'll do Yoga. Whatever I'm meant to do I will do.


I don't have to try to hang on so tightly to the Life Force, and my connection to Universe, because Life, Universe, and Spirit love me and they aren't letting go of me. They ARE me. If I become open and fluid, it'll be easier to just "go with the force" and be doing what I need to be doing at each and every moment. I need to say yes to listening and no to mind chatter, and everything will take care of itself.


With my Kundalini Yoga practice, there is a Kriya where we meditate on boundlessness. We gradually move up higher and higher until we are out in space looking down at the Earth, able to embrace it all. During one of my recent meditations, it occurred to me that, just as being boundless enables me to embrace more people and meet more needs, it also enables me to be more connected with the whole universe and to easily find what I need to meet my own needs and the needs of my family. In other words, it enables me to be more fully embraced -- or to experience the fact that I have always been fully embraced and cared for.

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