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I have carried all my babies on my back before 20 pounds, I assume it's a Boba thing rather than a baby thing.
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The booklet that comes with the carrier says not to carry the baby on your back until >20 lbs. Sora turned 4 months old today, though, and I notice that a lot of other people carry their babies on their backs way before 4 months... Is it okay for me to try it? I'm not sure but I think Sora is around 15-ish lbs.

With SSC's back carries are not recommended until baby is longer and more sturdy.  They put a weight on it to guide you, but really it's a matter of when they can support their own head well and are long enough to be supported by the carrier when on your back.  Go ahead and put her in it on your back and you will be able to see how she fits and how well she's supporting herself and then you can make a decision about whether she is ready or not.  Make sure you do it over a soft surface like a bed or carpet, preferably with someone else there to spot her since this is your first time doing a back carry.  A full length mirror is very helpful when doing this as well.  Other SSC's will say not until 6 months (which again is a general guideline for when they can sit up unassisted and therefore support themselves more in the carrier as well).  With a MT you can get them on your back if you put the waist strap up higher and obviously with a wrap you can get them on your back from the start, but this is because the carrier is more versatile, not b/c of baby's weight/height, etc.


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I've started putting Greta on my back in the Beco. I just tried it last week when she was fussing to be held while I was making dinner. She did great in it. She holds her head up really great, so I wasn't too worried and it wasn't too difficult to get her on my back. I think DD1 was a little older before I put her on my back, but she was also built quite a bit smaller than Greta. 


Also, we just perfected the hip carry in the Gemini and I love it! I swear, I love this carrier more and more each time I use it!

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I think I will start putting Dylan in a back carry (boba).  I tried it out last week and he liked it but I took him out right away because it was nap time (he sleeps better/longer in the bed than in the sling).  He can sit up unassisted (for a short time) and does well in his highchair while I cook dinner, so I figure he's strong enough.

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Any tips on using an Ergo? My brother scored me one secondhand, I printed instructions and watched some videos but I'm having trouble getting it comfortable. I'm just trying to carry baby in front right now.

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My dh, ds, and I are big fans of the ergo.  It has worked so well for us!  We're now using the back carry too, and that's a big hit.  I was able to dig up the garden while wearing the babe today.


What part exactly is uncomfortable for you?  I think having the shoulders adjusted snugly made a difference for me. 



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It was hurting mid back, but I tightened everything and it seems to be better.

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