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school breakfast ideas

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I live in Germany where the kids typically bring a "2nd breakfast" to eat around 10:00.  They tend to bring half a sandwich.

Now, I've been giving DD half a sandwich for the last 5 months, and first of all this doesn't seem very healthy--no fruit or veg in there--plus bread and cheese/lunch meats seem high in salt. 

2nd of all this means she is not hungry for lunch when I pick her up at 12:30. The bread is way too filling for a mid-morning snack.

Fruit and veg sticks are on the table already so DD really needs something additional to bring and unpack.

We are trying to cut out the excessive amounts of meat and dairy we have consumed in the past (New Years Resolution!) so I'd really like some vegan or near-vegan options.

Thank you to anyone who's reading this and has some ideas?

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Why does she have to have something else to unpack if the school is already providing fruit and veg for them to snack on?


I guess if you want her to take something though, why not a small salad or some pretzel chips or something? Or maybe peanut butter to go with the fruit?

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Homemade granola bars with agave nectar? Rice cakes with peanut butter? You could do an open faced sandwich with a veggie cream cheese, sprouts and tomato as well, so only one piece of bread.

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I agree that fruits and vegi are the best option. I wouldn't add anything else.

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Maybe some fruits cut and peeled in a box-type tupperware.Or a homemade smoothie
She doen't need to eat a lot if she had lunch at 13.00!

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off the top of my head:


yogurt with frozen berries on top

lox and cucumbers

hummus and carrots

baba ganoush and red peppers to dip

chickpeas fried with garlic


trail mix (nuts and dried fruit)


also try the archives for veganlunchbox dot com. here's a list i put together from there a while back, maybe some of it would work for you:


fruits and vegetables
strawberry and kiwi chunks
edamame pods
plum and pluot slices
squash bites
corn wheels
nectarine slices
green beans
avocado and orange slices
cherry tomatoes
melon chunks
apple slices
persimmon and pomegranate seeds
carrot coins/flowers
grapefruit segments
jicama slices
mango slices
falafel and dip
salmon bites (teriyaki, lemon, BBQ…)
meatless meatballs fast-sauteed in teriyaki sauce
chickenless nuggets with ketchup
French toast bites with maple syrup
meatless sausage with ketchup/maple syrup
black beans with lemon juice, olive oil, garlic
red beans with corn, lime, garlic
tofu cubes
fried tofu cubes/shapes
hardboiled eggs
hummus, pita triangles, and carrots
fried chickpeas with garlic and rosemary
soy nuts
ants on a log
string cheese
cheese shapes
potato salad
challah slices
wild rice salad
plain white rice
pizza bites
cheese tamale
vegetarian potstickers with soy sauce
bean dip and corn chips or tortilla triangles
quesadilla triangles
polenta slices, with pasta sauce to dip
brunch for lunch
cereal and milk
mini muffins
yogurt with frozen berries, granola
frittata slices
spaghetti with meatless meatball sauce
pasta salad
mac and cheese
spaghetti with butter, parmesan
pesto tortellini
soy butter and jelly 
cream cheese and honey 
pesto and mozzerella 
lox and cream cheese 
butter and marmalade
egg salad
tuna salad
lemon-mashed avocado 
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String cheese, hardboiled eggs, and dips for the fruit/veggies - that's what I would go with.

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cheese or yogurt... nuts...

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