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I want to take my daughter out of public school and do homeschooling with her. I took her out halfway through first grade because at the time she was having ear problems. It was difficult for her then. But now that she is older and in 4th grade, I want to take her out again. I think she will benefit from the one on one and learn at a quicker pace. She is doing really well in school now, she made it on the honor roll last quarter. She is having some issues with people in her class. The bullying is really hard for her. She is really doing well with dealing with it, but its hard on the days she comes home crying because the kids were being mean to her. I just want some feedback from other mothers. What do you think??? Thanks 

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If you both think you are willing and up to the task then go ahead and best of luck to you! I would make sure first though to get to know the NY homeschooling laws and make sure you're ok with them, NY is not a easy state to homeschool in unfortunately.

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Thank you! I've home schooled her before. In first grade. I just need time to prepare to do it again. Get things in order. I may leave her in for the remainder of this year and start fresh with her for Fifth grade. I'm just not sure yet. :)

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What's difficult about NY? We homeschool in PA and are thinking of moving to NY, so I need to research this anyway.
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What does she think?

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I think it's awesome you're willing and able to offer her an alternative- bullying and mean kids can be so draining and can really effect a child's self esteem and education.

I really think you should pull her out now and go for it!
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