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I actually tested at Walmart, silly as it sounds.  We had a couple months prior where we thought we might be pg but weren't, so I had already done the whole excited, expectant testing at home thing.  Our family was heading out for an outing the day I tested; my husband had taken the day off work because I took a college final that morning.  It was the day my period was due, and I didn't have tests at home.  My husband jokingly told me he would "agree" to me buying a test if I could hold my pee for a few hours (he isn't controlling, he knows I would have done it anyways, just kidding around with me).  But we were on our way out of town, so we stopped at Walmart without telling the kids what I was doing.  Our 3 boys were sitting in the van waiting, and I went in, bought the test, and headed straight to the bathroom.  I wasn't late yet, so I didn't really expect it to be positive.  But I just wanted to get the testing over with since it would be reliable at that date.  Low and behold, it was positive.  When I got back out to the van, I quietly showed my husband and we both agreed to tell the kids.  So, we showed them right there, in the parking lot, and they were pretty excited.  We spent the whole day in a quaint little town near us that celebrates Christmas year-round (Frankenmuth for anyone familiar with Michigan).  We just kept having these little waves of shock that it was real, but were so excited to share it with the kids. orngbiggrin.gif  Since then, we've enjoyed talking about the potential gender of the baby and possible baby names.  Both the older boys (6 and 4) are really anxious to meet the baby, but our nearly 23 month old just doesn't understand. winky.gif  Sometimes I'll ask him if baby can nurse with him when baby's born, and usually he says yes, but sometimes he says no.  I don't think he has a clue though!