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One of my dreads FELL OUT! After lots of thought, I have a theory and here's the dealio....


A few weeks ago I had them professionally maintained & the guy tightened up the roots. Because of this, I have many dreads with knotted roots, a 2-3" section of straight hair & a long knotted end. Well, I think what happened was, after the roots knotted up, I was irritating & fracturing the straight hair in between while palm rolling. So yesterday I found one dread that was hanging on by a mere handful of hairs! I desperately tried to fold it over & rubber band it together so it would knot up but it wasn't working & it eventually just separated. I now have about a 5" section of loose hair where a beautiful dread used to be. Boo. I checked the rest of my hair & there are a couple more dreads that may do the same thing soon. 


Word to the wise....

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Like, broke off??? Or undid itself? If it broke off... Can you somehow crochet it back together?
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Yes, BROKE OFF! Hmmmm, I wonder if I could crochet it together. I saved it, along with the other one that broke off today!? Really quite crazy. You can't tell and it's not that upsetting to me but it was quite shocking in the moment!

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Oh no!!! I hope it doesn't keep happening! I really didn't like what came out of my dreads when I took them out (oil, flakes and lint and LOTS of hair). I couldn't imagine a whole dread falling out!


AFM: I'm going to start my neglect journey soon! joy.gif

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Wow, I never had that happen and DH palm rolled with a nice lime aloe gel every night for the first three months, not to mention I needle felted them.  About how big around are they? Could they be too thin when started and the weight of them locking is pulling and too much on the base?  Like I said, we started with 1" sections and they got to be VERY fat VERY quick.  You might want to just incorporate those sections that are left with dreads next to them.

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Here's a couple photos....


These are both the dreads that fell out, I'd say pencil thin ~





And here you can see the few strands of hair this one was dangling by. The other ones were broken off & wispy.




After continuing to fiddle with my hair, I'm convinced it's because a few of my dreads have a 2-3" section in the MIDDLE that isn't knotted up. The ones that are knotted at the bottom but are loose near the scalp seem ok but the ones that are knotted/loose/knotted are seeming unhealthy. I need to crochet these & get the middle sections loc'd!! And the sections that are left after the breakage, I can either try to crochet these loose dreads back on (would that work?) or just incorporate them into nearby locs. 


Even though I went through a hateful stage at around 8-9 months, I'm now loving them & really don't want them to start breaking off.  

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This year, several of mine "ripped" in the "middle" of the dread (really more towards the bottom).  I figured out that it was the section between where I had originally made them, and the rest of the dread that had dreaded itself.  When I cut a bunch of them last month, I used the natural thinning part (about 6 inches from the bottom) as a guide where to cut them.  Now all that's left is "real" dreads - none that I backcombed so many years ago.


Not sure if that applies to your dread breakage, but thought I'd share.

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Interesting, Scruffy. Could be. I've been busy these past few days & haven't had time to tend to them but I hope to figure something out before they all start dropping off. Eek!

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I have nightmares about that happening! I am sorry, that really sucks. At least they're pencil thin and there's a lot of them? I would definetly try crocheting them back in!
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How big did you make the sections before dreading them? I am still thinking these may be too small of sections and they couldn't handle the weight and day to day  wear and tear of the budding dreads.

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Now you gals are scaring me. My current set has more dreads than I have had in previous sets. I think I have about fifty right now and the most I have before was 33. They all look very consistent through the length of the dread but the dreads do not look like each other, I think that made sense.

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I never crocheted the broken ones back in & all is well. My hair is so incredibly thick you can't even tell anything is missing & I'm ok with it. I'm pretty sure they broke off because certain dreads have unknotted sections *in the middle* (loc'd up at the base & ends) so when I paml rolled, they frayed & broke. My dreads are thin, probably started off with 3/4" - 1" sections, but I'm not convinced they would break off from weight. Thankfully it's all good even though in the moment I totally freaked out! I've only lost two & all the others seem to be going strong. thumb.gif


I'm 10 months in, almost to the day, and I can't tell you how much I love these crazy dreads. The past few days I've been wearing them down in public which is an absolute first. I've always had them pulled back, tied back, wrapped up or covered but I'm wearing them wild & free during these cool days of fall. Love. Dreads are definitely something we grow into, no? Or maybe they become us. 

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19 month neglect dreads


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here are mine at 6 months. i can  NOT  believe how much they have shrunk... and i don't have that starfish thing going on anymore-lol





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Oh my gosh! They're beautiful, rjruiz!


I'm going to be restarting mine at the New Year by neglect method. I regret to say that I've returned to using a non-residue free shampoo after having taken out my twist and rip dreads. Now my scalp is over-producing oil again. If I stop the shampoo now, my scalp should be healthy enough to do my dreads without having all that gross oil in them when I restart. When I took them out, just above the roots (about half an inch) there was a collection of oil and dandruff along with all the hair that came out. So gross! So, I have a New Year's resolution: no-poo for a healthier scalp and starting my neglect dreads. I think it's do-able. orngbiggrin.gif

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I so respect neglect dreads....but I have to admit to myself that I haven't that kind of patience or tolerance! Lovely photos. And the baby pictures are killing me! My baby days are over but I should've had 10 kids. Becky, I adore your profile pic. Sweet nursling!


Here's a current photo of my locs. Just shy of 11 months.....




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Sharlla beautiful birthing pic! Beautiful natty dreads too. I have always loved my sets of natural loks more than the combed or chrocheted sets. But I am in agreement with Koru about the patience needed and my lack of it this time around, lol. Koru your dreads have shrunk up wonderfully over the past few months, I really hope you make it past the year mark! I'm almost never on MDC anymore but have to log in to check in here every now and then.

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I get my dreads maintained a couple times a year.  The are getting tightened up in a couple weeks.  They will be 3.75 years old almost to the day.   I'll get pix, they are almost to my waist and I still love them (except when I don't ROTFLMAO.gif). 

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You're so sweet, Stephanie! Thank you! Your dreads look so awesome! How far in are you?

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Those are looking GREAT Koru!! 

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