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Any one including babies and children suffering from from any kind of allergies should get a flu shot every year before flu season even comes around. As my doctor told me you can easily have a bad reaction if u ever do get the flu and are in contact or are around any things you are allergic to. It's as simple as someone petting their dog or cat and not washing their hands before leaving home and touching the door knob at an office or stuff at stores and then you touching the same things. It brings down your immune system even faster. It's a good idea and makes sense.

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read and reconsider:



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Everyone in my family has allergies.  We have never gotten flu shots and NEVER will.


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Ummmm.... disagree.  I know my experience is entirely anecdotal, but my daughter and I who have bazillions of allergies between us actually don't get sick very often.  You would think that if this idea were correct, I would be sick more often with every kind of virus, not just influenza.


I'm not going to argue the point of why or why not flu shots in general, but this reason just seems illogical to me.  Too bad a doctor would pass it on, having an air of authority that we tend not to question very deeply.



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That's ridiculous. You're more likely to have a reaction TO the flu shot if you have allergies. irked.gif
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