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Women's Health Center at Robinwood in hagerstown - any info would be great!

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I very recently found out I am pregnant, but I am feeling under the gun to find a provider. I'd like to get some blood tests done since I have had a missed miscarriage in the past.


I am newer to the area (Martinsburg WV) and haven't been able to find anything about this practice online.


Is this a VBAC friendly practice?

Can I see the Midwives for my entire pregnancy?

Do they have any evening hours? With traveling and the kids in school I'd really prefer to have to option of evening appointments.


Any info you have that would be great!


I have looked into CWC - but I'm not sure I like their policies.


I have also looked into MCA - but their closest office is over an hour away and they have limited hours there.

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I have been going to WHC@Rw for about 3 years now. The midwives are great, Dr Andele is wonderful, the male OBs...not so much--but I don't 'do' male doctors unless I have to. I had an emergency induction with my first child in 09 under WHC@Rw and even though not one single thing went the way I wanted it to, it was the best it could have been. Meritus is a very nice hospital, gorgeous rooms, etc.


I don't know if they are VBAC friendly.

You see the midwives unless you develop complications.

No evening hours, last appointment is no later than 430p, if that. However they are very flexible, I've never had a problem getting a date/time that I needed within their hours of 8-430pm.


I'm very sorry for your loss btw, we lost our 2nd child to miscarriage last March, this is our 3rd baby and she is due in feb :)

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thanks for your reply!


after making an appointment, and hearing about some of the policies, I changed my mind - We are going to give MCA a shot - I Think my chances of a VBAC are a lot higher at Shady Grove and with MCA their first time VBAC success rate is 86%, so I assume their second vbac success rate is even better.


thank you again!

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I was going to recommend Shady Grove.  Two friends of mine had their babies there with CWC in the past month.  One of them has a mom who is a L&D nurse there and couldn't believe the policies I have been told with my VBAC.  She said they do intermittent monitoring and VBACs can labor in the tubs. They just pull you out and dry your belly to monitor for a few minutes each hour.  It's not a location I can really choose given where we live, but they sound to be pretty VBAC friendly as a hospital.  

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Meritus has ONE tub that they are not currently letting mom's use at all for 'liability reasons', like mom's falling and suing. I'm so done with MD's legal tip-toeing.


I pray that you guys get the births you desire. We're due on March 1st, really looking fwd to having a "normal" birth with this little girl :)


I've read all the Bradley Birth books I can get my hands on and I do the exercises every day, the pelvic rock and squats are WONDERFUL for back pain! The other book that really was great, even if you don't want a non-medicated birth was "Natural Hospital Birth" by Gabriel, Cynthia. Very good at listing the interventions that hospitals routinely use and how to get around them if you want to do so.

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Thanks for the response!


We've decided to go with Midwifery Care Associates and birth at Shady grove. It is a bit of a hike to get there, but I Think we made the right choice, after talking to the offices in Hagerstown, I just didn't feel like they would be willing to work as hard for my VBAC.


I saw Terri Peopperling again for my first visit, and maybe she just prefers doing baby stuff, rather than yearly exams, or she was having a bad day the day I saw her, but she was wonderful, and it seems like I am going to like it there.

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I'm preparing myself to be calm, focused, loving, and strong enough to stand up for myself--I am awesome in crisis so I'm not worried about ME, worried about the husband :). Prepping my husband as an advocate as we speak, not sure how that's going to work out though LOL.

I just try to remember there is nothing they can make you do and to read everything before signing it.


I finally got my birth plan 99% done, I'm going in on Monday, unfortunately with the one mw I don't particularly care for, and I'll give it to them at WHC.


The only thing I don't like about the way everyone in MD seems to do it is that you never see the same person every time you go in and when you go to the hospital you have no idea who is going to be there/on-call, etc. (This is of particular concern since I have a past history of sexual abuse and really have a very very hard time accepting male OBs--although a perfectly lovely one delivered our daughter when I came in for induction for PE at 35 weeks).


I would love to have a home birth next time with a midwife and doula. That's a bit far off though :)

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Women's Health Center is vbac friendly if you have only had one prior c-section.  If you have had more than one, the closest place that will take you is John Hopkins.  Hagerstown has a birth circle that meets the first Monday of each month, 7p.m. at SUFI Acupuncture @28 s. Potomac St. in downtown.  Several of the midwives from Women's Health come to the meetings.  I know you have already chosen Shady Grove, but in case you wanted to stop into birth circle, you (and everyone else) is welcome.  :)

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I know your question is over one year old, so congrats on the baby, and I hope all is well!


I just wanted to give some extra info on Women's Health since you asked about it at least 2x, and I thought I could offer some more info.


Firstly, I've had 3 of my 4 kids at Women's Health.  They are excellent and average a 10% c/s rate.  One of the OBs told me, "If the midwife can't get the baby out, the baby's not coming out!"  The OBs credit the role of the midwives in keeping their c/s rate low.  The midwives handle most of the L&Ds, except where a woman has requested a doctor or if there is an emergency.


Women's Health does VBACs in the private rooms, not in the OR.  I have a friend who had what she describes as the "perfect" VBAC experience with Women's Health - with a very patient midwife in her own private suite. 


To be admitted, a woman needs to be 4cm, otherwise they'll send you home.  So, don't worry about spending all day in the hospital in labor.  One of the midwives told me about a patient she recently had who wasn't dilating. The OB on-call wanted to give pitocin, and the midwife suggested, "Let's check again in one hour." During that hour, the midwife encouraged the couple to do nipple stimulation, alone, privately.  In one hour the OB returned, did his check, and was stunned by the progress, and canceled the pitocin request.


I think the birthing tub is open and able to be used.  It was originally to be available almost 4 yrs ago, but red tape held it up.  The Women's Health midwives were very excited for it.  I was sorry that it wasn't ready when my babies were due. Maybe next baby!  wink1.gif   With my 4th baby, I arrived 10min before she was born.  One of the midwives, who I saw on many appts and with whom I became good friends, was waiting for me when I arrived and exclaimed, "Oh, I'm so happy I'm here for you today!"  I can't explain how comforting it is to have truly caring midwives working with you. 


As far as prenatal appts go, you can request a CNM or OB.  I always requested a CNM for my appts, and I always got one.  I never saw an OB with my pregnancies - not even in labor.   I never knew which CNM I'd see for my next appt, however, and this could be a drawback for some people, but I didn't find it to be so. Also, don't hesitate to ask to meet all the midwives.


I also declined internal checks, even at my 40-wk appt, without a problem. 


They are really friendly at the office, although, that may not be the initial impression you get simply due to how busy they are.  I could walk in tomorrow and the secretary would know me by my first name even though it's been nearly two years since my 4th was born.


I've convinced multiple friends to switch to Women's Health after unsatisfactory experiences elsewhere in the Eastern Panhandle, and even in Northern VA.  Everyone I personally know has had only good experiences.


Also, regarding previous miscarriage: one of the OBs at Women's Health is trained in NaPro Technology.  It IS amazing science.  It can treat/prevent: repeated miscarriages, PMS, PPD, PCOS, etc. I personally know several women who work with NaPro doctors to solve/treat their miscarriages, infertility, PPD, etc.  I know it works.  Read more here:  http://www.naprotechnology.com/

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If. I could throw it out there, check out Jefferson Memorial in Charlestown WV. I've been super impressed! They even have one room you can bring a tub and actually have a water birth in... Plus the bring moms actual food during labor!
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fwiw, according to ICAN, Jefferson Memorial has a ban on VBACs.   

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