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I just joined as a result of seeing a post in 10/2008 by someone about a sore cervix and it describes what I was feeling almost exactly.  I am five weeks pregnant and have been feeling pressure and pain in the cervical area/ pelvic floor that is much worse with exercise and when I have to urinate.  I also wake up many times during the night and always have to urinate even if my bladder isn't very full because it's like the muscles need to relax.  They are just so sore.  I had a m/c in July and am worried because I had these same sypmtoms during that (short) pregnancy.  (I miscarried at 6 wks.)  During that pregnancy, I suspected UTI but was tested twice and both were clean. Any suggestions?  I also wonder if mountaingirlbl reads this if you found out what was going on, whether it was in fact a UTI or something else.  Thanks!!