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I'm so excited too!!!

I'm hoping the baby comes early cuz i am ready to be done with pregnancy but at the same time I am not ready for him!


We got all the baby stuff out in the past week but I still have washing and organizing to do, and of course I would love to declutter/organize/clean my whole house but I'm guessing I won't have the energy for that :)


I think I have bought everything I need (this is baby #2 so I didn't buy a lot) - I finally finished sewing diapers yesterday but I still want to make a diaper bag and a few other things.  Getting everything ready is helping reality set in that this little guy will be here soon!!!


Oh yeah, and we also need a name - we have such a hard time agreeing we have made almost no progress on the name front :)

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I am SO READY!! Everything for baby is prepared, everything is prepped for the birth too. I'm just waiting very impatiently. My EDD is Feb 1st, kinda hoping for a late Jan baby here. I've gone over with both previous pregnancies though, so who knows! I just can't wait for my boys to meet their brother, to nurse a little baby again... and finally use all of the teeny stuff I've collected over the last few months. 


And I also can't wait to read all of our birth stories!! 


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I am not due till the 17th.  My doctor refuses to tell me what they have down for the EDD, so I have no idea when they want to schedule the c/s.  We are meeting with our midwife this month to decide whether she wants to let me labor at home.  If she doesn't, we are going the c/s route.  I am making my piece with that.  I would rather be awake for a c/s than out cold like I was for Michael.  I want hbby to be there, and he wasn't for Michael, because i had an emergecny c/s nder general.


So yeah, I am 37 weeks at the end of the month/beginning of Feb (can't remember irght now), and i will be doing some major inducing massage, walking, etc., to get this baby OUT.  Hoping this dry weather continues till after baby is born.  I don't want to deal with labor during a snowstorm (my friend did that last year).

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Originally Posted by mamanoish View Post


And I also can't wait to read all of our birth stories!! 

I know, I'm so excited for this too!


ozzyemom, why might you have a c/s?  I'm sorry, I'm sure you posted it somewhere already but I just can't remember.


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I'm feeling ready... as long as it's not sooner than the scheduled c/s date!  The pregnancy has become so stressful that I'll be thrilled to have it over too.  But also saying things like, in two months we can all go to music class and I'll be able to run AND jump (things that have been forbidden since 18 weeks) or talking about going on a hike in the summer and asking DD if she'd like to ride on my back still in the Boba.  It's like I can't wait to be done with one form of physical difficulties to replace them with another! 


We have most things ready but we're still waiting on the new dresser for DD to arrive so her old dresser can become the baby's dresser/changing table.  I'm trying to be patient but it's been 8 weeks since we ordered it and I keep imagining DH and I trying to set it up with a newborn in a wrap and DD "helping" by rearranging the screws or insisting that we assemble it in the order that she establishes-- we're talking real wood here too, not fiberboard, this thing is going to be major assembly!


Reading everyone's due dates, I'm really hoping I'm not the first but it sounds like late Jan should be pretty happening around here. 


Oh, and thanks for the kind words, Slimkins and AtomicRocket.  Ozzyemm, why do you think you are having a c/s?  Want to chat about how to make it suck less?

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