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Unpastuerized raw almonds?

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Just looking into moving away from our usual roasted, salted almonds.


Can anyone tell me:


Will home roasting them make it pointless to buy them raw & unpasteurized?


DD loves almonds, but prefers them crunchy and salty.


Any way I can prepare them so they taste like what she's used to?

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Well, finding raw almonds is very difficult anymore to begin with.  Even most commercially available "raw" almonds have been treated either chemically or with heat so they are no longer raw.  You have to search out the few growers that are still selling them raw. 


But soaking them in salt water and drying them (in a dehydrator or the oven) gives you the most nutritional bang for your buck.  They do not taste like traditional "roasted & salted" in my opinion, they taste so much better.  The difference is really night and day. 


The instructions are the Crispy Nuts instructions from NT, I know you can find them around here somewhere, but I'm not up to looking for them at the moment. 

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Thanks so much! I have found a few places to order them from online.


Off to search for the instructions you mentioned.



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It's possible that, if California gets its way, the rule about pasteurizing almonds will be dropped, as it affects that state more than any other.  Of course, this might be such old news that they've dropped their efforts.  I am so out of touch!

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Hi- there is great information about the pasteurization of USA almonds online. Check out www.livingnutz.com for information, a petition and great prices on unpasteurized raw almonds & nut snacks our kids love!

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