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Hi, I didn't abandon my own thread.  I've been cooking at home and eating from the pantry.  Only buying fresh produce and meats.

This has been a good month for us.  Tonight I made (gag me) pancakes.   We still have tons of frozen sausage links (which were/are free with coupon).

We had a huge ham this month 99c/lb.  That took up a whole week.  Yummy.

I also made the last package of muffins tonight. (i think)


Cookies are next on my list of things to make.


DS did comment we are running low on 'snack' food  LOL.


I have been meal planning but since I've been subbing that meal plan has been kept on paper- I write it out and re arrange the plan while sitting at a strange desk, waiting for bells to ring.  ;)

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Okay, ending out January and entering February:


Today: Ground beef/cheese enchiladas with salad toppings

Tomorrow: Finally making chicken corn noodle soup, garlic bread, cheese

CP bbq chicken, rice pilaf, brussels sprouts and broccoli

Steaks with grilled onions and spinach, roasted vegetables, broccoli

Ground turkey/black bean chili, cornbread

Salmon BLTs, sweet potato fries, salad

Homemade sausage, red pepper and mushroom pizza, salad

High fiber spaghetti and meatballs


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Originally Posted by AnkaJones View Post


Speaking of vegetables, do any of you frugal meal-planners have experience with CSAs?  I was thinking of joining, but it would be most of our food budget, so we'd have to use pretty much what we got each week... I'm just worried we won't know what to do with some of the vegatables.  Or maybe it will open up whole new words.  What do you all think?


We use a CSA. I think they key is just being really vigilant about creating recipes around the vegetables. I hate to admit it, but DH and I were getting pretty bad about letting veggies spoil for a while (at least it feeds our compost, but we really can't afford that). Now, however, I've started blanching and freezing veggies that I'm not sure if I'll use that week. Joining a CSA DOES open whole new worlds in regards to your menu, as long as you're open to experimenting. I made a potato-fennel cream soup last week, after puzzling over some huge fennel bulbs - DH loved it. I got a huge Daikon radish yesterday (which sadly, I've let spoil before), and found a great recipe online for Daikon radish hummus, which sounds awesome - I'll be making that today! I start my meal planning for the week the night after I get the CSA, as you never know exactly what I'll be getting until you pick it up.


I'll bake bread today (I make 4 loaves at a time, and freeze 3) as well as make the hummus. I'm also making apple cobbler for dessert, as today is a special holiday for us.


Here's my plan for this week. Usually, I just plan dinner, as we have leftovers from dinner for lunch the next day, or we just make something simple if we're home for lunch. Breakfast is generally just toast & yogurt on weekdays, and oatmeal or pancakes on weekends.


Wednesday – Baked bean soup; lettuce & cucumber salad, cheesy bread


Thursday – Carrot-peanut soup (frozen from 2 weeks ago), lettuce & cucumber salad w/ Daikon hummus, dill roasted almonds


Friday – Lentils w/ cauliflower & turnips; brown rice; lettuce & cucumber salad w/ Daikon hummus



L – Cheesy bread w/ peppers & onions; lettuce & cucumber salad

D - Quiche w/ broccoli (bring to Imbolc potluck))


Sunday – Potato & fennel soup (DH will be off watching the Superbowl somewhere, and I may join him, so this will mostly be for lunch the next day)


Monday – Pasta w/ mustard greens, dill, and walnut sauce; lettuce & cucumber salad


Tuesday – Irish omelet; steamed bok choy

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I have to ask, what's an Irish omlette?  Thank you for the CSA info... I'm still thinking about it, but will have to make a decision soon.



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