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What happened to our group?

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For me, I'm really busy with the 4 kids.  Sometimes I don't get a chance to come on regularly.   


And I do a lot of this lurk.gif when I am on.

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Originally Posted by Mama2ChicknLil View Post

What happened to our group?

I was wondering too. I went over there and it's all poofed! :(

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I've been busy too since I'm picking up more hours at work, but I'm still here!! :)

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I'm back to working full time too (which sucks - I'm ready to become independently wealthy now!). 

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Ha!!! I actually was confused because I wasn;t able to see any of the threads...the system was acting wonky!!


Good to hear from you mamas again though!!!

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I'm here too... and was also wondering the same thing when I read this, but I tried to respond and the system wouldn't even let me post. LOL

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Havent been on in months! We lost power on Halloween during a freak storm and didnt get it back for two weeks! Lovely experience with 3 kids one being a nb! Anyway, storm, holidays, life.... I came on here to get a link for my SIL who is due in September (we think, she hasnt been to a DR yet) and I so want to influence her in the right way!!! You can lead a horse to water, right? So anyway, I thought Id check in...I have a bit of a high needs girl who wants to be held 24/7 and is otherwise happy but doesnt leave me anytime to nap. Like now, screaming, gotta go!!! :-) Love to all.