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Is This Possible? Dairy Sensitivity - X Posted

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x-posted in Breastfeeding Challenges


Hi all,

I've suspected a dairy sensitivity in my DS 10weeks. He's had HORRIBLE spit ups (pedi said he's got a bit of reflux), chronic stuffy nose and some gas/constipation issues.


I halted all major dairy 4 days ago I have cheated and had a couple of cookies and slices of banana bread over these days. (I am weak). I WAS eating a ton of dairy - yogurt, cheese, milk, etc daily. Lots of ice cream too. All that is gone now. And... I cannot believe it, but DS has not had a major spit up at all today! Sure, he had a tiny dribble here and there, but NOTHING like before.


i just find it hard to beleive that my avoiding dairy could've made a difference so quickly. Is it possible or just coincidence? Either way I will continue to stay off dairy and yes, I really will be better about the baked goods, I swear.


Anyone been there done that? Opinions?




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My older dd had horrible spit ups too.  Almost projectile like.  No other symptoms however.  And dairy was the culprit.  Within a day or two of cutting out dairy that kind of vomiting stopped.  So I do think it's likely dairy for your ds too.  Fortunately for me, milk was the trigger.  She could handle me eating cheese or yogurt, but straight milk sent her poor body into hell.  By 6-7 mths she could handle me drinking milk again.


Removing a food trigger can get results very quickly.  Probably not in every case, but for both of my kids it did.  My younger dd had normal spit ups, but starting around 3-4 weeks old she got baby acne, or so I thought at first.  But it didn't look quite right, then it began to spread to her back and chest.  I immediately thought it was food related, and cut out dairy, soy and wheat. With my first, I wasn't as experienced, so I only eliminated the dairy at first.  This time since I knew more, I went w/these three figuring they were the likeliest of suspects.  Within 24 hrs her rash was clearing up, so I knew one of them was the problem.  Once the rash was completely gone, which took about 4-5 days, I began adding them back in.  Wheat and soy were fine.  Dairy produced a rash within hours.  And she was super sensitive to it.  Even one  tiny cheese cracker, or anything with casein in it triggered a rash.  It took her to about 10 mths and then I could eat some cheese and yogurt. Sometime after a year she could tolerate me drinking milk.  And both my girls do not have any problems with dairy now. 



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HI Neptunemama,

Thanks for your response!  Makes sense.  I had further confirmation that it wasn't really my imagination - have been off dairy since 12/31 and yesterday morning tested it (in the MOST delicous way) by eating a chocolate chip muffin.  (looked up the recipe and they're all made w/ milk and of course the chocolate...)  I'm glad I enjoyed it as I won't be indulging for a looong time... Poor DS started spitting up again!  He also was congested last night again - this mornign I had to suction his nose.  Haven't had to do that in days.


Back on the dairy-free wagon. 


Many thanks,




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Sorry he started spitting up again, but I'm glad you seem to know what's causing it.  All the best.

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