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Returning fertility?

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I have not had a cycle since conceiving my son (who is now 17 months old).  With my other kids I had my cycles return right about 16 months pp.  I have been having incredible amounts of slippery discharge for the last week- I mean, dripping crazy amounts of it which I don't remember having (but it's been a long time!).  Then I noticed how terribly bloated (or fat!) I was, not fitting into my pants without a bulging muffin top, and now my nipples are incredibly tender, almost unbearable when nursing.  We have been using protection (condoms) but my husband does that thing where he puts it on at the last minute.   


So do you think I'm about to get my period?  

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You are about to ovulate; could be any day now or off a couple weeks yet.  I just went through this not too long ago and I know exactly what you mean about crazy amounts of cm.  I had that for a good month straight along with cramping before I finally ovulated.  If you aren't taking your temp than you will probably notice a difference in your cm once you have ovulated (much stickier, drying up, etc.)  After that it will be 10-14 days to your period unless you conceive a new little one.

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Hmm...in other cycles past, tender nipples and lots of slippery cm was, for me, occuring around day 18-20, about a week to 10 days before my period.  I think I ovulated already as there was wayyyy more sex happening than usual, to my (unusual) delight, a couple weeks ago, which would line up.  I just don't remember these premenstrual symptoms being so intense.  Cramps yesterday too and I've only had those a few cycles in my life!  Maybe the returning cycles after baby are more intense?  I have amnesia about so much.

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I have pretty much this same question. I am 8 1/2 months PP, and for the past few days, I've been having tons of CM and that crampy ovulation feeling. I haven't had this much CM since having an HSG (infertility thing). I, too, was wondering if this was an indication of returning fertility. 

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I am in the same boat ladies. I am 10 months PP from my second baby. With first DS, fertility returned at 11.5 months (AF at 12 months). With DD, I got major ovulation cramping and increased cm (and sex drive, but avoided b/c we are waiting a few more months to TTC). Good thing we abstained b/c I got AF on Sunday and I too have WAY more menstrual symptoms than I ever have had in the past. Cramps. Mood swings. These are things I never had before I had babies. I wonder if others have experienced this, or is it just b/c we are getting older? I am 34...


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