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Pitch, you're right, HSG and SA are totally what every doctor (and the fertility clinic I was with for a month) does first. Then probably on to clomid. Has anyone talked to you about that yet? Clomid is such a catch all. They might not really know why you're not conceiving, but they'll just put you right on it. :) Glad you are feeling hopeful. I had such a nice doc and nurse for my HSG, too. :) Good luck and I am glad you are enjoying that feeling of progress after stagnation. :)


Lilac, what an awesome doc. Potato soup sounds soooo good to me right now.


TT, still thinking of you. Sending you all kinds of healing vibes.



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femmeknitzi and lizzilo I have added you to the front page.  Please let me know if I have any of your information incorrect (like when you TTC for example).


femmeknitzi, my DH things I spend too much time on "pregnancy anonymous dot org" aka MDC!  But I know I am going to track my temps.  My O dates are never textbook so I would like to know if and when O happened to determine an EDD when the time comes.  Welcome back!


lizzilo, I just married in July 2010 and DH and I waited until April 2011 before we started TTC because of his immigration from Canada to the U.S.  We wanted to make sure he had a job before we would add to our family.  I thought I would be pregnant by now and having a baby this spring or summer.  Um, no.  I will be 36 in June so I am feeling the "let's get this thing started!" pressure too, mostly internally, but a few relatives/friends with "well meaning questions".

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lizzilo - Welcome to the group! Hopefully your stay here is short :) I totally get what you're saying about going from the childfree couple to now wanting a baby! We didn't think we'd have kids either, but now that we know I can get pregnant (we've had a chemical pregnancy) I care about it so much more, and yes worry at times. In saying that, women in their 30's and 40's do get pregnant all the time. It will happen for us, I'm sure of it :)


Lilac - My husband and I also waited to try until he had a work visa for NZ and could get a job (He's Canadian also!) and in so many ways I am so glad we waited for better financial security, for having traveled and lived a bit, having a career, etc. Of course there are also the times when I freak myself out a bit and wonder if we'd started earlier maybe we'd already have a baby by now - but really I think I'm in a much better place to be a parent now, so that's what I hold on to. We also get the well meaning questions, which I know they don't think about it but I just don't know if it's something I'd ask anyone considering I know how it feels being asked when you actually are trying!


AFM - I don't really know what's going on in my cycle at the moment :( I had a temp spike starting around CD9 and after some high temps FF has put my O date at CD8 which is super early for me considering I O'd on CD16 last month at the earliest. I've also had no real ewcm, just lots of creamy cm that is also really stretchy. Is creamy cm usually stretchy? I discarded the CD11 temp because I'd woken up during the night and then slept through my alarm so I thought that temp might be out of whack, when I did that FF took my crosshairs away, but I still have a high temp today. I'd also thought I had ewcm on day 7 or 8 but I've since changed that as I can't be sure it wasn't just creamy.....ugh, I don't know! Final thing, we BD'd last night and when I did my cm check today I wasn't sure if it was semen or not. (TMI alert) It was creamy, but really stretchy and shiny, so I did the water test which I've not done before and it balled up and eventually sank. So I think that means it's cm, not semen especially since I'd been to the bathroom once before and it was a good 8-9 hours after sex. But again, the creamy + stretchy seems weird to me? I also saw the tiniest bit of blood, or at least I think I did. Could that indicate ovulation? Sorry for the long post, I'm just a bit confused! I know I should probably just wait and see what the next couple of temps bring, ha.

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rebekah, it does seem like an odd set of temps - V shaped.  I think more temps are necessary.

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lizzilo - I'm an instant gratification kind of person, too.  Hence my preference for crocheting over knitting... just so much faster!


I'm about to enter the lovely/dreaded 2ww again.  Luckily O-day will come earlier this cycle (CD24 or 25) than it did last cycle (CD57).  Either my body is actually doing something right, or the herbs are helping guide it towards correctness.  Now I get to wait and see if the herbs help with their main job, lengthening my LP!!  The last two cycles it's been 10 and 8 days.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for at least double digits this time. 


I'll start keeping my fingers crossed that Valentine's Day is a day for us to celebrate this year.

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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to say thanks for making me feel at home here.  I got a blood test confirmation from the clinic and all the numbers look very good! Sending you all lots of baby dust and all the best luck!! blowkiss.gif

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dandylez, here is the link to the 30 something pregnant graduates thread.



Hope you can enjoy your next few months of preparing for mommyhood!  So exciting.

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Thanks so much, Lilac!!

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Lilac- thanks for posting my details, they look right to me! Also, do I ever know about the well meaning questions.

Nemrac- I just took up crocheting over Christmas for the exact same reason!! I love it. Actually I might be a little obsessed.

Rebekah- that's exactly what I need to keep in mind.

To everyone, happy Monday (we can all hope, right?)
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* dpo and I am so emotional , my breast hurt, and my sinuses are killing me.... This 2 ww is so hard ... well only 1 week left , I am going to try and stay busy busy busy!!

I hate waiting for AF every month! I am trying soy isoflavones next cycle... and if that doesnt work.. IUI the one after that!!

Sorry I feel so blue and down today I wish I could have a positive out look.


I hope everyone had a great weekend baby prayers to all !!


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Well, I know why we are not getting pregnant. Both tubes are blocked. What next....? It looks like surgery to unblock, or IVF.
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Sweet friend - I'm sure your news comes with mixed feelings. It must be a relief to know what is going on and scary/worrying to realize your next steps. Send me a note if you need to. Love you!

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Oh, my pitch, that does seem like a tough spot.  Not that I know much about it, but is it possible to unblock tubes without surgery?


lizzilo, I love to crochet!  Been watching youtube videos to increase my skills.


AFM, terrible headache, again, and rash caused by allergic reaction to the antibiotics I have been on.  Great, just great.  Make it go away!

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Pitch - Oh hun, I'm sorry to hear that. Like TT said, I'm sure your feelings are mixed and on one hand it is great to have a solid idea of what is going on so you can make a plan forward. Doesn't make it any easier though, I'm sure hug2.gifI've seen many women on here talking about blocked tubes and getting them unblocked, so hopefully you'll be able to find lots of resources and support. 


Lilac - Ugh, I'm so sorry to hear you're sick again! That's so unfair. Do you think the headache is still due to neck issues? Sending lots of healing vibes and hope you feel better really soon! Thanks so much for taking a look at my chart, it's still got my O date as CD9 so we'll just have to wait and see.


Nemrac - Good luck for the 2WW, right there with you! Fingers crossed that the herbs do the trick!


Shell - Aw, I'm sorry you're feeling down. It is hard, but we're all here for you. One week to go, you can do it! Sending lots of babydust your way :)


AFM - I think I'm in the 2WW and either 4 or 5 DPO. If it's 5 like FF thinks then I'm out this cycle, which after being frustrated at feeling like my body 'surprised' me with ovulation at first, I'm now ok with. Of course I'm crossing my fingers that we just slipped in there! Aside from that, I was telling my housemate that I wasn't having any metformin side effects the other day and boy did they hit me the next day! Hopefully they alleviate soon. 

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Pitch: I am so Sorry to hear your news greensad.gif But I started googling right away and there are things you can do without surgery to unblock tubes! I am praying for you ((BIG HUGS))


Lilac: I hope your Head gets to feeling better, I have been cursed my whole life with Migraines and Yoga and meditation seems to really help me!


Doula: Thank you for your kind words... I was having a very emotional day yesterday! I will pray that your side effects go away soon!!


AFM : I am still really crabby and emotional... I started doing fertility Yoga (I found it on youtube) and it helped with my mood a little bit ... I am going to get a gym membership tomorrow so I can just throw all my energy into working out and not worrying about starting af every month!  CD 23 and 9 DPO  I cant wait till Jan 31 that is the day I am going to test if af hasnt arrived by then.



BABY DUST to everyone!!



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pitch- sorry about the news, totally sucks. It is my understanding that a good interventional radiologist can do a minimally invasive procedure to unblock the tubes. Please know that I am keeping you in my prayers, you are very strong, and it seems like you have a supportive partner to help you through this.  And you have us, and we are rooting for you girl.


to all the 2ww, lets see some bfp's please!

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Hey everyone!  I took a break from mdc since I was no longer TTC after the news of the blocked tubes.  However, I had a mini-lap done last week and they were able to unblock my tubes.  So now I am about to start TTC again.   Apparently my tubes are unusually narrow and will be prone to blockage so every month before I ovulate, the Dr is gonna flush them with saline and prescribe meds to keep them from spasming until I get the BFP.  The mini-lap was miserable though.  


Pitch - I know how you feel.  I just spent the last month in bed depressed from the news. 


Welcome to all the newbies and baby dust to everyone!





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Pitch, I'm so sorry to hear that. At least you have an answer now and you can begin to deal with it. *hugs*


Lilac, thanks for adding me to the front. I'm sorry to ask, but it looks like you'll have to go right back and change it though. I got a BFP this morning!! I can't believe it. I had an emotional rollercoaster of a weekend because I was certain I was starting my period. I was devastated because I could've sworn I FELT different this time. It must've been implantation bleeding because it stopped Sunday. I waited to test until today (the day FF said I was supposed to start) and I got a pretty clear positive. I'm going to set up an appointment with my midwives' office to confirm. It doesn't even feel real. I just have to start hoping that my little bean stays sticky.


Thanks to all of you for the support over the last year. You've all been my rock when I couldn't talk to anyone else about this stuff. We may be strangers but its nice to know we can all reach out into the void and find a hand to hold. My hand is still here for anyone and I'll be sending you all the baby dust I can!!

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Congrats femmeknitzi!! That's so wonderful! joy.gifjumpers.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifjoy.gifjumpers.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifjoy.gifjumpers.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifjoy.gifjumpers.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gif


When you're ready, come on over to the October 2012 DDC (under "groups" at the very top of the page).  Our membership is pretty sparse right now. :)  Also, there's the Bajingo babies thread: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1340502/bajingo-babies-in-the-new-year-having-baby-1-in-our-30s-winter-2012/200#post_16842267



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YAAAY FEMME So excited for you!!!! I was really needing someone to get a BFP to give me some hope!!  CD 24 here and 10 DPO  Praying for my BFP next week!!


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