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Little update on me:  the nurse called me yesterday, unexpectedly.  She said, "the radiologist called me today and insisted I call you.  He said that on closer examination of your x-rays, the right tube is closed but the left tube is definitly OPEN."  Um, HELLO.  That explains how we got pregnant in September!


Also, he said there were "multiple nodular densities on the endometrium"... and the nurse did not know what that meant!  From googling, etc., I think it means I have fibroids or polyps on my uterus.  Or possibly cancer (which is always the case on the internet).  Anyone know what this means??  I've called back for more info but of course, just left messages...


I'm nervous and incredibly anxious about this new information---happy that one tube is open, but wondering why the other one is closed?  And what about these "densities" on the HSG scan?  What are those and will they keep me from getting and staying pregnant?  (Fibroids don't seem to be a huge issue, and they are treatable... but that's assuming I have fibroids and not something else.)  My appt with fertility specialist is 3 weeks from today.  It cannot come soon enough.


Also, hooray for BFP's!!!  :)




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Pitch : That is GREAT news!! I am so happy for you!! I wish I could help you with the desity ... It sounds kinda of like pcos , My mother had that covering her ovaries, uterus and breast tissue... But she still had me and my Brother no problem... it didnt become a problem till she got older and was in more pain... I am glad you get to go to the fertilit Dr. in 3 weeks :-)


AFM I am still holding out hope for a BFP cd24 10 dpo ... I cant help but feel like AF is right around the coener though.. I am trying the only positive thoughts...


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Sweet, femmeknitzi!  Always good to get good news!  So you are ready to move to graduates?  I will get it done tonight.

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Yay Femmiknitzi!  joy.gif

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Femmeknitzi - Oh wow, congrats!! How exciting. Sending lots and lots of sticky vibes to you and the little bean!


PUH - What great news it is that you're able to start TTC again! It must feel great to have such a good plan in place, fingers crossed!


Pitch - Awesome! That is fantastic news, I'm so stoked for you that the nurse called and let you know. Any luck talking to anyone about the nodular densities? It's so frustrating having to wait when you just want a quick answer or reassurance about something. 

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Congrats, Femmeknitzi! joy.gif


Pitch, what a rollercoaster you've been on. I am glad you have one open tube. It's so hard to sort out what all of this means. I was diagnosed with PCOS the same month I got my BFP and am still trying to figure out what that means. I have a big cyst on my right ovary but it doesn't seem to be affecting the baby. There are a lot of women in my DDC with fibroids, they tend to be showing more but their babies are healthy. So I think you should have lots of hope and I hope you have a doc that explains all of this to you. I hope the HCG itself wasn't too painful.


PUH, welcome back! Good news that your procedure was successful and your doc has a plan to help you get that BFP :)

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Fem! Congrats!!joy.gif


I'll add an update and maybe do some personals later... I'm off to sleepytime.gif, insomnia and stress is kicking my butt.

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Thank you everyone for the kind words and wishes!


Pitch--That's great that you're not completely blocked! Boots is right, what a rollercoaster you've been on! I hope the news is all good from here on out.


Lilac--In an effort to not be superstitious, yes go ahead and move me to graduates. I have to admit, I'm all kinds of nervous and worried but VERY hopeful for my little sticky bean. :)


AFM, it honestly doesn't feel real at all right now. I set up an appointment with our local nurse midwives but I don't go in until Feb. 8th for lab work, prenatals, dos and don'ts, etc. and then I meet the midwife on Feb. 15th. I'm cautiously excited, but also sort of numb. Nothing has changed and nothing will for quite a while and that's just weird. I've heard many women say they felt this way when they first got pregnant but all I could ever imagine was being purely excited. I totally get it now and it's just this feeling of release from anxiety (although soon to be replaced with new worries!) and a hidden thrill for things to come. And I definitely don't feel like I belong in any of those DDCs or graduate groups. LoL This is my MDC home and I don't want to go!! :)

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fem- How wonderful!!  I can't wait to be able to feel the relief and the rest of the emotions that come with seeing that BFP.


pitch - Good news!  Hopefully they are referring to fibroids/polyps in the report.


Still waiting in the 2ww for me.  Had a bit of excitement the past 2 nights with some bad, then severe, pain in my lower abdomen.  Turned out to be a cyst (my first) that ruptured during work last night.  That was NOT fun.  I now have a new "10" on my personal pain scale.  Ultrasound today showed a collapsing cyst, followup in 2 weeks.  If this is a successful cycle for me, they should be able to see something pregnancy-wise when I go back for the followup.  That's kind of an exciting thought for me.  The nurse practitioner, who I saw today, was super excited that I was trying Vit B6 to work on my possible LPD instead of just turning to pharmacological interventions. :)  That made me happy.

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Hi guys,


I know it's been a while, but I still feel more at-home here than on the infertility thread, since I spent such a short time there.


After 2.5 years of trying, we got our BFP!!!!!!!!joy.gif


I am actually in disbelief and not feeling any symptoms.


I just want to say that hope is huge, and to all my sisters who are hesitant to go to an RE, it can make a HUGE difference in approach.  Gynos don't really get it like RE's do.


I'd love to do personals but I'm a bit out of the loop.  Fem, it looks like we're gonna be DDC pals!


Boots: one word. Clomid.


Pitch, keep forging ahead.  One tube is better than none, right?  The RE can really be a lot of help.


TT, so sorry to see your loss.  Really sorry.  I really hope you start getting some answers soon.


We are only 4 weeks now.  October 3rd due date.  Hoping for sticky vibes!!!goodvibes.gif

Waiting to tell IRL friends and family til about 8 wks. or so.



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Nemrac - ouch! I'm sorry about the cyst... a friend of mine had that happen and the pain she was in was pretty scary.


Cathelini - Congrats!!! joy.gif



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Sweet Catheleni!  The BFP have been happening about once a week since November!  Very exciting news!   Let me know when you are ready to be added to the graduates list.


femmeknitzi, I will get you moved over to graduates.  Great excitement to see your little timeline at the bottom with the flipping/crawling baby. 


AFM, my temp spiked today and I think I Od yesterday.  A couple more temps to confirm then in the 2ww I will wait.

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Pitch, yay for the unblocked tube! Also, have you ever heard of the book Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom? Very compelling theories, and the author talks a lot about reproductive health. It's pretty woo-woo but worth checking out. Both of my sisters have PCOS and my friends who are doulas and women's health professionals all recommended the book for them. If it is PCOS doctors usually just prescribe birth control so it would be great to know what's going on.


Cathelini, congratulations! I am sure this baby will be SO well loved- the baby took so long to pick just the right family!


AFM, I am about halfway through the 2WW. I thiiinnnk I am spotting today. If I am, it's a tiny amount and I'm wearing underpants that aren't exactly a crisp white (somehow after I got married I became more careless with my non-af-underpants). I haven't spotted in 15+ years, since the first few months after menarche, so if it is indeed spotting I might begin to have some hope. We only BD'd twice within my fertile window, and one of those was definitely a long shot, so my hopes for this month were very low. This is going to make me catch the 2WW crazies-- uh oh. Trying to temper my feelings by reminding myself that implantation spotting usually occurs a few more days post O than I am now.

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Hey, one of the year's first Bajingo babies was just born! Ramzubo shared with us that baby Brody arrived yesterday. You can go check him out on the grads thread :)



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cathelini - Congrats!!


So far so good for me this 2ww.  I've made it to 8DPO without any sign of AF, so it looks like the herbs/vitamins are at doing their part in lengthening my LP.  Now to just get myself to wait a few more days before I start testing.  The next few days are going to DRAG, lol.

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Cathelini - Congrats! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!


nemrac - Oh man, sorry to hear about the cyst! I've had one rupture before and it is indeed very painful :( When will you be having your next ultrasound? 


TeamViddy - Good to see you! I might just check out that book rec you had for Pitch, it sounds like it could be pretty helpful. I have PCOS and I'm always looking for ways to understand and manage it better. Fingers crossed for some good news spotting!


AFM - Back to work today! Summer holidays are no more, and what a better way to start the term than a day full of meetings - ha! As sad as I am to no longer be able to sleep in, I am looking forward to having a bit of a routine again, and I'm excited to meet my new classes and see my kids again from last year. It's also really good distraction from charting and 2WWing. TCOYF has taken away my O date, and FF still thinks I O'd super early so who knows where I am!



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Rebekah - Next ultrasound is on Feb 9th, so about 1.5 weeks.  Since this was my first (known) cyst, they wanted to do a short-term followup on it to make sure my body's processing it well.


I just noticed that you're a Kiwi!  It's a dream of mine to visit down there one day as my grandmother is a Kiwi, with most of her family being around the Auckland area.  I'll get to meet some of them this summer when they come to the states for a family reunion/my grandmother's 90th birthday.

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nemrac - Oh ok, so not too long away then. It would be exciting if a little extra something showed up! You should definitely come and visit if you ever get the chance! I've just moved back here a year ago after living in Vancouver for 3 years and London for a year before that. I really do love it, it's a pretty great place to live. How cool that your grandmother is from here! I'm living in Auckland at the moment, which is where I grew up but I've lived in a few different North Island cities. Where in Illinois are you? I lived in Chicago for a few months when I was little!

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Rebekah - It can be such a small world, eh?  I live over in Rockford, about 1.5 hours outside of Chicago.  I grew up in the NW suburbs, though, before moving to Florida (then a few other states before ending up back in Illinois).

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Happy belated holidays everyone!  I'm finally back- first post on this January thread. Busy busy busy. Anyway, after catching up on all the posts:


First, welcome Newbies!


Congrats to all the BFPs!


Tickles Toes- Sorry to hear about your 3rd loss. hug2.gif Your time will come as it will for the rest of us waiting on BFPs. Also, congrats on your award! That's so cool and such an accomplishment!


Can't remember who said it, but I totally agree there should be two separate waiting rooms at OB/Gyn clinics.  Also, I think it would be good if only compassionate people or those that have experienced the loss of a baby through miscarriage should be allowed to do ultrasounds.  The ones I dealt with during mine were horrible.


Lilac- how did you like the adjustment to U.S. healthcare from Canadian healthcare when you moved to the U.S.?  I hear so many good things about Canada's system but don't typically here.


Question for everyone- for those on meds or not, what was your progesterone levels at 7 DPO?  I just got mine checked today on my fourth cycle of Clomid (with 2000mg Metformin) and it was 27. From what I googled, I think that's good, just curious as to what other levels you ladies are getting.

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