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New Year, More Bajingo Juice! TTC#1 in our 30s - January 2012 - Page 9

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viddy- I like the way you think, I am totally on board with you sister.


Lilac- Girl, I am sending good vibes your way, really hoping this is it for you!


AFM- starting cycle 11, feeling okay about it, but  really excited to start my dream job tomorrow!

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Lilac - I've been stalking your chart, too! Those are definitely good signs, I'm crossing my fingers hard for you!


TeamViddy - Thanks so much for your sweet words, they were really encouraging. It's nice to know there are others out there with a similar approach, the times we've BD'd non-spontaneously it hasn't been that great and I really appreciate your philosophical approach to things happening when they happen. I do have those moments of dreaming dreams for our future children, imagining what paths they're going to take, etc and it's really hard to not get caught up in the moment. I think it's ok, it flows on to me thinking over what kind of parent I want to be, what vision I have for my family and even though there will of course be surprises along the way, I do think it's a blessing that we get this time to mull things over and feel more confident and settled going into parenting. If that makes sense? I'm sorry AF found you, things seemed promising! Like you say though, it will happen when it's our time. 


AFM - It seems I am now in the 2WW for real, although my temp dropped this morning but that could be due to a terrible nights sleep where I don't think I ever had more than a 2 hour solid sleep period so for now I've discarded it and will see what happens. I had a ton of ewcm which seems to have dried up so I'm going with CD25 as my O date. Pretty late, but as far as I can tell the LP length is more important - is that right? The last two cycles it's been around 10 days, so I'm hoping the Vitex and B Complex I'm taking will stretch it out a bit. 


Babydust to all! dust.gif

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Folks, this is the lightest period I have ever had. I really, really wish I'd been temping all this time because now my 2WW crazies are back with a vengeance. What would you do? I might take another test with FMU. Also, in the months when I temped my low was always below 97.8 and high was above 98, so I could try that in the morning. Gah!

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TeamViddy - Haha, oh man! How long have you had AF for now, a day or so? Testing definitely can't hurt, and waiting until tomorrow will hopefully give you a good idea of if your flow has changed at all so maybe you could do that, temp and then play it by ear?

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TeamViddy, really the difference between your highs and lows were 0.2 degrees?  I think I would second what Rebekah said, just to be sure.


AFM, temp was exactly the same as it has been for the last few days = 97.18 degrees!  This is 11 DPO for me.  I looked at my chart overlay and 12 DPO is usually where my temp falls off a cliff and that is tomorrow.  I will resist POAS.  Last night I almost caved but my DH is a much better encourager, "Just wait, we will know soon enough!"  Yep, wait and see what tomorrow's temp brings.  Still crampy (stabbing pains down below?) and breasts are a little bit tender (last night they were awful).

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De-lurking to say that your chart looks awesome, Lilac!  I don't know how you've resisted testing.  Well done!  My DH definitely helps keep me from spazzing out, too.  Big globs of Baby Dust for you today!!  :) 

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Two days, and the flow picked up so I have my answer now. Going to start temping again. Just need some certainty again, some solid information. My temps weren't .2 different, it was just that every low day was below that temp and every high day was above.


One reason I can't wait till I get pregnant is so that I have a YES, I know with some certainty what is going to happen in the next year. I work on contract and I won't get maternity leave, my office is set up in our extra bedroom which would be our children's room till we outgrow the house. I'm on the lookout for cheap office space outside of the house, which I think would make room for baby both physically and emotionally.


There have been other times in my life when I've dealt with being in between and it's always kind of tricky but has never seems to last as long as this. I have gone off of DH's very reasonable timeline-- as a slightly impulsive impatient person I truly respect his carefulness and stability-- and it's been three years. We have our jobs, little house in a safe neighborhood, station wagon, in-laws just a few months from retirement 5 minutes away. Everything is aligned but whatever soul is going to find is is taking its time. That's fine. I just feel so ready to step into parenthood. Maybe this is an exercise to teach me patience.


End rant-- I feel better!

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Hello everyone... I hope everyone is good! I am just waiting on ovulation!! CD10 here, And this was the cycle I took the Soy Isoflavones...I am not real sure on my CM ... its definatley NOT prominate.. so we have been using pre seed ... I wish or hope that I get a good EWCM this month and I have a sticky bean!! I feel like this is my month!! it is TIME smile.gif

In the meantime DH is getting me my puppy (a teacup Yorkie) Friday yaaaaaaay , So that will keep my mind busy!

Does anyone know how to make more EWCM?

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pitch, I don't know.  Cramps are feeling more AF like so I don't know.  I guess I will wait and see tomorrow morning.

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My temp dropped from 97.18 to 96.93 but I didn't sleep well last night and woke up an hour early.  I laid back down for an hour and the temp was 97.18.  I think I am out, but I am not for sure.  No AF bleeding yet, just cramping.  Bbs are still a little tender.

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Aw Lilac, that's a bummer.... although you're not out till AF shows!  I'll keep chart stalking you :)


Today is my dr appointment with my regular ob/gyn to review the results of my HSG.  Why do they make you wait 3 weeks after a big test like that to get the results??!  :(  grrr.  Anyway, I am all kinds of nervous and anxious.  Even though we got the preliminary results from the nurse, I have yet to speak to my doctor.  I've been reading and researching as much as I can so I'm prepared to ask him questions. 

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Pitch, I hope you learned a lot and your appointment went well. Thinking of you!

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Pitch, I hope your doctor appointment went well. 


Well, my temp dropped below coverline seriously today so I figure AF will be here by tonight. 

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Lilac, what a bummer... I was really thinking this was your month.  But on the bright side, your LP has lengthened and it looks like your temps are getting steady and reliable, which is great!


I was just diagnosed with "potential" submucosal fibroids on the endometrium.  I will know more when I have a procedure done by my fertility specialist to actually go in with a camera and look at the condition of my uterus (fun times).  The fibroids were initially diagnosed after my HSG procedure noted "multiple filling defects" on the endometrium.  So they may be fibroids, they may be polyps, they may be shadows!   Submucosal fibroids are the least common, and the most tricky to remove. They may also be the cause of my miscarriage and subsequent infertility, since implantation success is greatly reduced due to the fibroids depleting nourishment to the embryo. 


My concern, obviously, is that the fibroids will be too numerous or won't cooperate with surgery.  HOWEVER, my doctor was very reassuring.  He said fibroids are extremely common and a likely cause of infertility in many women.  Also, if fibroids are removed successfully, our chances of conceiving increase dramatically.  I have a blocked tube (probably due to the fibroids) but otherwise no homornal issues, ovulate regularly, and DH has great swimmers. Removal of fibroids can be done laproscopically or even vaginally and usually doesn't require major surgery. 


It was a relief to get answers, but also very nerve-wracking to discover this condition. I  have ZERO symptoms of endometriosis or any other disorder.  It's all very strange. 


Hello to everyone else in TTC land... I love reading your updates, but I've been so anxious over this appointment I haven't been able to sit still to write proper posts.  :) 

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Pitch, glad to hear some answers although it sounds like more work is needed to figure out the full extent of process.  I do agree that my temps seem to have become more reliable so hopefully that will mean good things in the months to come.  On another thread a lady was talking about a NaPro doctor (Natural Procreation) and I want to look into that to see if there is anything more I can do with my hypothyroid condition to get my body in working order.

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Pitch - I'm glad to hear that you've gotten some answers, how're you feeling now after having a few more days to think things over? 


Lilac - Sorry to hear your temps dropped, things seemed really promising for you this month. So great that your LP is lengthening though! 


TeamViddy - I totally get what you're saying about having a 'yes' with getting pregnant. In my relationship I'm definitely the more spontaneous one and I am happy that I followed my husbands more careful path up until now because we're in a much more financially stable place and I have a permanent teaching position so I'll get maternity leave which I wouldn't have had we done this earlier. It's just the unknown now that sometimes get's to me, I'm ready for the next step! 


AFM - 7DPO and nothing too much happening. Starting back at school has been pretty hard, I'm feeling tired and overwhelmed so I'm trying my best to take things easy and get in some down time when I get the chance. AF is due around the 15th so I'm really hoping to hold off testing until at least thursday but we shall see!


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Yesterday was my follow-up for that awful cyst.  I found out it was originally a 7.2cm cyst and is now sitting at about 3.5cm.  If I was TTC, Doc would have wanted to go ahead and take it out, but since I am, he giving it 3 months to try and work on itself.  When I go back in May, if it's the same size or any bigger, he'll want to take it out.  I also got to talk to him about my possible LPD.  He LOVED that I brought in copies of my last two charts.  He had never heard of FF.com, so he wrote down the address so he could share it with his other patients.  He's concerned that my folicular phase is as long as it is, but for now we're going to concentrate on the LPD.  So for a couple cycles I'll be taking progesterone, and we'll see if it helps.  Fingers crossed!!

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nemrac, that is exciting news that a doctor thinks things are going in the right direction and liked seeing your charts!  My doctor was ambivalent toward the charts.


I will have to get new thread up for February.  I will work on it tonight then post a link.

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My insurance required 6 months of charts before they would cover the HSG.  So my OB/GYN was happy that I had them already.   


Nemrac, did you have a progesterone blood test?  Or did your doc just prescribe it based on your charts? 


Pitch, are you scheduling surgery for your fibroids or are there more tests?  At least you have some clues.


Lilac, I was bummed about your temp drop since I was stalking your chart.  I put my FF account on hold so it was kind fun to be chart stalking you.   I really thought it was your month.  I want to hear more about the NatPro doc.  


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Lilac, have you already started working on Feb? I would vote for being lazy and just hanging onto January for two more weeks just because it's such a short month. But that's just lazy old me.


So, Q for those of you who are using FF. What kind of privacy does it offer? I am terrified of such personal information being publicly readable. Do they do anything like give you a unique link to share or can anyone find it? I was using a smartphone with a great app that I loved but the phone broke, got a replacement and all the accumulated data was gone, and now I downgraded to a dumb phone to save $ so I don't have the capability anyway. I want to chart and share with this group but really don't want it accessible to anyone else.

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